Jeronimos Monastery Tickets in Lisbon: how to buy, prices and discounts

When visiting Lisbon, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a walk through the corridors of the Jerónimos Monastery and discover its cloister, church, tunnels and the old refectory.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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Jeronimos Monastery Tickets in Lisbon: how to buy, prices and discounts

Jerónimos Monastery of Lisbon | Miquel Fabre

Portuguese architecture is one of the most amazing in Europe, an evidence of this is the Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon, an example of the Manueline current that will not leave you indifferent. Through its terraces and tunnels this place takes you on a dreamlike walk through a construction dating back to 1501, making it a highly demanded activity in the Belém neighborhood.

In general, I recommend you enjoy a tour of the tomb rooms, protected by mystical animals, as well as the church, passages and terraces with panoramic views. It is one of the best things to do in Lisbon and a must-see destination, so you should buy your ticket in advance to get discounts. Here are the details so you don't miss this experience.

How much do tickets to the Jerónimos Monastery cost?

Money in euros| ©Ibrahim Boran
Money in euros| ©Ibrahim Boran

The Jerónimos Monastery is one of the most impressive monuments of the city, get ready because you can discover its facilities from 17 €. In general, you will find a variety of prices and there are even savings packages that combine the experience with other attractions such as the Belém Tower or the National Museum of Archeology.

The entrance ticket for the monastery ensures you access to the cloister of the sixteenth century and the old refectory of the monks. Generally, you can do the visit on your own and it is the best option if you want to take your time to explore without rushing. There are also special prices for children, in fact children under 12 get in free.

You can find tickets with audio guide, and of course, guided tours that help you better understand the history of this sanctuary. While they are a bit more expensive, they are completely worth it if you don't want to miss any details. There are private tours starting at 194 € that allow you to walk around the facilities and combine it with attractions in the Belém neighborhood, highlights of Alfama and other adventures around Lisbon. In addition, the Lisbon Card is also a good way to get entrance to the monastery, the best part is that it helps you save on your visit.

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What types of tickets are there? Are there skip-the-line tickets to the Jerónimos Monastery?

Inside the Monastery| ©Paco
Inside the Monastery| ©Paco

The Jerónimos Monastery is one of the best things to do in the Belém neighborhood and every year receives thousands of tourists, so it is convenient to find a way to enjoy a visit without crowds, to properly detail every corner. As such, there is no priority entrance, however there are tricks to avoid the queues.

The best alternative is to buy online, to skip the process at the ticket office that usually lengthens the wait. Another trick is to go on weekdays, as there are fewer people, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays. And if you want a relaxed experience, prepare your trip in low season, that is, from November to February. If your visit coincides with a holiday or weekends, I would recommend approaching before 10:00 for a more pleasant tour.

Additionally, you will find guided experiences that include entrance without queues, but it is subject to availability and you should check before booking. As for the type of tickets, there are several options, specifically:

  • Children's ticket: access is completely free for children under 12 years old.
  • General admission: adults and children from 13 years old can opt for this ticket, which offers access to the monastery and other areas such as the cloister and the old refectory.
  • Discounted ticket: sometimes the monastery offers discounts for seniors, students and large families.
  • Combined ticket: you can buy a combined ticket with other attractions, such as the Belém Tower.
  • Entry with tourist pass: this monument is included in the Lisbon Card, a tourist card that also allows you to get discounts in restaurants, unlimited access to public transport, free trips to Sintra and Cascais, or enjoy around 38 museums and local attractions. It can be a good option if you plan to spend about 4 days in Lisbon.
  • Entrance with guided tour: if you want to understand the history of the monument and go deeper into each exhibition, you can take the tour accompanied by a guide, in general there are group and private options.
  • Residents' entrance: on Sundays and public holidays, Portuguese residents can enjoy a special entrance free of charge.

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Are tickets to the Jerónimos Monastery included in any of the city's tourist passes?

