Fuerteventura in 4 Days: a guidebook for getting the most out of your visit

Ready to enjoy a mind-blowing vacation? Fuerteventura is the ideal destination for a short but exciting vacation. Today I tell you how to achieve this goal in just 4 days.

Katherine Betances

Katherine Betances

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Fuerteventura in 4 Days: a guidebook for getting the most out of your visit

Fuerteventuraen | ©Emilio del Prado

Filled with beautiful beaches and activities to do in the water, full of fascinating landscapes, incredible views and picturesque villages deciding what to see and do in Fuerteventura can be a daunting task.

As you will see in today's itinerary, the key to success when you are short on timeis variety and paying a little attention to everything.

Take into consideration that this itinerary includes 4 full days from morning to evening, leaving out the day of arrival and the day of departure from the island. The reason? Both aspects vary greatly from traveler to traveler and it is not possible to book activities that fit everyone equally.

If you have less time to spend on the island, you can take a look at the itinerary to get to know Fuerteventura in 3 days, where you will also find a mind-blowing travel plan.

Day 1: Enjoy the beaches and desert landscapes in Fuerteventura

Catamaran to Lobos Island| ©FCO Javier
Catamaran to Lobos Island| ©FCO Javier

When talking about vacationing in the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura is a destination famous for its amazing beaches. That's why on the first day I invite you to immediately enjoy those dreamy beaches and mind-blowing landscapes with two must-do activities.

Take a snorkeling excursion to Lobos Island

Located just 2 km from the coast, visiting Isla de Lobos from Fuerteventura is one of the most fun basic adventures that all travelers should do on a first trip to the island.

In the Natural Park Isla de Lobos you will find a protected reserve where sandy beaches and impressive volcanic landscapes prevail.

Due to the high demand, you will find in Fuerteventura several companies that organize this type of excursions in an experience designed for the enjoyment of travelers.

Local tour operators provide not only transportation to and from Lobos Island, but some provide the necessary snorkeling equipment, snacks and lunch, an expert guide and other facilities.

Isla de Lobos is considered one of the best places for snorkeling in Fuerteventura, so I recommend you to take advantage of the visit to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs surrounding the island.

  • Schedule: The organized excursions to Isla de Lobos depart from the port of Fuerteventura between 08 and 09 h to make the most of the day.
  • Price: Available from 60€ per traveler.
  • Duration: You will find different packages and options, I recommend booking a 6 hour excursion and dedicate the rest of the day to another activity.
  • Tip: It is always best to make a reservation for this type of excursion weeks before your arrival and ensure availability for the day you require it. Keep in mind that this is one of the most demanded activities and places can sell out quickly during peak periods.

Book your excursion to Lobos Island from Fuerteventura

Visit the Corralejo Dunes Natural Park

The Natural Park of Corralejo Dunes is an area of desert landscapes considered one of the most beautiful areas of Fuerteventura. Its location, just a few minutes from the port of Corralejo makes it the ideal choice to visit on your first day after Isla de Lobos.

Another common way to explore this area of the island is by booking the famous buggy tour of Fuerteventura. The adventure involves the traveler being picked up directly from their hotel accommodation and accompanied by a professional guide. Also, all the necessary safety equipment is provided to enjoy the ride.

The buggy tour covers about 80 kilometers, during which you will know the Natural Park of Corralejo, enjoy the view of Fuerteventura from breathtaking viewpoints and finally go to the Dutch Park by an alternative route and little known by tourists.

  • Schedule: Available at various times depending on the company you decide to hire.
  • Price: This type of experience is available from 60€ per traveler.
  • Duration: You can be on the beaches of Corralejo as long as you want. The dune buggy tour usually takes about 2 hours to complete.

Book a buggy adventure in Fuerteventura

Day 2: See the best of Fuerteventura's North Coast.

Kayaking in Fuerteventura| ©Sea Kayaking
Kayaking in Fuerteventura| ©Sea Kayaking

On the second day I recommend you to continue your exploration of the North Coast of Fuerteventura getting to know the stunning beaches that abound throughout the area.

