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Enjoy a show at the Benidorm Palace with these tickets. The show, which lasts approximately two hours, will be a combination of the elements of nature and across five continents.

A cast of dozens of international performers will light up this live show which is accompanied by visual attractions, humour and magic in a space with a seating capacity of over 1600. Free parking is also available with these tickets.

  • Marvel at a live show thanks to these tickets at the Benidorm Palace.
  • Enjoy this show, which will last approximately two hours, with an international cast and in a space with a capacity of more than 1600 seats.
  • Don't worry about parking as these tickets include free parking.

What’s included

  • Entrance to Benidorm Palace
  • Live show
  • Free parking

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Immerse yourself in a breathtaking show with these tickets at the Benidorm Palace. It's a show that lasts approximately two hours where you'll be able to watch an international cast perform under numerous lighting and magic effects. Also, you'll have free parking if you get there by car.

The "Terra" show brings together artists from all over the world on the same stage and pays homage to the planet Earth and Mother Nature. Choreographed by David Moore under the direction of Vicente Climent, it takes the audience on a journey to some of the most emblematic places on five continents.

Ithas it all: live music, visual attractions, humour and magic, illuminated by 250 square metres of innovative high-definition LED screens.

The Benidorm Palace, opened in 1977, is situated in the east of Benidorm and is one of Europe's finest nightclubs and entertainment venues. It hosts both magnificent shows and international conferences in a 3-storey, 1660-seat venue.


· 610 Reviews
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    Benidorm Palace was very easy to find, apart from what we hired, it has very good prices and everything is very clean. The service was top notch!
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    I went with my cousins who had just arrived from the USA and they were amazed with the show. It was a family night and we had a great time.
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    It is totally worth it. I recommend arriving early to get the place closest to the stage.
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    The show was very entertaining, the dancers and music were spectacular.
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