10 Things to Do in Amalfi in February

February and its wintry atmosphere offer a different perspective of Amalfi that you will enjoy discovering. Do you dare to explore this town?

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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10 Things to Do in Amalfi in February

Dia soleado en Amalfi |©Soma Biswas

Amalfi is a coastal town declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, where you will find a rich landscape, history, architecture and culture. All this through its monuments, beaches, gastronomy and the warmth of its inhabitants, who will make you feel part of this town.

During your stay in the city in the month of February you will enjoy a very pleasant winter atmosphere that, in turn, will allow you to discover a different perspective of this picturesque place. For example, among the best things to do in Amalfi in the second month of the year, you can celebrate the carnival, take a panoramic or photographic tour of the historic center and beaches, among other activities that I will tell you about in a moment.

1. Take a free or guided tour through the streets of Amalfi and discover the highlights of Amalfi

Street amalfi|©Nick
Street amalfi|©Nick

If you visit Amalfi in February and want to discover the highlights, then you should embark on a free or guided tour of its streets. You will get a glimpse of the architecture, history and culture of this town. All this, without crowds, since during that month the tourist influx is quite low.

To carry out this activity you can connect with one of the best tours of Amalfi and, thus, enjoy the company of a local guide who will tell you the history of each place. You also have the option of doing the tour on your own.

Whichever option you select for this tour, you will enjoy the charming town and an important part of its historical heritage.

For example, you will be able to see:

  • Piazza Duomo, considered the nerve center of Amalfi.
  • The Fountain of St. Andrew the Apostle, which stands out for its marble construction and where you can cool off with a drink of water like a local.
  • The imposing staircase of the Cathedral, with more than 100 steps, which lead you to the main facade of this Romanesque-medieval enclosure built in the ninth century.
  • The Via Lorenzo D'Amalfi, which is the street that crosses the entire town of Amalfi.

In addition, you can not help but immerse yourself in the nostalgic atmosphere, typical of the season.

Information of interest

  • Price: if you take the guided tour the price can start from 40€ per person.
  • Duration: the guided tour usually lasts about 2 hours. However, if you do the tour at your own pace, there will be no time limit.

2. Celebrate Valentine's Day in Amalfi

Couple on the shore of the beach.|©foldenauerbrian
Couple on the shore of the beach.|©foldenauerbrian

Perhaps your 2-day visit to Amalfi or longer will coincide with February 14, i.e. Valentine's Day. If so, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of celebration present in the bars, restaurants and streets of the town. The options for fun are varied.

Special evenings

During this day, restaurants offer special evenings on their terraces. There, you can eat by candlelight while contemplating the beautiful panoramic view of the city and the sea. You can also go to a bar to enjoy an aperitif with a glass of wine or a beer. All this, accompanied by the lively music of a live DJ.

Cooking class

But if you want to celebrate this day in a more homely way and you are also an enthusiast of the traditional cuisine of the region, the best option is to join one of the best cooking classes in Amalfi with a local culinary professional.

You can learn to prepare from scratch some sweet recipes (arancelli, eggplant with chocolate, cannoli, among others) and savory (lemon spaghetti, squid alla praianese, mussels, etc.). Afterwards, you will sit at the table with the whole family to eat, drink and share experiences.

  • Price: the price of the culinary activity starts at 105€ per person.
  • Duration: the cooking class usually lasts a maximum of 4 hours.

Book a cooking class in Amalfi

3. Take a walk along the beaches of Amalfi and celebrate Carnival

People on board a cruise ship|©Matt Holden
People on board a cruise ship|©Matt Holden

Taking a stroll along the best beaches of Amalfi during the Carnival period is a good choice. Especially, because in the month of February you will enjoy a mild climate and the tranquility that gives the little tourist influx. All this, wrapped in an atmosphere of celebration.

You can go to Lido delle Sirene which is a small beach with crystal clear waters and thin sand, located just 8 minutes walk from the center of Amalfi. You also have the option to visit Il Duoglio Spiaggia beach, which is 4 minutes away by car and 25 minutes walking.

On both beaches you will spend an unforgettable day: you will get privileged panoramic views of the sea, while you lie on the sand and feel the breeze on your skin. In addition, you can dive for a few minutes, but not before checking the average temperature of the water and its swell, to avoid getting cold.

Also, you will find bars and discos in the surroundings, which offer themed parties after sunset. Therefore, this tour is convenient to incorporate among the 10 things to do in Amalfi at night.

Book a boat trip along the Amalfi Coast

4. Take a scenic tour of the Amalfi Coast by car or electric motorcycle at your own pace

Amalfi car tour|©Sandra Pires
Amalfi car tour|©Sandra Pires

During the month of February you can take advantage of the low traffic on the Amalfi Coast road to take one of the best day trips from Amalfi. This is a panoramic route, which will allow you to contemplate different perspectives of this region.

