10 Things to Do in Amalfi in June

Amalfi is a town of great scenic beauty located on the Amalfi Coast. I'll tell you everything you can visit in the late spring and early summer.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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10 Things to Do in Amalfi in June

Amalfi Coast, June |©Andrew Hill

The month of June in Amalfi welcomes the summer season, so you can enjoy a series of outdoor activities. In this way, you can discover the different natural sceneries of this seaside town, while learning about its history and culture through its monuments and celebrations.

Among the best things to do in Amalfi in June you can tour the coast by boat, contemplate the geological formations of the Grotta dello Smeraldo and visit the local beaches. In addition, you will have the opportunity to wander the narrow streets of the town in search of viewpoints and souvenirs, refresh yourself with a delicious Italian gelato in Piazza Duomo or choose from other activities, which I will list below.

1. Take a boat ride in Amalfi

Grotta dello Smeraldo|©Tyrone
Grotta dello Smeraldo|©Tyrone

Whether you're in Amalfi for 3 days or more, you should book a boat ride along the Amalfi Coast and incorporate it into your June itinerary. You will discover beautiful views of the region, as well as dive into the water and enjoy the warmth of summer.

As you move away from the city you will get an overview of this picturesque cliff, the sea and the nearby villages, ideal for taking some pictures.

In addition, you can opt for the Amalfi boat ride at sunset and watch how the sky merges with the sea, creating an amazing composition of intense colors (reddish, yellow and blue tones). You will also watch the southern coastal towns light up, creating a magical backdrop.

Information of interest

  • Price: from 137€ per person.
  • Duration: about 4 hours.
  • Meeting point: Amalfi seaport, where you will board a boat accompanied by the skipper.
  • What's included: stop for swimming and snorkeling and aperitif with glass of wine.

Book a boat trip on the Amalfi Coast

2. Enjoy the early summer sun on the beaches of Amalfi

Amalfi Lemon Tour|©Nick Amoscato
Amalfi Lemon Tour|©Nick Amoscato

If you are in Amalfi for 2 days or more during your visit in June, you should take advantage of the warm weather of the early summer season to enjoy the best beaches in Amalfi. You can take a relaxing swim, lie on the sand and contemplate the beautiful seascape.

Among the main beaches you can visit are the following:

  • The Marina Grande beach: a large and stony natural space, located a couple of minutes from Amalfi. You will find a lively atmosphere during the summer.
  • The Lido Delle Sirene beach: located at a distance of 8 minutes walk from the center of town. It is a rocky and quiet beach, because it is more isolated. It is usually the starting point for several water activities, so I recommend you to hire a kayak tour.
  • La Marinella: located halfway between Marina Grande and Lido Delle Sirene. This is a tiny beach with small stones, crystal clear and calm waters.
  • Il Duoglio Spiaggia: you will find it about 1 kilometer away from Amalfi. The beach is large and surrounded by woods.

Book a kayak tour

3. Join a cooking class in Amalfi

St. Andrew's Cathedral|©Jennifer Meagher
St. Andrew's Cathedral|©Jennifer Meagher

Join one of the best cooking classes in Amalfi and learn how to prepare some traditional dishes.

When you book a cooking class in Amalfi you will visit the private kitchen of a local restaurant where the chef in charge will teach you step by step how to prepare some sweet recipes such as eggplant stuffed with chocolate and cannoli, squid sautéed in olive oil and potatoes or spaghetti with lemon.

Afterwards, you will sit on the terrace to taste the dishes with a limoncello. But before you start cooking, thanks to the good weather in June, you will visit some vegetable markets to buy the ingredients. You can even visit some fishmongers such as Pescheria Da Felice in Piazza Duomo.

Useful information

  • Price: from 118€ per person.
  • Duration: usually the culinary experience lasts 3 hours.