Roof of the Monastery| ©Francisco Aragão
Roof of the Monastery| ©Francisco Aragão

If you want to enjoy a visit to the Jeronimos Monastery and take advantage of the best activities in Lisbon, you should probably consider a tourist pass. This monument is included in the Lisbon Card, an electronic pass from 22 € that will make your stay in the capital more enjoyable. It offers discounts at restaurants, unlimited travel on public transport, the city's iconic attractions, free access to the Santa Justa elevator, among other benefits.

Note that the ticket must be exchanged for a plastic card at an Ask Me Lisboa office to be used. Another option is The Lisbon Pass starting at 22 € which generally includes entrance to the Jerónimos Monastery, the Belém Tower, and a sightseeing bus tour.

These cards are a functional option that helps you save, I consider you can take advantage of them if you plan to be at least 1 day in Lisbon, as there are 24, 48 and 72 hour passes.

Buy the Lisboa Card

Are there tickets that include the guided tour of the Jerónimos Monastery and is it worth it?

Getting to know the Monastery| ©Ricardo Fernandez Quijada
Getting to know the Monastery| ©Ricardo Fernandez Quijada

Of course there are different types of guided tours, for example if it is your first time in Lisbon it is advisable to prioritize a private or group tour, led by an expert. I consider this is the best way to scrutinize the stories that this place hides, since a local guide knows the Jeronimos Monastery in depth. On the other hand, if you prefer to complete the route at your own pace, an audio-guided tour that provides relevant information about each area or exhibit could work.

A very versatile option to make the most of the best things to do in Lisbon is to book a private tour, which includes the visit to the monastery and takes you to other points of interest in the capital. It usually includes entrance to the Belém Tower and a walk through the highlights of the Alfama neighborhood.

A guided tour is worthwhile if you enjoy historical tours and have an itinerary of at least 3 days in Lisbon. While, for quick visits it's worth approaching on your own in the late afternoon to find the place almost empty and take hundreds of pictures.

Are there discounted tickets for seniors or students?

Statue and Monastery| ©Guillén Pérez
Statue and Monastery| ©Guillén Pérez

If you want to watch your budget during your trip, I have good news for you. The monastery offers discounts for certain groups, but you must buy directly at the ticket office or check with your service provider. For example, students and adults over 65 receive a 50% discount.

Also, family groups consisting of two adults and two children between 13 and 18 get a 50% discount per person, which considerably reduces the final price. You can combine it with a savings pack that includes the tourist bus, streetcar and boat of Lisbon, so you can move around the city at the best price and take advantage of the stops that have these means of transport in the monastery.

Buy a savings pack: sightseeing bus, streetcar and boat

Are there special tickets for children?

Day at the Monastery| ©_futurelandscapes_
Day at the Monastery| ©_futurelandscapes_

If you are looking for things to do in Lisbon with kids, you definitely have to visit the Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon. The little ones can enjoy the points of interest to the fullest, with special tickets created for them. For example, children twelve years old and under get in completely free.

On the other hand, the entrance fee for children and young people between 13 and 18 years old is the same as for adults. However, you can find half-price tickets for large families of 4 members. In the annex is the Museum of Archeology, which can be an excellent plan to satisfy the curiosity of the little ones.

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Why is it worth buying tickets online instead of at the ticket office?

Tomb of Vasco de Gama| ©Luis Miguel Suárez del Río
Tomb of Vasco de Gama| ©Luis Miguel Suárez del Río

You can buy tickets for the monastery both at the box office and online, however booking online offers additional benefits and is best for enjoying all the highlights of the Belém neighborhood. Mainly, you can ensure your comfort, as the queues at the monastery ticket counter are long and tedious. Even in low season it is a process that I recommend skipping, since that time is preferable to dedicate to the monastery spaces.