This adventure starts from the city center, where you will need to rent a car or an electric sco oter. You will then set off along the well-known Amalfi Drive or state road SS163, which links all the towns of the Amalfi Coast.

The scenic route along the Amalfi Coast has many curves, dug tunnels and really narrow areas. However, you will get breathtaking views of the sea, the picturesque houses on the cliffs wrapped in a nostalgic atmosphere that often characterizes winter and much more.

You can travel from Amalfi to Sorrento, which are about 42 minutes away, passing through Conca dei Marini, Furore, Praiano and Positano. You also have the option of driving along the Amalfi road in the direction of Vietri sul Mare, about 45 minutes away, to see Atrani, Ravello, Scala, Maiori and Tramonti.

Book the best day trip from Amalfi

5. Take advantage of your visit to Amalfi to buy some souvenirs

street market|©Hengky Kurniawan
street market|©Hengky Kurniawan

During your 5-day stay in Amalfi or longer in February, you should take advantage of the town's cool climate to wander the streets in search of souvenirs. You will discover dozens of stores lining the narrow and steep streets of this picturesque seaside town.

You can start your walk along Via Lorenzo D'Amalfi, one of the main streets of the town. Through it, you can move from the beach area (promenade) to the top of the cliff.

In this way, you will find souvenir stores and craft stores with various products. For example, you will have the opportunity to buy pieces of pottery, Amalfi paper, fashion, antique paintings, jewelry, works of art by local artists, perfumes, among others.

In addition, this route will take you through the Piazza de Duomo, where you will find cafes, bars and restaurants. You can take a break in one of its terraces to taste the popular limoncello and, why not, buy a bottle as a souvenir.

6. Discover the most photogenic places of Amalfi in the company of a professional photographer

<figcaption href="image|size=medium|url=https://res.cloudinary.com/hello-tickets/image/upload/v1683667557/post_images/Amalfi-1/Ver%20y%20hacer%20en%20Amalfi/42413651391_1d3fc30b13_b_Cropped.jpg|caption= Fountain "De Cape 'E Ciucci", Amalfi|©David Kessler">Fountain "De Cape 'E Ciucci", Amalfi</figcaption></figure><span data-type="non-translate-span" translate="no"></span>If you want to get a <strong>memorable souvenir of your trip</strong> to this seaside town in Feb, then you should incorporate a photo tour among some of the <a href="link|text=things to do in Amalfi in winter|element=sc-307-4253">things to do in Amalfi in winter</a>. You will discover the most photogenic places of this town in the company of a <strong>professional photographer-guide.</strong><span data-type="non-translate-span" translate="no"></span>In this fun adventure through the streets of Amalfi you will learn <a href="link|text=how to create photographic compositions|url=https://www.hofmann.es/blog/fotografia/como-hacer-buenas-fotos-en-in-invierno/">how to create photographic compositions</a> taking advantage of the nostalgic winter atmosphere.<span data-type="non-translate-span" translate="no"></span>Once you connect with the guide, you will visit <strong>some destinations that often serve as photographic backdrops</strong>. For example:<ul> <li><a href="link|text=The Piazza del Duomo|url=http://www.parrocchiaamalfi.com/cattedrale/piazza-duomo/">The Piazza del Duomo</a> considered the neuralgic area of the town.</li> <li><strong>The Cape e Ciucci fountain,</strong> located at the exit of the town and built in the 18th century.</li> <li><strong>The façade of the Cathedral</strong> which you will access by an imposing staircase (more than 60 steps.)</li> <li><strong>The Fountain of St. Andrew,</strong> with the figure of the apostle sculpted in marble.</li> </ul><span data-type="non-translate-span" translate="no"></span> You can also visit the <strong>via Lungomare dei Cavalieri</strong> that leads to a breakwater with a beautiful panoramic view of the Mediterranean. In addition, from there you will have access to the <strong>beach Lido delle Sirene</strong> and its crystal-clear waters.<span data-type="non-translate-span" translate="no"></span><h2 data-number="7. ">Shelter yourself from the cold temperatures in Amalfi and visit the Museo del Antico Arsenale</h2><span data-type="non-translate-span" translate="no"></span><figure><figcaption href="image|size=medium|url=https://res.cloudinary.com/hello-tickets/image/upload/v1683667797/post_images/Amalfi-1/Ver%20and%20and%20do%20in%20Amalfi/3047584635_a9490ea255_k_Cropped.jpg|caption=L'antico Arsenale|©Claudio Pallard">L'antico Arsenale

On your 3-day stay in Amalfi or longer, you can discover the naval history of this town at the Antico Arsenale. This way, you can keep yourself sheltered from the cold February temperatures, while observing the exhibition rooms.

