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13 Things to Do in Amalfi in September

Amalfi is characterized by its breathtaking scenery, rich history and delicious cuisine. Discover the best activities to enjoy in September.

Nicolas Reffray

Nicolas Reffray

11 min read

13 Things to Do in Amalfi in September

Atardecer en Amalfi |©David Curry

Are you planning to visit the Amalfi Coast during September and wondering what specific activities you can enjoy? In late summer and early autumn, this region, located on the southwest coast of Italy, will allow you from discovering cultural treasures to enjoying the most beautiful beaches, to tasting the typical dishes of the local gastronomy in traditional festivals.

If you are planning your trip for September and want to discover the best that Amalfi has to offer, don't miss this guide.

1. Enjoy the quiet beaches and a boat trip along the coast

Amalfi Beach|©JP Boustany
Amalfi Beach|©JP Boustany

If you like tranquility, this is a point that will interest you a lot. In Italy, schools reopen in the second week of September, which makes the beaches and towns along the coast quieter than in the central summer months, especially in the second half of the month, allowing you to enjoy more peace and quiet.

The big advantage is that on the Amalfi coast, all the beaches face south, which ensures that warm temperatures are maintained well into the fall. However, the beaches are shaded in the afternoon, so the best time to sunbathe is in the morning and enjoy the best beaches in Amalfi if you come in September.

Also, September is the perfect time to book a boat trip along the Amalfi Coast or book a kayak tour of Amalfi. You have many choices among the best Amalfi boat tours. After the high season months of July and August, the amount of boats and yachts is much lower, which means you will have the caves and coves all to yourself. In September you can also take advantage of the much lower prices.

Book a boat trip along the Amalfi Coast

2. Delve into the dreamy landscapes of the Valle delle Ferriere from Amalfi

Booking a trekking excursion to the Valle delle Ferriere is a plan that will captivate you, especially in the month of September when temperatures are very pleasant.

In this experience, which lasts four hours, you will be accompanied by a professional guide who will show you some of the most beautiful landscapes of Amalfi and will tell you all the details about the flora and fauna of this dream place with waterfalls, streams, historical ruins and many surprises that you will discover along the way.

This route, which will immerse you in nature, has an extension of approximately six and a half kilometers and its difficulty is considered medium-low. Are you up for it?

Book a trekking excursion to the Ferriere Valley

3. Relax in a spa

Without a doubt, I love spas, hamman, Arab baths and any similar activity. I don't know if this is your case, but, regardless, September is the best time of the year to book a spa experience in Amalfi, as tourism has slowed down considerably but it is still a month with a very pleasant temperature.

In this spa you will have the opportunity to enjoy for two hours various facilities such as whirlpool bath, footbath with regenerating salts, emotional showers with water games, Mediterranean bath and an argillarium experience. It also includes a two-hour couple's massage. Do not hesitate and book an afternoon of your vacation to relax after an exhausting day of sightseeing.

Book a spa experience in Amalfi

4. Take an excursion to Capri

And one of the most demanded plans in Amalfi is to book an excursion to Capri, and the month of September is ideal for this due to its excellent weather and the lower tourist influx at this time of the year.

In this activity, which lasts approximately 7 to 8 hours, you will board a boat bound for Capri with an expert crew. During the trip you will have the opportunity to swim and snorkel, as well as marvel at some of the most characteristic places such as Faraglioni or Punta Campanella. A plus: along the way you will enjoy the snacks and drinks that will be at your disposal.

And when you arrive in Capri, you can stroll through the streets of the historic center, climb Mount Solario or explore the Blue Grotto. Are you up for it?

Book an excursion to Capri

5. Visit local producers' establishments

Wine on the table|©Donald Thoreby
Wine on the table|©Donald Thoreby

The Italian region of Amalfi is known for its production of high quality food and beverages. Citrus fruits, particularly lemons, are a specialty of the region. Fresh seafood and fish are another of its fortes, as well as olive oil and artisanal cheeses. Beverage production is not far behind, and Amalfi is also famous for its wine production, and of course, the iconic limoncello, a sweet and refreshing lemon liqueur.

