How to Get to Abu Dhabi Ferrari World from Dubai

On Yas Island, one of the artificial islands of Abu Dhabi, is located the "Ferrari World". This is an indoor theme park and one of the most remarkable places in the city, if you want to visit it is paramount that you know how to get to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi from Dubai.

Luisa María Lugo

Luisa María Lugo

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How to Get to Abu Dhabi Ferrari World from Dubai

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi | ©Sean Wang

At 120 kilometers from Dubai, in Abu Dhabi, there is a place created by a famous Italian car brand: the Ferrari World. This is the largest indoor theme park in the world, in addition to various exhibits related to the automobile, there are attractions where fun is guaranteed and therefore it is one of the places to see in Dubai, especially if you are going to spend in Dubai 5 days or more, because then you will have time to make an excursion to Abu Dhabi from Dubai.

The best way to get there: an organized excursion

Enjoying Ferrari World| ©Kyle Taylor
Enjoying Ferrari World| ©Kyle Taylor

The best way to get to Ferrari World is on an organized excursion to Ferrari World from Dubai. The most outstanding are those that not only take you to the famous theme park, but also to other points of interest in the city, such as the visit to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and other buildings.

The excursions that I recommend the most are those that have a long duration, as these are the ones that take you to several places. The ideal for you to make the most of the tour is that it has a guide who tells you about the places you visit.

The packages of day trips to Abu Dhabi with tickets to Ferrari World usually have an approximate duration of 10 hours of which 4 hours are dedicated to the park. During that time you have the opportunity to tour the place and enter some of its attractions.

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How to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by plane

Plane from Dubai| ©Aero Icarus
Plane from Dubai| ©Aero Icarus

To go to Ferrari World from Dubai by plane you need to fly to Abu Dhabi International Airport. The available flights have different characteristics, some have stopovers (one or two) and others are non-stop. A non-stop flight takes about 40 minutes to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai airport. The price of a flight to Abu Dhabi from Dubai can be around 340 €.

The most popular airlines among passengers who need to complete this route are the following:

Finding a flight to Abu Dhabi is not a problem, as there are about 160 flights a week from Dubai to that city. In order to have a flight for the day you are planning to travel to Abu Dhabi to visit Ferrari World, I recommend you to buy your flight ticket in advance.

What I advise you to do is to fly to Abu Dhabi one day before the date you are planning to go to Ferrari World. When planning this trip, keep in mind that the flight time may increase due to weather conditions, including wind speed.

How to get to Ferrari World from Abu Dhabi airport?

At the airport there are several means of transportation that you can access to get to any point of the city. To go to Yas Island you have the option of taking a bus from terminal 1 or 3 (they are connected), there you get on a bus that goes to the Yas Island area. The bus ride costs about 10 €.

A more comfortable and faster option is to go by cab from Abu Dhabi International Airport to Ferrari World, the trip is about 30 minutes, depending on traffic. For this, the cab driver may ask about 15 € or a little more.

Although it is not bad to arrive at the airport and go directly to Ferrari World, it is best to rest in an accommodation in the city. If you arrive the day before you can even walk around Abu Dhabi.

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How to get to Ferrari World by car from Dubai

Travel by car| ©Alex Jumper
Travel by car| ©Alex Jumper

If you prefer the autonomy offered by a vehicle even when you are on vacation in another country, decide to rent a car in Dubai. The distance you have to travel is about 111 kilometers, so in just over an hour you will be in Abu Dhabi. What I advise you to do is to use the GPS of the vehicle or, in case it does not have it, your cell phone.

In Dubai there are many agencies dedicated to car rental, even near the Dubai International Airport you will find several. If you choose this option, keep in mind several points. The first is to ask the agency if it is possible to take the car out of the city. Also consider the following when renting a car:

  • Ask about what to do in case of an accident or damage to the vehicle, so you avoid being charged extra.
  • Most rental agencies in the city ask that the person be over 21 years of age. In some cases, the minimum age decreases to 20 and in others it increases to 23.
  • Since the insurance is in the renter's name, the renter is the only one who can drive the car.
  • The options you have when renting a car in Dubai are: economy, mid-size, premium and luxury models.