Also, buying online also ensures the availability of tickets, considering that it is a very touristy attraction. Another advantage is that you can choose the time slot and prepare for your entrance time in advance. In general, booking the activity before your trip can enhance the experience and make the visit more enjoyable. To get your tickets, all you have to do is:

  • Step 1: select the date and number of travelers.
  • Step 2: provide your personal and contact information.
  • Step 3: make the payment and receive your digital tickets by mail.

Book tickets for the Jerónimos Monastery

Opening hours of the Jerónimos Monastery

Clock| ©Cats Coming
Clock| ©Cats Coming

The opening hours of the monastery is something important to take into account, in order to organize the visit. I leave you the days and hours of opening:

  • From October to April it opens every day from 10:00 to 17:30, you can find tickets until 17:00 and the best thing is that at this time there are less people.
  • From May to September it works every day from 10:00 to 18:30 and the last entrance is at 18:00, so there is no excuse to miss this visit.
  • It is closed on January 1, Easter Sunday, May 1 and December 25, but it is important to corroborate the information before visiting.

If you don't want to worry about schedules or organization, I recommend taking advantage of the best tours in Lisbon and hiring a private tour, so you can get to know the monastery from a personalized perspective.

How much time do you need to visit the Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon?

Enjoying the tour| ©AITANA64
Enjoying the tour| ©AITANA64

The length of the visit to the monastery will depend on your itinerary, but it can generally be appreciated in a short time. I recommend setting aside between one and two hours so that you have space to take in the exhibits, take pictures, and wander through the hidden passageways. If you plan to stay 1 day in Lisbon, one hour will be more than enough and in the surroundings you have other activities that you can combine to take advantage of your short stay.

Keep in mind that the queue to buy at the ticket office can be at least half an hour, depending on the time and season of your visit, so it is advisable to buy the ticket online. The wait to enter is similar in length, although it usually moves quickly.

Best time to visit the Jerónimos Monastery

Tour Corridors| ©Maurizio Parola
Tour Corridors| ©Maurizio Parola

Being a very popular and touristy attraction it is important to manage to visit at a suitable time and season. In the morning, specifically before 10:00, you will find the aisles clearer and fewer queues to enter. This way, you will have plenty of time to explore other activities in the Belém neighborhood.

Midday is also less crowded, but if you want to ensure an uncrowded visit, you should visit during the low season (November to April). On weekdays there are also fewer tourists, and in the late afternoon, between 16:30 and 17:00 people usually begin to leave the site and it is ideal for taking good pictures.

How to get to the Jerónimos Monastery

Tourist Bus| ©daenana
Tourist Bus| ©daenana

There are different options to get to the Jerónimos Monastery, from private tours that include transfers and tours in Lisbon tourist buses, to public transport options such as:

  • Streetcar line 15.
  • Bus lines 727, 728 and 760.
  • The subway.
  • The train if you are coming from nearby towns or cities.

What you can't miss at the Jerónimos Monastery

Details in the Monastery| ©Maurizio Parola
Details in the Monastery| ©Maurizio Parola
  • The church, where the tombs of emblematic personalities of Lisbon are located.
  • The Portada de Mediodía, an entrance of Manueline architecture.
  • The mausoleum, which stands out because it is surrounded by elephants.
  • The cloister, a landmark that surprisingly surpasses that of the Lisbon Cathedral.
  • The museum, where you can learn about the evolution of the monastery and interesting stories of Portugal.

Tips for visiting the Jerónimos Monastery

Monastery| ©Jori Avlis
Monastery| ©Jori Avlis
  • Wear appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes, in general I recommend avoiding low-cut necklines, shorts and sleeveless shirts.
  • Be sure to buy your ticket in advance to avoid queues at the ticket office.
  • Visit the monastery on Mondays and Tuesdays, when there are fewer people.
  • Take advantage of other activities in the Belém neighborhood, as well as eating a typical snack in the area.
  • Remember that it is strictly forbidden to eat and smoke inside the monastery.

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