If you are interested in the "behind the scenes" of all these gastronomic delights, September is the ideal month. During this season, as there is less tourism, producers have more time to tell the story of their products and share details about their trade during visits to their establishments. You can learn from the harvesting of the ingredients to the production of the final product.

There are multiple options for you to visit the workshops of local producers of limoncello, cheese and wine, and even, in many cases, take some of Amalfi's best cooking classes. What's more, these sites are off the beaten path, making them an authentic and unforgettable experience to get to know the heart of the region.

Book a cooking class in Amalfi

6. Enjoy the best tours in small groups

The tourists in Amalfi|©I.J. Kasim
The tourists in Amalfi|©I.J. Kasim

Exploring the coast through guided tours of villages, historical sites, art and culture is an enriching experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in the rich and fascinating history of this region. And at this point, another great advantage of September in Amalfi, is the smaller crowds of tourists on these guided tours and walks.

Enjoying the small group activities of the best Amalfi tours allows for a more personalized experience. The guides can dedicate more time and attention to each participant. You will be able to delve into the details of the stories behind each place and thus better understand the culture and traditions of the area. You will also be able to enjoy activities such as a kayak tour in a more comfortable way.

Another advantage of taking these tours in the off-season is that you can enjoy the sights and details up close. The monuments, landscapes and architecture, can be admired more easily, allowing you to appreciate every detail of the experience. And as at all times of the year, these guided tours are perfect for those who want to explore the coast without worrying about planning or logistics, as everything is organized in advance.

Book a kayak tour

7. Participate in the Festa del Pesce

Fish Festival|©Associazione Gruppi
Fish Festival|©Associazione Gruppi "Insieme si può...

Visiting a city is an ideal opportunity to find out what traditional festivals are taking place on the date of our trip. If you are in Amalfi in September, you can experience La Festa del Pesce, an annual fish festival held in the neighboring seaside town of Positano. Specifically, this festival is held on the coast of Fornillo, a small and picturesque beach. It is held annually in the month of September, although the exact date may vary from year to year.

During the festival, local fishermen and producers prepare and serve various fresh fish dishes such as fish soup, pasta with seafood and fish grill. In addition, local wines of excellent quality are also offered to accompany these maritime delicacies.

La Festa del Pesce is a popular event among tourists and the local community and has been held for many years as a way to promote and celebrate the local culture and gastronomy of Positano. The festival is a must-attend opportunity to sample the best of the delicious local food and enjoy the music and festive atmosphere on the beach.

8. Sign up for the New Byzantine Year or Capodanno Byzantino

People in costumes in Amalfi|©epanto
People in costumes in Amalfi|©epanto

Another interesting festival you can participate in during September in the Amalfi region. The Byzantine New Year is a unique celebration that takes place in the coastal town of Sorrento every year. This traditional event marks the beginning of the new year according to the Byzantine calendar which is governed by the lunar cycle and is commemorated between the last day of August and the first day of September.

During the Byzantine New Year, the streets of Sorrento are filled with music, dancing and typical foods. Participants can enjoy a variety of live performances, including folk music and dances typical of the region. There are also many gastronomic options available, with typical Byzantine and local dishes.

One of the most distinctive activities is the procession of the Tarantella, a typical southern Italian dance. For this performance, participants wear traditional costumes and dance through the streets of the city to the sound of music. It is a vibrant and exciting celebration. If you are in Amalfi in September, I recommend you not to miss this fascinating festivity.

9. Don't miss the Festa di Piedigrotta in Pompeii.

Piedigrotta Festival|©Giorgio Tramontano
Piedigrotta Festival|©Giorgio Tramontano

The Festa di Piedigrotta is a famous festival held in the city of Pompeii every year. The festivity is in honor of the Madonna di Piedigrotta, the patron saint of Naples and its surroundings. As for the date, it takes place in September and usually lasts for several days.

During the Festa di Piedigrotta, the streets of Pompeii are filled with music, dance and celebrations. Participants wear traditional costumes and dance to the rhythm of Neapolitan music. In addition, there are parades, fireworks and a procession in honor of the Virgin of Piedigrotta.