Additional information about car rental in Dubai

  • Price: depends on the type of car, a standard model is priced from 30 € per day and a luxury model from 80 € per day.
  • Travel time by car from Dubai to Ferrari World: a little over an hour. Although there are many vehicles, the infrastructure contributes to the traffic is not excessive, on the contrary, it is fluid.

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How to reach Ferrari World by bus from Abu Dhabi

Bus from Dubai| ©Andrew Mansfield
Bus from Dubai| ©Andrew Mansfield

Want a cheaper option than the ones mentioned above? My advice is to use the bus, the Dubai service has two lines: the E100 and the E101, the first is at Al Ghubaiba station in the north of the city and the second at Ibn Battuta in the south. Buses on both lines take about 2 hours to get you to Abu Dhabi's main station.

The only difference between the two lines is that they are located in different areas of the city, but they travel the same route. They even have the same return fares. At the stations are the ticket offices where you buy tickets, where cash, credit and debit cards are accepted.

Depending on the influx of people at the stations, you may encounter long lines, but do not be discouraged. Buses in Dubai leave constantly, so in less than 30 minutes you will be on your way to Abu Dhabi. The characteristics of these vehicles are:

  • They leave every 10 or 20 minutes, depending on the number of people.
  • The ticket costs about 14 € and the trip takes about two hours.
  • They are very comfortable, air-conditioned.
  • There is Wi-Fi inside the buses.
  • They take you to stations in Abu Dhabi, not to Yas Island.

How to go to Ferrari World from Abu Dhabi bus station?

The option you have is to take a cab, it takes you to Yas Island to start enjoying your visit to the Ferrari theme park. This means of transport is economical to make this journey, the price is about 17 €.

The distance between the station and Ferrari World is about 38 kilometers, so with a cab you get there in less than 30 minutes.

Let's compare the options

  • Organized excursion
  • Price: about 200 €.
  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Recommended if you are looking for a more entertaining option.
  • Airplane
  • Price: from 340 €.
  • Duration: about 40 minutes
  • Recommended if you are looking for the fastest option.
  • Rental car
  • Price: from 30 €/day
  • Duration: about 1 hour.
  • Recommended if you are looking for the most comfortable option.
  • Bus
  • Price: about 14 €.
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Recommended if you are looking for the cheapest option.

What to expect at Ferrari World?

Aerial view of Ferrari World| ©Aziz J.Hayat
Aerial view of Ferrari World| ©Aziz J.Hayat

It is important to clarify this point, because being a theme park many expect it to be similar to Disneyland or other similar places. However, here there are not many attractions of that kind, only a few, but fun is guaranteed.

Ferrari World is very well organized, it is divided into three areas: Family, Kids and Thrill (this is the one that is ideal for thrill seekers). The names of all the attractions are related to the Ferrari brand and its country of origin: Italy.

In addition to the Ferrari store, there are several restaurants in the park that bring Italian dishes to Abu Dhabi. You also find businesses with international food that suit the tastes of the thousands of visitors to this park.

I do not recommend eating before riding a roller coaster, because remember that these reach high speeds. Another tip I give you is that, although the park is covered, it is best to stay hydrated, the temperature in Abu Dhabi is high, in summer it reaches up to 40 °.

What to see inside the theme park?

At Ferrari World there are attractions ideal for all ages, the world's largest branded gift store and even restaurants. The tickets given to you on the tour include access to most of these places. There is a lot to enjoy.

Young and old can ride the Fiorano GT Challenge roller coaster, inspired by the Ferrari F430 Spider. I also recommend going on the Formula Rossa, which reaches 240 kilometers/hour in just 4.5 seconds. Children also have a lot to do at Ferrari World.

If you go with your children I recommend you to go to one of the simulators, where they can experience the speed of a Ferrari car. Another option is to enter the gift store, there are toy cars inspired by Ferrari models, many of which are available are ideal for collecting.

The 4 hours that the tour stops at Ferrari World are enough for you to enjoy its best attractions.

Additional information about excursions from Dubai to Ferrari World

  • Price: approximately 200 €.
  • Schedule: usually starts at 8:00 and ends between 18:00 and 18:30.

Do you already want to visit this theme park? Choose a means of transport to go to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi from Dubai and enjoy it to the fullest.

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