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Experience Highlights

Have fun with the 15 slides inside Aqualandia in Benidorm thanks to these tickets. You'll get direct access to the aquapark so you won't have to wait in line at the ticket office. In addition, there are also other attractions to enjoy such as a surf pool, slide races and capsule free fall attractions.

  • Enjoy Aqualandia, one of Benidorm's aquaparks, thanks to these tickets
  • You'll get preferential access so you won't have to wait in line at the entrance.
  • You will spend a day full of fun with 15 different slides and attractions of all kinds.

What’s included

  • Ticket for Aqualandia in Benidorm
  • Amphibious chair (for wheelchair users)
  • Access to showers and changing rooms
  • Lockers

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Step by Step

These tickets to Aqualandia will allow you to enjoy a whole day of sliding down the slides again and again at this aquapark in Benidorm. Specifically, you'll find 15 different slides and a large number of other attractions that are just as fun. You won't have an entry time so you can arrive whenever you want and stay as long as you like until closing time throughout the day of your visit.

When you make this purchase you will also get guaranteed queue-free access, so when you arrive you will be able to enter directly into the park just by showing your ticket.

Among the highlights is Verti-Go, an almost right-angled drop. This attraction is called a 'capsule' attraction as the exit is from a closed capsule. Specifically, it is the highest capsule ride in Europe at 30 m high.

For those who want to experience something similar, but not as radical, there is also a slightly smaller version where the exit is from a standing position. As for the slides, don't miss the Cyclon, where you'll go round and round until you get back on the ride.

In addition to the slides you can enjoy a surfing pool and a large number of float rides. To make the day's experience complete, it's not just rides and attractions, as there are plenty of restaurants and bars dotted around the park.

At the time you decide to leave you won't have to worry about wet clothes as you'll have the option to change. Tickets give you access to changing rooms and showers to make the most of the experience.


· 862 Reviews
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    The ideal is to book online. The first time I went with my family without tickets and we had to wait a lot, now we did not have that problem, it saves a lot of time! The park is to go more than once in life without a doubt!
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    Very nice everything.
  • V
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    the experience in Agualandia was great!
  • M
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    Very good water park, the service and attention in general is good and some slides are very high. All very clean, I liked it. The sun is deceptive, take a good sunscreen.
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