Book a cooking class in Amalfi

4. Take a hiking tour in Amalfi

Amalfi Paper|©Amphipolis
Amalfi Paper|©Amphipolis

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city during your visit of at least 5 days in Amalfi, you should take a hiking tour in the Valle dei Mulini. You will breathe fresh air and enjoy the warm atmosphere of the month of June.

Just start from the historic center of Amalfi along via Capuano and follow via delle Cartiere. You will reach the entrance to the Valle dei Mulini or old mule track of the village after a 20 minute walk or a 5 minute drive.

From there, the real adventure begins as you pass by a series of windmills, Mediterranean vegetation, agricultural ruins, lemon houses and small waterfalls.

Information of interest

  • Duration: the hiking route lasts approximately 3 hours.
  • Difficulty: it is not a very demanding route, you will only have to follow the signs and the river that will accompany you all the way.
  • If you liked it... I also recommend you to book a trekking to Valle delle Ferriere.

Book a trekking to the Ferriere Valley

5. Take a trip to the Grotta dello Smeraldo in Amalfi

Beach and sea|©Stefano
Beach and sea|©Stefano

Your visit to Amalfi will not be complete without an excursion to the Grotta dello Smeraldo. In this grotto, discovered in the early 1930s, you will see a series of geological formations while sailing on calm emerald green waters.

You must purchase a ticket at the ticket office and accompanied by a guide you will take a boat ride through the grotto. You will observe the stalagmites and stalactites, slightly illuminated by the rays of sunlight that sneak through the upper cracks of this cave and also give the emerald color to the water.

Information of interest

  • Price: the entrance fee to the cave starts at 7€ per person. If you connect with one of the local operators at the pier, then the price is usually €15 per person.
  • Hours: the elevator area is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and access by stairs until 8:00 p.m. (summer).
  • How to get there: by private car or by public bus to the stairs and the elevator that gives access to the entrance; or by sea with one of the local operators at the pier of the village or by joining one of the best day trips from Amalfi.

6. Be part of a guided walking tour of Amalfi

Market in Amalfi|©Matt Holden
Market in Amalfi|©Matt Holden

If your visit coincides with June, then you should take advantage of the good weather this month to be part of one of the best tours of Amalfi. This is a guided walking tour that will allow you to observe the main monuments and learn about its history.

The adventure usually starts in the neuralgic area of the town, that is, in Piazza Duomo. This is the busiest place in Amalfi and where a large number of restaurants, bars, cafes and stores in general are concentrated. There, you will connect with your assigned local guide and get to know:

  • St. Andrew's Cathedral, presided over by an imposing staircase. This is a construction of white, green and grayish stone that is complemented by a cloister and a museum.
  • The Fontana De Cape E Ciucci, a 17th century work with many figures and details.
  • The fountain of St. Andrew, which stands in the middle of Piazza Duomo and features a marble image of the Apostle with four angels and a mermaid.
  • Lido delle Sirene beach, with a beautiful view of the coast.

Information of interest

  • Price: from 40€ per person.
  • Hours: every day from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. approximately.

7. Experience the religious traditions of Amalfi

Procession in Amalfi| ©Peter Kentie
Procession in Amalfi| ©Peter Kentie

If you are in Amalfi at the end of June, specifically on June 27th, you will have the opportunity to experience an important religious tradition in the town. It is the annual celebration in honor of St. Andrew the Apostle, who is the patron saint of the Amalfi people.


The procession lasts approximately three hours, starting from the Cathedral of Amalfi. You can be part of the pilgrimage like a local and accompany the silver image of the Patron Saint through all the streets of the town, while enjoying the songs of the parishioners and the music of the local band.

St. Andrew the Apostle Procession

The procession ends with the famous St. Andrew the Apostle race and a fireworks display. To witness this you should arrive early in the vicinity of Piazza Duomo or the Fountain of St. Andrew.

From there, you will see the group of men dressed in red who carried the saint on their shoulders, running at great speed up the imposing steps of the Cathedral. All this encouraged by the euphoria of locals and tourists.

