Benidorm in 3 Days: a guidebook for getting the most out of your visit

Three days is an appropriate amount of time to enjoy many tourist destinations around the world. Benidorm is no exception to this rule and that is why I explain how to make the most of your 72 hours in the city.

Keyvis Montilva

Keyvis Montilva

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Benidorm in 3 Days: a guidebook for getting the most out of your visit

Barco en el mar |©amamolina

In Benidorm you will find a place that has an extremely varied entertainment offer. For this reason the best things to see and do in Benidorm can satisfy those who visit this picturesque community for a whole month or also those who are only looking to dedicate a weekend of their vacation.

I invite you to continue reading this publication, because I have compiled a series of activities that will show you the best side of this Valencian town from the first moment to the last moment of the trip. Which is quite convenient, since logistical planning is what makes the difference in a truly successful trip.

Day 1: Start the visit at the beach and walk through the old town

Beach in Benidorm|©MIGUEL FLORES
Beach in Benidorm|©MIGUEL FLORES

The old town and the four most visited beaches of Benidorm are the representative elements of this city in the eyes of international tourism. Exactly for this reason it is a good idea to take advantage of the first day of your visit to tour the area.

You should know that for this first day it is not necessary to have a car if you have not arrived in the city with a private vehicle. And most of the attractions that I name are accessible with a short walk from the previous point. The exception is the last activity of the day, but it is still a short and cheap cab or Uber ride away.

Visit the cove or beach of Mal Plas and enjoy a jet ski ride

Mal Pas cove is the small section of Benidorm's coastline located a few steps away from the historic center of the city. For centuries it was the section used to defend the city from pirate invasions or any military attack. Anyway, nowadays it is one of the most beautiful sections of the coast of the city and can be an excellent place to start your first day in Benidorm.

Mal Pas beach is located across the marina of Benidorm and undoubtedly has much more space for those tourists who run out of a stretch of sand in this famous cove.

In the latter you could participate in one of the jet ski rides in Benidorm. If you have not had the opportunity to have breakfast in your hotel I recommend you to do it in one of the restaurants that are across the Parque de Elche or in the same narrow streets of the historic center.

Book a jet ski in Benidorm

You could also ride a banana boat

If you feel like it, you also have the option of participating in a ride at maximum speed on a banana boat, as this is one of the characteristic activities of a visit to the beach in Benidorm. Some of these rides usually leave from the Mal Pas beach, as well as others that are already reserved for the Poniente beach.

Likewise, in the case that the boat is waiting for you in Poniente you will only have to walk a couple of meters from the other beaches and it will be a perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the beauty of the modern promenade of this section of the bay.

Note that this is one of the best activities to do in December in Benidorm, as the dropping water temperatures make the experience of avoiding falling into this type of boat ride even more exciting


Stroll through the old town

On the other hand, when you already feel satisfied that you have enjoyed and toured these two or three beaches of the city then you can take advantage of the proximity to stroll the beautiful old town of Benidorm. In this place you will have the opportunity to have lunch in good gastronomic proposals if you wish, but the most interesting are the corners that you can not miss

The craft market, the church of San Jaime and Santa Ana, the Plaza de la Constitución and the central market of Benidorm are some of these places that you should visit on a tour of the area. If you don't mind the idea you could also visit the park of La Aigüera and if you do you should not miss the amphitheater and the town hall building.

Keep in mind that touring this area is one of the best activities to do in Benidorm throughout the year. Especially when the tourist influx is low and you won't find hundreds and hundreds of people in the narrow streets of the area.

Catch the sunset at the Mediterranean Balcony

Knowing that you are touring the historic center of the city it would be a real mistake not to take the opportunity to walk to the balcony of the Mediterranean. This is the most famous viewpoint of the whole city that allows you to admire a complete perspective of both the skyline of Benidorm and the sea that surrounds it.

I advise you to leave it as the last plan of the tourist tour of the old town so you can enjoy it just at sunset. On the other hand, an excellent way to move around the city if you are interested in receiving an explanation about its history with an audio guide are the Benidorm Hop On Hop Off buses. Which would allow you to get off at the stops you want and use the system as a means of transportation throughout the day.

Close the day with a visit to the Benidorm Palace

When you have already returned to your accommodation and you have had the opportunity to enjoy a short break to recharge your batteries, it is likely that you will still want to enjoy some nightlife on your first night in the city. If this is your case I advise you to visit the Benidorm Palace, which is a large auditorium that for four decades has been the epicenter of the world of cabaret in this city.

There you can enjoy a dinner with live entertainment, but keep in mind that this is a space that is not part of the activities to do with children in Benidorm. Since it is a show that includes vedettes and other adult elements, it is no longer appropriate for the whole family.

Book your tickets for the Benidorm Palace

Day 2: Tour the surroundings of the city

Sierra Helada|©Macca6691
Sierra Helada|©Macca6691

Benidorm itself is a great tourist destination, however, that does not mean that touring its surroundings is a negative or inadvisable plan for those who visit this place. In fact, if someone only comes to this town for a weekend it is a good idea to explore the natural attractions near this city

Exactly for this reason the plans I have selected for the second day of your itinerary have to do with enjoying the outskirts of Benidorm. And in this case if you have the possibility it would be a good idea to have a private car, rented or own, in order to save the transfer costs.

Spend the morning touring Sierra Helada

The Sierra Helada is a nature reserve that stretches from the north of Benidorm to the neighboring community of Albir. This site is characterized by the beauty of its cliffs, by the mountainous terrain that composes it in all its extension and also by the entertaining trails that run through the whole area.

