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Buggy Day Trips in Fuerteventura

Ready to warm up your engines? A buggy route awaits you in Fuerteventura to explore various areas of the island.

Matteo Gramegna

Matteo Gramegna

7 min read

Buggy Day Trips in Fuerteventura

©christophe gutowsk

Fuerteventura is a desert island, forged by volcanoes and with the typical charm of extreme places. The sparse population and rocky landscapes are the ideal backdrop for buggy tours. Thanks to the lightweight chassis and a high-performance engine, this vehicle is perfect for an adrenaline-filled experience.

For these reasons, a buggy tour is one of the best things to see and do in Fuerteventura, so get ready to step on the gas!

1. Buggy tour through the Natural Park of the Dunes

Calderon Hond Volcano| ©Yuri Adrian
Calderon Hond Volcano| ©Yuri Adrian

The most complete route. You will see volcanoes, the reliefs of the interior of Fuerteventura and a breathtaking coastline. The tour departs from Corralejo and touches the following locations:

  • Calderon Hondo Volcano, the most beautiful of the island. From its summit you can enjoy splendid views. If you like trekking, I recommend you to come back. Climbing to the summit is quite easy and the whole trip takes about 3 hours
  • Lajares, a village that in recent years has become a major tourist destination. It is located halfway between the Hondo Volcano and the coast. If you stop by on a Saturday, you will see a traditional market in the main square. Also worth mentioning is the Chapel of San Antonio, a typical example of traditional Canarian architecture. In case you are a bit hungry (and have time to spare), you can have a tapas at the restaurant Los Pinchitos (Calle Coronel Glez del Yerro). Don't drink cañas, you have to drive back!
  • El Cotillo, a fishing village known for its magnificent beaches. Do not expect to find big hotels and endless nightclubs. Here time seems to have stopped. It is mainly a destination for surfers and kitesurfers.

El Cotillo is the last stage on the east coast of Fuerteventura. After finishing the stage you will drive back to Parque Holandés, a town a short distance from Corralejo.

Before leaving the buggy you can take some pictures in the park of the Corralejo Dunes. Remember that it is a protected area and it is not allowed to climb with your buggy.

Important: on this and the following routes you will be driving and not a driver. Another thing to take into account is that the price includes both insurance and gasoline.

  • Duration: between 2 and 3 hours
  • Price: more or less 90 €
  • Starting point: Corralejo

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2. Buggy tour from Costa Calma

Costa Calma| ©inextremo96
Costa Calma| ©inextremo96

Costa Calma is a stretch of coastline in the south of Fuerteventura. The trade winds blow constantly, which makes the area one of the main destinations for windsurfing and kitesurfing. It is also perfect if you want to go to the best surf schools in Fuerteventura.

Back to the subject, these buggy routes usually start near Playa de Sotavento, where the sand dunes border the Atlantic. You will leave around 9:30 and make two stages in Ugán (a wild cove in the shape of a horseshoe) and La Pared, a spectacular beach battered by strong waves.

The rocky and rugged terrain exalts the characteristics of the buggy and is a guarantee of a very fun ride. If after the end of the experience you want to stay for lunch in Costa Calma, I recommend the following places:

  • Posada San Borondón, a traditional place with very good reviews (Local 25, C. L.T.U., S/N, 35627 Costa Calma)
  • Mediterranean, known for its simple but tasty recipes (Calle Playa de la Jaqueta 15)
  • Villa del Mare, an Italian-inspired restaurant (Calle Montaña Azufra 1)

In case you have a rental car, you will find parking quite easily. Costa Calma is an internationally renowned hotel area and has all the services you may need.

  • Duration: between 3 and 4 hours
  • Price: just over 100 €. The amount includes transportation by bus from your hotel
  • Starting point: Costa Calma

3. Buggy excursion from Caleta de Fuste

Buggy tour in Caleta de Fuste| ©FCO Javier
Buggy tour in Caleta de Fuste| ©FCO Javier

Caleta de Fuste is located in the central area of the island, a short distance from the airport. It can be a good destination if you travel with family, if you want to explore Fuerteventura (taking advantage of the privileged position) or play golf. By the way, if you have this last passion you can check out the holes of Fuerteventura Golf Club or Playitas.