8. Lose yourself in the narrow streets of Amalfi

girl at market pompeii italy|©Kristin Wilson
girl at market pompeii italy|©Kristin Wilson

Wandering the narrow streets of this seaside town in June will help you discover all that Amalfi has to offer during your stay of 4 days or more. You will get different perspectives of the town under the warm light of the summer season, which is just beginning. I suggest:

  • Start in Via Lorenzo D'Amalfi, as this street runs completely through the town.
  • There you will find a large number of stores with souvenirs, fashion, limoncello, jewelry, ceramics, handmade paper and wine, among other products.
  • In this same street you will find the Piazza del Duomo.
  • Nearby is the Mondadori Point bookstore, a very interesting place where you will find titles of history, adventure, poetry, fantasy, among others.
  • In addition, if you walk through the narrow streets that are connected, you will enter a series of narrow passages.

9. Visit the Carta Museum in Amalfi

Gelato in Amalfi|©Ned Brockenbrough
Gelato in Amalfi|©Ned Brockenbrough

During your June itinerary you can visit the Museo della Carta. You will discover the history of paper in this region and, if you are traveling with children, they will be kept out of the summer sun in the museum's rooms while they learn and have fun.

You will be amazed from the very first moment by the exhibits, including the 18th century papermaking machines, with an ancient mill, wooden mallets and stone piles.

You will learn the step-by-step of manual processing and you can even make your own paper. In addition, the guide will educate you on the subject of waste recycling and its importance for papermaking.

Interesting information

  • Price: the cost of the general admission is from 4,50€ for adults and around 3,00€ for children. The guided tour is approximately €7.00 for adults and €6.00 for children.
  • Duration: generally, the experience lasts 4 hours.

10. Have a refreshing and traditional gelatto in Amalfi

people strolling through the streets of Amalfi|©băseşteanu
people strolling through the streets of Amalfi|©băseşteanu

Your stay in Amalfi in June is the right time to try the traditional Italian gellattos. You will cool off with this delicious cold dessert, totally soothing the heat, while you relax watching the surroundings from the Piazza Duomo or its surroundings.

You will find several places where you can try a gelatto without having to walk too far. Some stores with a long history in Amalfi are:

  • Al Corso: a small gelateria with only a couple of small tables, but with delicious gelato and a natural yogurt that will surely fascinate you (Piazza Duomo).
  • La pasticceria Andrea Pansa: a family business dating back to 1830, where you will taste artisan gelattos of different flavors and some cakes (St. Andrew's Fountain).

Temperatures in Amalfi in June

couple with suitcase in hand|©Andrea Piacquadio
couple with suitcase in hand|©Andrea Piacquadio

Temperatures in Amalfi during the month of June usually range from a minimum of 21°C to a maximum of 29°C. Daily the thermometer experiences an increase of approximately 4°C.

In addition, in June you will experience an average of 55 millimeters of rainfall, which corresponds to 3 days of rain and rarely increases to 8 days. In addition, the average water temperature generally corresponds to 23.5°C, so you will be able to dive in the sea as long as you wish.

What to pack to visit Amalfi in June?

Amalfi Coast, June|©Andrew Hill
Amalfi Coast, June|©Andrew Hill

If you are planning to visit Amalfi in June and you don't know what to pack, the first thing you should take into consideration is that this is a month of transition, i.e. spring says goodbye and summer begins. Therefore, temperatures rise a little and, consequently, you can wear light and short clothes.

For example, among the clothes that you can not fail to incorporate in your suitcase stand out:

  • Shorts.
  • T-shirts with and without sleeves.
  • Summer dresses.
  • A light woven coat for the evenings.
  • Beach sandals and a bathing suit, hat or cap.
  • Sunglasses and UV protection.
  • Comfortable rubber shoes or trekking shoes for hiking.

Book a trekking to the Valle delle Ferriere