It is also an excellent opportunity to carry out some water adventures.

Enjoy a kayaking experience in Fuerteventura.

Book a kayaking adventure in Fuerteventura to fully explore the North Coast and the beauty of its beaches. This experience is one of the most requested by tourists who love water activities.

Offered by many local companies, it is one of the most diverse and fun experiences. In Fuerteventura you can kayak in Lobos Island, in the West Coast, in the North Coast, in the East Coast and even in Corralejo.

Local companies provide all the necessary equipment, including kayaking and snorkeling gear, an expert guide and transportation from the hotel to the exploration site. I invite you to delve into your alternatives and finally choose the one that catches your attention the most.

Now, if kayaking is not your thing you can also book a surf lesson in Fuerteventura; as you will soon see the island is a paradise for surfers of all levels. If you have ever experienced an interest in this sport, this is the perfect place to start or perfect the acquired skills.

The beaches of El Cotillo are usually a favorite for instructors due to their versatility.

  • Schedule: This type of adventure usually starts between 08 and 09 hours in the morning in order to make the most of the day.
  • Price: Around 45€ per participant.
  • Duration: Kayaking experiences on the island of Fuerteventura can last between 2 and 8 hours, depending on the company you hire.

Take the hiking route to the volcano Calderon Hondo

After having a few hours of fun in the sea, head to the Calderon Hondo volcano hiking route. This is the best way to get close to the beauty of the island's volcanic landscape.

Located a short distance from the village of Lajares, the place has space to park your car. The most famous hiking route in the area has a length of approximately 4.7 km. At the site you will find a 278-meter-high mountain with a 70-meter-deep crater that offers amazing views of the local landscape.

  • Difficulty level: Easy.
  • Duration: This hiking route can be completed in approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

Visit the El Toston Lighthouse at sunset.

In Fuerteventura you will find two emblematic architectural elements that are part of the history and culture of the island. These are old mills and tall lighthouses on the seashore.

El Toston Lighthouse has a small museum and a nature trail, but the most impressive is undoubtedly the breathtaking views of the sea and the coast of Fuerteventura. If you are fond of photography, take advantage of this moment to create the most amazing shots.

At the foot of the lighthouse you will find a secluded cove ideal for swimming and lying on the sand for a while. If you are looking for a remote paradisiacal corner where you can enjoy a few hours of peace away from conventional tourism, this is an alternative that you should consider.

It is also the ideal place to enjoy a sunset over the sea.

  • Hours: Open to the public Monday through Friday from 10:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; closed for interior visits on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • How to get there: Just take the road heading north from El Cotillo. El Faro is just where the road ends, about 10 minutes by road. Taking a cab from El Cotillo may be the best way to get there.

Day 3: Explore other islands of the Canary archipelago.

Afternoon in Lanzarote| ©Antonio Vaccarini
Afternoon in Lanzarote| ©Antonio Vaccarini

The third day of your adventure can be devoted exclusively to explore beyond Fuerteventura and meet other islands of the Canary archipelago, because, although Fuerteventura is the most visited, each of the Canary Islands has a particular charm.

Take advantage of the ease of transportation offered by Fuerteventura with other nearby points to make the most of your vacation.

Take a boat trip to Lanzarote

For a short itinerary, 4 days or less in Fuerteventura, the best alternative to visit other islands of the archipelago is to book an organized excursion from Fuerteventura.

The excursions offer numerous advantages, but the main one is an organized itinerary that allows you to enjoy the best of the destination to visit in an express trip and devote the remaining time to other adventures within the island.

Boat trips to Lanzarote depart each day from the port of Fuerteventura to take the group of travelers through the most outstanding places or attractions, enjoy a full day of fun in one of the neighboring islands and return for the end of the day.

Although the list of places to visit may vary depending on the company you hire and the planned itinerary, some of the elements that are usually included are tours to see the Timanfaya volcano, explore some of the best beaches of Lanzarote or tour the wine landscape of La Geria.

  • Schedule: The excursions depart from the port early in the morning to make the most of the day's excursion.
  • Price: The price of the organized excursion varies depending on the company you hire. The adult ticket is available from 105€ per passenger.
  • Duration: Varies depending on the company you hire, although the best ones are about 8 hours long.