During the tour you will see a number of nautical artifacts, manuscripts, parchments among other evidences of the important influence of Amalfi in the history of the Mediterranean.

For example, some of the objects to contemplate in the Antico Arsenale are usually:

  • Orientation toolssuch ascompasses used in oceanic routes.
  • The Tabula of Amalpha, which is a maritime code used until the 16th century.
  • Collection of historical garments, used annually in the Byzantine procession.
  • The Yarì coin, formerly minted for payment in the Mediterranean ports.

Information of interest

  • Price: admission is free.
  • Hours: every day during the summer (10:00 am to 8:00 pm). Tuesday to Sunday in winter (10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm).

8. Visit the interior of the Cathedral of Amalfi and contemplate the treasures of this monument

Amalfi cathedral|©David Eburne
Amalfi cathedral|©David Eburne

Visiting the Amalfi Cathedral is an unmissable experience in February. In this month of low season, you will not have to experience queues or crowds. This way, you will be able to carefully appreciate the treasures that this monument holds.

This Romanesque-style Catholic precinct is dedicated to St. Andrew the Apostle, who is the patron saint of the town. For this reason, you will find sculptures, frescoes and other objects related to him.

Among the relics you will see are the following:

  • A sculpture (16th century), in which St. Andrew the Apostle, the Dead Christ and the Dolorosa stand out.
  • The series of frescoes depicting the life of the apostle on the ceiling.
  • The Chapel of Reconciliation with the relics of St. Andrew.
  • The crypt, with the tomb of the apostle and frescoes depicting the arrival of the body from Constantinople.
  • The main altar, with the crucifixion of St. Andrew depicted on canvas.

Information of interest

  • Price: the entrance to the basilica is free, but if you want to access the cloister and the museum, you will have to pay an average price of 3€ per person.
  • Hours: daily from March to June (9:00 am to 6:45 pm), from July to September (9:00 am to 7:45 pm) and from November to February (10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm).

9. Enjoy a unique panoramic view of Amalfi from the Torre dello Ziro

Ziro Tower|©Danielle
Ziro Tower|©Danielle

The month of February in Amalfi offers a unique winter atmosphere, where shadows and cold tones predominate in the environment. Take advantage of this natural phenomenon to get a different panoramic view of the town and the Mediterranean from the Torre dello Ziro.

You will only have to travel by car for about 5 minutes from the center of Amalfi or by bus for about 15 minutes to the historic fortress, built in stone during the fifteenth century in the high area between Amalfi and Ravello.

From the observation tower, you will be able to look out over Amalfi, the Gulf of Salerno and even identify in the distance some of the neighboring villages that make up the Amalfi Coast.

10. Experience the aperitif culture in Amalfi

Appetizers on the table|© Evelyn Semenyuk
Appetizers on the table|© Evelyn Semenyuk

Whether you stay just one day or decide to stay 4 days in Amalfi, you must experience the so-called aperitivo culture in February. You will soothe the winter chill of the season with some delicious traditional alcoholic beverages.

You can visit the bars and restaurants located in Piazza del Duomo. In any of them, you will be offered an aperitif consisting of a drink (limoncello, beer, wine, etc) accompanied by something to nibble (olives, fries, pizza, among others). And, if you want a more substantial meal, ask for a plate with mixed cold meats.

What to pack for your visit to Amalfi in February?

Hat in your suitcase|© Boxed Water Is Better
Hat in your suitcase|© Boxed Water Is Better

Amalfi during the month of February is a cold place, with rainy days and a slightly cloudy sky. Therefore, if you plan to visit this town that gives its name to the Amalfi Coast, you will need to pack some sturdy and warm clothes to help you conserve your body heat.

It is important to bring at least a pair of long pants, long-sleeved shirts and warm sweaters. You will also need a knitted jacket or any other type of coat that will protect you from the cold.

You will need to include in your suitcase some accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves. Do not forget several pairs of socks (breathable but warm), winter shoes, a raincoat or an umbrella instead.

The influx of tourists in Amalfi in February

Amalfi Coast|©Alejandro Espejo LC
Amalfi Coast|©Alejandro Espejo LC

Annually, the town of Amalfi in February usually registers a very low tourist influx. This phenomenon is due to the fact that it is the coldest and rainiest month of the winter with temperatures ranging between 8°C and 13°C.

However, Amalfi is the ideal destination in this month for those who love nostalgic landscapes and uncrowded places. You can stroll through the streets and visit the monuments without queuing up.

Certainly, you will see some shops closed during this season, but it does not prevent you from having fun. The same goes for Amalfi boat trips or other water activities, which you will find available according to the daily weather conditions.

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