How to Get from Paris to Disneyland: all options

Going to Paris and want to take advantage of your stay to visit Disneyland? I share with you all the travel options available so you can choose the one that best suits your itinerary.

Katherine Betances

Katherine Betances

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How to Get from Paris to Disneyland: all options

Disneyland Paris Castle | ©Soyoung Han

To travel from Paris to Disneyland you will find several transportation options, some more convenient than others depending on your particular situation: excursions to Disney, private vehicle, public transportation, cab... We explore it all here!

Disneyland Paris is located at a distance of approximately 40 kilometers from downtown. Due to its proximity to the big city, it is one of the favorite excursions from Paris for Parisians, as well as for tourists who come to visit the city of light.

The best way to get to Disneyland: an organized transfer from Paris

Touring Disney| ©Lyle Hastie
Touring Disney| ©Lyle Hastie

The easiest way to carry out this adventure is to hire a tour with transfer from Paris. This type of tour saves you all the hassle associated with planning and logistics of a trip.

From my perspective the biggest advantage is the sense of community. The general atmosphere is quite nice so don't be surprised if you end up making new friends. I recommend this alternative most especially for those traveling to Paris with children.

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Tours with park access ticket for 1 or 2 days

Tour Bus| ©Viator
Tour Bus| ©Viator

Among the facilities included in this type of excursion are: round trip transportation from Paris to Disneyland, skip the line entrance ticket for the number of parks and days previously selected.

In general, buses are comfortable, spacious and well equipped. They are excursions that leave every day from the capital to Disneyland and it is very easy to find several alternative companies.

They usually offer several meeting points scattered throughout Paris, some of which may include popular monuments and very easily accessible.

  • Price: this tour starts at 125 € with Disneyland entrance included. Take into consideration that Disney tickets increase in price depending on the number of days and parks you visit.
  • Recommended if... You are enjoying a fun vacation in Paris and you are looking for a one or two day trip to Disneyland; you don't want to organize many details but just sit back and enjoy the adventure.

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Tours that include only round-trip transportation from Paris to Disneyland

This type of tour is the same as the previous one, except that it does not include park tickets. Both include private and insured transportation, a guide able to communicate in English, Spanish and French, who will be at your disposal both on the outward and return trip. Feel free to ask him any questions you may have, such as places to eat or attractions to visit.

  • Price: you can find this type of excursion from 38 € round trip included.
  • Recommended if... You already have your tickets to visit Disneyland; you have the Magic Pass or you intend to visit Disney for several days and buy a package of economic tickets.

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The cheapest option: RER A from Paris

By RER| ©Nicolas Vigier
By RER| ©Nicolas Vigier

My second favorite option among the transportation alternatives to go to Disneyland Paris is to take the RER A urban train. Paris urban transportation is one of the best in the world so you can be sure of a punctual and smooth ride.

For accurate information on departure and arrival times you can visit the official website. Historically the last train back to Paris from Disneyland leaves around midnight. Take into account this important detail since during the summer Disneyland is open extended hours until 01:00 hours, so if you wait until closing time you may miss your transportation.

Urban trains run all day long, at intervals of approximately 15 minutes. From the center of Paris you can take the RER A at five different major stations:

  • Charles de Gaulle Etoile, located at the Arc de Triomphe.
  • Auber, located in the vicinity of Galeries Lafayette.
  • Chatelet Les Halles, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.
  • Gare de Lyon, described as the largest train station in Paris, located in the 12th arrondissement.
  • Nation metro station, located opposite Place Nation in the 11th arrondissement.

The return trip to Paris is usually a lot of fun. Being a widely used and inexpensive method of transportation it is full of tourists and locals displaying colorful Mickey Mouse ears and a general rather pleasant vibe.

  • Price: a one-way ticket from central Paris to Disneyland costs at least €7.60; multiply that by two and your travel budget for transportation will be less than €20.
  • Journey time: the RER A train moves at a high speed, however the journey including stops usually takes between 40 to 45 minutes in total.
  • Recommended if... You are looking for the cheapest possible option to travel. Also if you will be traveling to Disneyland for several days, 4 or 5 and you are looking for an alternative that allows you to save on budget.

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The most comfortable option: Rent a car.

Cars to rent| ©Pixabay
Cars to rent| ©Pixabay

To get to the resort by car from Paris you will have to take the A4 highway and then Exit 14 named Disney Parks and Bailly-Romainvilliers.

Although it requires more organization on your part, renting a car or using your own car to go to Disneyland is a completely possible alternative that hundreds of people use frequently. If you are in Paris with your own car you already have half the game won, but if you are interested in renting some kind of transportation, the Parisian capital offers hundreds of alternatives most of which you can budget and book completely online. Here are a few alternatives:

The major drawback of this option is the additional expenses you will have to consider in your budget, such as fuel and parking fees for visitors at Disneyland. The rate is around $25 for motorcycles, $30 for small cars and $45 for caravans. However, if you have the Magic Pass at Disneyland, parking is free.

If you go to the park several days in a row you will be spending a lot of money on fuel and parking in the complex.

  • Price: from 10 € per day, however this price will increase depending on the type of vehicle you choose and the rental company. Also consider parking and fuel costs.
  • Travel time: this is the fastest option you can find. From the center of Paris by car it will only take you about 30 minutes to get to the resort.
  • Recommended if... You want total flexibility to arrive and leave at your own time from Disneyland, it is also an alternative if you want to stay at Disney Village after the parks close at night.

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The least convenient option: Going by cab to Disneyland from Paris

Taking a Taxi| ©Markus Winkler
Taking a Taxi| ©Markus Winkler

If you want to travel to Disneyland in comfortable and safe transportation, but you do not want to drive and plan a route or share transportation with other people, a cab is the best option for you. In the French capital it is very easy to find cab companies that offer first class service, with very friendly staff and drivers able to communicate with you efficiently in English.

Here is an indicative list of Parisian cab companies. Additionally, don't forget that companies like UBER work perfectly well in Paris:

The main advantage of this option is that you can request a direct pick-up at your hotel and schedule a second return trip when you return to the city. The companies have a virtual platform which allows you to request the service from your computer or cell phone.

However, from my perspective, the biggest drawback is the budget it demands; anyway it is important to remember that such personalized services require an investment.

  • Price: although it will depend a lot on the company you hire, you should be prepared to pay an average of €100 per trip.
  • Duration of the trip: as it is a car trip that does not include stops, you will be able to make the trip in just 30 minutes.
  • Recommended if... You can't or don't want to drive in the city of Paris and at the same time you don't want to share transport with other people.

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