Book an excursion to Lanzarote from Fuerteventura

At night: Enjoy the nightlife of Corralejo

When we talk about enjoying the nightlife of Fuerteventura, the best place to do it is undoubtedly the area of Corralejo. This part of the island concentrates the liveliest shopping area and you will also find many bars and nightclubs in the upper part of the main avenue.

Here is a small list of alternatives to enjoy the nightlife of Corralejo. I invite you to take this list as inspiration and to do your own research as the options are many and very diverse.

  • Flicks Karaoke & Disco Bar One of the best disco-karaokes in Corralejo, located at Av. Nuestra Señora del Carmen no. 48. 48.
  • Dorada Disco Bar One of the best alternatives for dancing in downtown Corralejo. Located at No. 3 Hernan Cortes Street.
  • InFusion Located at No. 21 Maria Gonzalez Carballo Street, the gastronomic offer includes Cajun chicken, ribs and other Louisiana dishes.

Day 4: Get to know the most picturesque mountain villages of Fuerteventura.

Tindaya| ©Jose Mesa
Tindaya| ©Jose Mesa

Before leaving Fuerteventura, spend a day of your itinerary to visit some mountain and fishing villages in the heart of the island.

For this the best alternative is to rent a car, especially if you travel to the island with friends and families to enjoy a vacation.

Here are some activities that I suggest to do during your exploration.

Meet the mysterious Tindaya Mountain in Fuerteventura.

Wake up early the morning of your last day to explore one of the mythical places of the island. Since ancient times, locals have attributed magical powers to Tindaya Mountain.

You will find numerous local legends that tell mysterious stories that include the miraculous cure of some diseases or the strangest events.

To climb to the top of Tindaya you need to arrange a permit, but you can find the most incredible views from the Mirador de Vallebrón.

  • How to get there: Whether you are staying in the Cotillo or Corralejo area, the best way to get to the Mirador is by private car. From Cotillo the drive takes only 19 minutes and from Corralejo 25 minutes.

Enjoy the fishing village of Los Molinos.

On the West Coast of Fuerteventura you will find one of the most authentic, picturesque and ancient fishing villages of Fuerteventura: Los Molinos.

After finishing your exploration of the mountains, I recommend you to take the road towards this beautiful area and enjoy a delicious traditional lunch and a glass of wine on a terrace with beautiful sea views.

The tranquility of its simple streets will allow you to enjoy another side of Fuerteventura and also help you understand how the life of the locals away from the hustle and bustle of most tourist areas.

  • How to get there: From the Mirador de Vallebron, Los Molinos is only 20 minutes drive towards the southwest of the island.

End the day touring the village of Betancuria

Founded in the fifteenth century by the Norman conqueror Jean Bethencourt, the Villa de Betancuria was the ancient capital of Fuerteventura and the first city built in the Canary archipelago.

A visit to know this important historical enclave is a must on any tour of the island.

My favorite part is the beautiful churchSantaMaria de Betancuria, the first religious temple built on the island, although the original construction is preserved only the bell tower.

The place is surrounded by a promenade full of flowers and palm trees where you can take beautiful photos to remember.

After visiting the church and its picturesque surroundings, you can stop for a moment to rest and have a snack in one of the many cafes in the area.

  • How to get there: From your location in Los Molinos, the small village is a 28-minute drive to the south of the island.

Rent a car in Fuerteventura

Rent a car| ©Dan Gold
Rent a car| ©Dan Gold

As you may have noticed, the 4-day itinerary in Fuerteventura that I propose needs transfer options to places where, sometimes, public transport is non-existent. In these scenarios the best alternative will be to rent a car in the city.

Here are some alternatives.

  • Goldcar This company has offices in Fuerteventura Airport itself. The contact number is +34 918 34 14 00
  • SIXT Their offices are located at 35610 Carretera Matorral in Las Palmas. The contact number is +34 871 18 01 92.
  • Avis also has service offices at the airport itself. The contact number is +34 928 09 23 30.