This event is not all about religious festivities, the Festa di Piedigrotta also includes food and drink fairs , rides and games. You can enjoy a wide variety of typical dishes, including pizzas, seafood and all kinds of desserts. It is one of the most popular and lively festivals in the region and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

10. Attend the Feast of San Gennaro in Naples

San Geraro stroll|©dalioPhoto
San Geraro stroll|©dalioPhoto

The Feast of San Gennaro in Naples on September 19 is a religious celebration that takes place every year during the month of September. This festivity is one of the most important and emblematic of the city and is attended by tourists from all over the world. San Gennaro is the patron saint of Naples. The festivities in his honor begin several days before and last about a week. During this time, the streets of Naples are filled with color, music, food and activities for all ages.

One of the most anticipated moments of the feast of San Gennaro is the ceremony of the liquefaction of blood. During this, a vial containing the blood of San Gennaro is displayed and is expected to liquefy as a sign of protection and blessing for the city.

So, if you are in Amalfi in September it is a good option to plan a visit to Naples to experience the feast of San Gennaro. There are several transportation options, including trains and buses, that will get you from Amalfi to Naples in no time. This is, without a doubt, one of the best day trips from Amalfi that you can take.

11. Dare to climb Mount Vesuvius

The road up Vesuvius|©--MARCO POLO--
The road up Vesuvius|©--MARCO POLO--

If you are looking for an adventure in nature and want to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views, then climbing Vesuvius is the perfect experience for you. However, choosing the right time to climb is critical to ensure an optimal experience.

One of the best times of the year to climb Vesuvius is in September, when weather conditions are more favorable. With cooler temperatures and less fog, this time of year makes the climb less strenuous and more enjoyable.

As you climb one of the nine trails leading to the summit, you will have the opportunity to explore this beautiful UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, which is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. To crown the experience, once you reach the top, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Naples and its surroundings. From Amalfi you can reach this site in a very short time, and you will see that it is totally worth it.

12. Experience the Amalfi night

People on the seashore|©my_cottage
People on the seashore|©my_cottage

Nightlife is very interesting in this Italian coastal region and there are many options among the best things to do at night in Amalfi.

During September, temperatures are mild enough to dine out doors and restaurant terraces are still set up for your enjoyment. It is worth noting at this point that clubs and bars are open only on weekends in the area around the Spiaggia Grande beach in Positano.

In addition, the Amalfi Coast is home to a number of fine dining establishments and Michelin-starred restaurants. In high season, booking a table may require months in advance, so in September you can enjoy greater flexibility and spontaneity, avoiding the wait to get the best spots at iconic sites such as the famous La Sponda balcony or the private beach platform of Al Mare.

13. Drive along the road of a thousand curves

Path of the Gods|©Hernan X
Path of the Gods|©Hernan X

As you will be checking Amalfi has many things to see and do in. Finally, I'll recommend Amalfi's Path of a Thousand Curves, a road that winds between sheer cliffs, offering majestic views of the villages spread out below. This winding road is dotted with a myriad of colors and offers a privileged perspective of the coastline.

During the high season, this road can get crowded, slowing traffic, especially in the narrower sections that allow only one vehicle to pass at a time. In September, the road is clearer and offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy this route at your own pace. You can choose to drive a car or perhaps a classic Vespa, which will allow you to stop at any time more comfortably to take pictures or simply admire the breathtaking views.

Along the way you will find several viewpoints, where you can enjoy the most breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding landscape. At your sight you will have the towns and cities that spread out below, while the serene water sparkles under the sun's rays. Importantly, the road is dotted with restaurants and stores, so you will have the opportunity to indulge in the local cuisine and purchase handicrafts and souvenirs to take with you.

Weather in September

View of the town of Amalfi|©Nick Ricciardi
View of the town of Amalfi|©Nick Ricciardi

In this section I will tell you what the Amalfi weather is like in September. During the ninth month of the year, the Amalfi Coast has a pleasant climate with gradually decreasing temperatures, but still warm enough to enjoy a dip in the sea.

The average highest temperature in September is around 27 °C and the lowest is around the 20 °C range. During September there is a 25% chance of rain and a 30% chance of cloudy days. The average sea temperature in September is around 25 °C and the average daylight hours during the day are about 12 hours in total.

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