Exactly for that reason it is a good idea that you start the day walking some of the trails of this natural park. Before doing so, I can advise you to walk the streets of Rincón de Loix and have breakfast at the first tavern you come across. This will allow you to be satisfied before this sporting experience.

Then visit the Aqualandia water park for a while

At the same time, when you are tired of touring this natural park, you will have the opportunity to visit the Aqualandia water park. This has been the most visited amusement park during the summer season for the safe escape from the heat that defines the Costa Blanca during this time of the year.

However, it is also an excellent alternative to visit during the rest of the year if your visit to the city is during a weekend. If this is not the case, you can skip this activity, as there are other even more interesting plans for the rest of the itinerary of your second day in Benidorm.

Also, this site for many locals and for some frequent visitors is one of the best water parks in Benidorm and if you are visiting the city with children it would be a good idea to dedicate a couple of hours of your morning to enjoy its pools and fun slides.

However, this is a part of the itinerary that you could skip if you are not traveling with children or if you consider that a water park would be too exhausting a plan that will not allow you to do anything else for the rest of your day.

Entrance to Aqualandia Water Park

End the afternoon with an excursion to Jávea for kayaking

Although Aqualandia is an entertaining place, it is true that it will only take up about four hours of your day and that means that you will have the whole afternoon available to continue exploring the surroundings of Benidorm. For this reason an excursion to the picturesque community of Javea is a good idea if you are interested in participating in some of the best kayaking activities in Benidorm and its nearby towns.

Of these types of excursions you should know that some include a round trip transfer from Benidorm while others have a meeting point in Javea. That means you would have to drive for about 40 minutes in the direction of the north of the Costa Blanca.

Either way it is an advisable plan because that site is characterized by beaches with crystal clear waters and also by a marine diversity that will allow you to enjoy a fun snorkeling session.

Come back to have a good Valencian meal for dinner

At around six in the evening you should be back in Benidorm and you will probably have a significant appetite after a day with so many physically demanding plans. For this reason it is a good idea that you dedicate yourself to an authentic Valencian meal and nothing better for this purpose than a paella in one of the taverns in the historic center of the city.

If you do so I can not fail to advise you to accompany your meal with a refreshing sangria and if you need recommendations on any particular establishment I can highlight the Marisqueria Cordoba or the famous restaurant Aitona. If you consider that going to the historic center is a bad idea because your hotel is in another area of the city then you would have to opt for an establishment closer to your accommodation.

Go out and party in some of the best nightlife areas

Finally, after dinner you will still have plenty of hours left to enjoy the night in Benidorm and this for some people could be the best activity in town. This tourist destination is known for being an epicenter of partying in the Spanish Mediterranean. There are different types of experiences that you could live depending on the type of establishment you decide to visit.

For example, if you go through the Levante area you will find different beach bars and specifically in this part of the city you will find the famous "güiris" area. This is the area that has the largest number of bars and nightclubs oriented to the British public. Note that this is one of the best things to see and do in Benidorm at night, especially during the summer months.

If you visit the area known as La Carretera you will find larger nightclubs and you can also visit After Hours establishments that will allow you to continue the party until after sunrise. In the old town you will find most of the LGBT establishments in the city and if you are looking for this type of party you should know that there are more than 30 diversity oriented bars in this area of Benidorm.

Day 3: Say goodbye to Benidorm in style

Segway Man|©Per Sistens
Segway Man|©Per Sistens

For the third day of your visit to Benidorm there will still be plans that will allow you to create indelible memories of a short but entertaining vacation in this famous Spanish Mediterranean destination.

That's why I have taken it upon myself to find other activities that will allow you to continue exploring the city as well as its closest natural attractions.

Have a Segway tour around the city

The Segway is a type of single-passenger vehicle that is relatively similar in operation to an electric scooter, but is much easier to ride. By itself it is a very entertaining activity and if accompanied by a tour of the city becomes an even more interesting plan.

For this reason I propose it as a good way to start your last day in Benidorm. Undoubtedly it is a recommended plan throughout the year, but it is also one of the best activities to do in Benidorm in September. This is because it is still summer, but at the same time there are less people in the streets and you can tour them in these vehicles with more safety and freedom.

Segway tour in Benidorm

Afterwards you could have a parasailing session in Denia

When you've already covered a large part of Benidorm by Segway it is very likely that you are no longer interested in walking around the city and you are looking for plans that involve the sea and enjoy it. Exactly for this reason I suggest as a second activity for your last day in the city that you have a parasailing session in the neighboring community of Denia.

If you do not know what is parsailing you have to understand that basically it is to ride a paraglider and enjoy a tour through the air while a sports boat drives at maximum speed along the beach where you are. In this case it would be the bay of Denia and your visit to this community also becomes another tourist activity, as it allows you to know this beautiful place of the Spanish Costa Blanca.

In fact, in other contexts a visit to Denia is one of the best excursions you can do from Benidorm.

End the trip with a nice catamaran ride at sunset

Being in Denia is likely to provoke you to have lunch in one of the restaurants located on the promenade of the bay or walk some of its streets to look at the picturesque beauty of this town. However, you would still have other hours of your vacation and therefore a catamaran ride to enjoy the sunset in this beautiful bay is a good plan to enjoy before returning to your accommodation in Benidorm.

This type of boat trips in Benidorm or its surrounding communities is a recommended plan for the whole family and undoubtedly presents itself as the perfect closure of a short vacation, but extremely entertaining from the beginning to the end.