The buggy route starts in Caleta de Fuste and goes inland. Driving on dirt roads you will reach the farms in the area where the famous Majorero cheese is produced. It is characterized by a creamy paste of soft or semi-hard consistency. In the younger forms there are notes of orange while the mature ones have a more decided and spicy flavor.

These excursions include a stop at a traditional cheese factory where you will have the opportunity to buy some gastronomic products. After this, you will resume driving, pass by some spectacular salt pans and finally return to Caleta de Fuste.

  • Duration: about 3 hours
  • Price: about 100 €
  • Starting point: Caleta de Fuste

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Why is it advisable to do a buggy tour?

Buggy tour in Fuerteventura| ©Wolfgang.W. 
Buggy tour in Fuerteventura| ©Wolfgang.W. 

In a word: for the adrenaline. The buggy is a vehicle designed for fun: the light chassis, the wide tires and a brilliant engine are synonymous with fun. At the same time, leaving the asphalt roads behind you will see the island from a different perspective. Stages on beaches, in desert areas and historic villages are an added attraction.

If you like to be surrounded by nature, I recommend two more activities: an off-road tour or a kayak route in Fuerteventura.

What is included in the buggy excursions?

Inside the buggy| ©groc
Inside the buggy| ©groc

It depends on the agency you choose. As a general rule, some things are always included in the total amount:

  • Expert guide who will introduce you to the world of the dune buggy
  • Vehicle rental
  • Fully comprehensiveinsurance
  • Helmet, mandatory by the safety standards of the European Union
  • Gasoline

Goggles are not usually on the list. If you don't want to buy or rent them, I recommend you to bring at least sunglasses.

Duration of the excursions

Fuerteventura and Buggy| ©christophe gutowski
Fuerteventura and Buggy| ©christophe gutowski

As you have seen, the routes usually last 4 hours at the most. This way, you have plenty of time to dedicate to another activity as well.

If you stay only 3 days in Fuerteventura and you want to make the most of every minute, you can buggy up the hills in the morning and take a relaxing boat ride in the afternoon.

Is it safe to drive a buggy?

Driving a buggy| ©christophe gutowski
Driving a buggy| ©christophe gutowski

Yes, all the vehicles used in the excursions respect the European regulations. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when driving:

  • If you are driving on a sandy surface, do not brake too hard or you could get stuck
  • In case of strong winds, you will have to be more careful. The vehicles are light and the handling can be affected by gusts
  • If you are traveling at a good speed, do not turn suddenly or you could tip over
  • Buggies used for dune climbing usually have a fairly high center of gravity. Take your time to understand how to drive
  • If you are going up a hill or a small relief, look for the most linear route and get enough run-up. Always keep in mind that the resistance of sand and rocks is greater than that of asphalt

In general, use common sense and do not exaggerate with the maximum speeds. In any case, the guide will give you some useful tips at the beginning of the tour.

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What is the minimum age to drive a buggy?

Tour Group| ©christophe gutowski
Tour Group| ©christophe gutowski

A dune buggy is a real vehicle and a driving license is required. Therefore, the minimum age is 18 years old. In any case, minors can participate as passengers. In addition, most of the agencies have child seats.

If you are traveling with your family, there are dozens of outdoor activities to do with your children. You can dedicate a day to the Corralejo water park or the Oasis Park. For more ideas, you can read the post about the 10 things to do in Fuerteventura with kids.

Are there other routes on wheels?

Cofete Beach| ©Aligatorz89
Cofete Beach| ©Aligatorz89

Of course you can! A fun way to explore the island is an off-road tour. The principle is the same: by leaving the main roads you will enjoy even more the scenery and the overall experience. The best routes usually go through Playa de Cofete and Villa Winter.

The latter is a residence full of mysteries. It is rumored to have been a secret base and plastic surgery clinic for the Nazis after the defeat in World War II. Hitler himself may have set foot on this remote island in the middle of the Atlantic. You can find more information on the organizer's website: Discovery Safari.

Another route worth doing runs in the north of Fuerteventura. Starting from Corralejo, you will travel in the volcanoes of Villaverde to reach the village of La Oliva and then Cotillo and its magnificent beach.