12 Things to Do in Berlin at Night

From viewpoints high above the city, beer gardens, fine dining, to karaoke nights. Berlin is a vibrant city at all hours with a lot to offer.

Katherine Betances

Katherine Betances

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12 Things to Do in Berlin at Night

Brandenburg Gate, Germany | © Johannes Plenio

In addition to the activities and essential visits of Berlin, in your next vacation do not miss the adventure of discovering the night version of this fabulous city.

As you will see below, the alternatives of night plans to see and enjoy the city after sunset are many more than you might initially imagine, my recommendation? Read carefully the options presented here and try to include in your travel itinerary as many of them as possible.

1. Relax on a dinner cruise on the Spree River

Spree by night| ©Ansgar Koreng
Spree by night| ©Ansgar Koreng

One of the best activities you can do after sunset is an evening dinner cruise in Berlin. You will sail on the waters of the Spree. It is a super romantic plan. If you are in Berlin in February coinciding with Valentine's Day or you are celebrating an important date, don't hesitate for a second!

Although it may vary a little depending on the company you hire, you can appreciate the beautiful architecture and appreciate the city from another perspective with the perfect lighting of the most important historical buildings in the city.

You will find several alternatives for cruises in Berlin. Almost all companies offer their clients a flexible menu that allows clients to decide according to their tastes and budget. The alternatives available range from casual and slightly more unstructured options to fabulous four-course meals.

Book your dinner cruise in Berlin

2. Experience the passion of German soccer

Berlin Soccer Night| ©Joaquin Montaño - Midjourney
Berlin Soccer Night| ©Joaquin Montaño - Midjourney

Another of Berlin's must-see nightlife experiences, in this case for sports fans, is to attend a soccer match of its main team, the Union Berlin. Its stadium An der Alten Försterei, located in the Köpenick district, is transformed into a hive of excitement watching its stars play.

Although there are other more popular German teams in the Bundesliga, such as Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund, watching the stars of Union Berlin live in the city is a great plan that will immerse you in a unique atmosphere, not only sporting, but also cultural.

2024, the year of the European Championships in Berlin

Are you a soccer fan and lucky enough to be in the German capital between June and July this year? Then don't miss any of the matches of Euro 2024, which will be held in Berlin. Specifically, the emblematic Olympiastadion hosts the matches of such important teams as Spain or the Netherlands, but also the final of this long-awaited tournament will take place there on July 14.

Book tickets for Euro 2024

3. Discover the nightlife with a Pub Crawl

In Holzmarkt25| ©Paulo G
In Holzmarkt25| ©Paulo G

Also called a Bar Crawl in England, a Pub Crawl is the act of hopping from one bar to another and having a few drinks with a group of people. Various tour companies offer this type of experience not only in Berlin but in many other cities with the intention of taking tourists to enjoy an authentic nightlife experience in the city.

Berlin is a city famous for its intense nightlife and the immense variety of club and bar alternatives available in the city. Consequently, if you don't want to waste time planning, book an organized Berlin Pub Crawl experience and join the fun in the company of other travelers to unveil the mysteries of the city at night.

And if you want to carry out the experience on your own, I share with you some of the best pubs in Berlin:

Book the Berlin Beer Tour

4. Enjoy the best views from the Berlin TV Tower

Berlin TV tower at night| ©HeatherLWilliams
Berlin TV tower at night| ©HeatherLWilliams

Known as the Berlin Fernsehturm, the TV Tower is one of the best places to get a panoramic view of the city. To get to the top of the tower you can climb the 986 steps or take the elevator. At the top of the tower, just above the visitor's platform, is the Telecafé restaurant, one of the most beautiful and luxurious in the city. It is a good plan to climb to the top of the observation deck to watch the sunset over Berlin and then enter the restaurant for an evening.

The Berlin Tv Tower was originally conceived as a symbol of communist power, but today it represents more the power and influence of the city itself. It has a height of 368 meters, which makes it the tallest structure, not only in the capital but throughout the country.

  • Where it is and how to get there: Located at Panoramastraße 1A, the nearest metro station is S+U Alexanderplatz Bhf.
  • Opening hours: The monument is open to the public until midnight from Monday to Friday; from March to October it opens at 09h and from November to February at 10h.
  • Admission fee: You will have to pay about 27€ for the entrance ticket.

Book tickets for the Berlin TV Tower

5. Explore Museum Island at dusk

Museum Island by Night| ©Ralf Kaiser
Museum Island by Night| ©Ralf Kaiser

The museum complex located in the heart of Berlin and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site is known as Museum Island. It is worth a night tour of the island to admire the beautiful illuminated architecture after visiting one of the museums.

On the island you will find the Bode Museum, the Berlin National Gallery, the New Museum, the Altes Museum and the Pergamon Museum. This space of the city is considered the Acropolis of the arts in Berlin and the treasures exhibited here make up a priceless cultural and architectural legacy to the world. Some of the museums you can visit on the island and other Berlin must-sees:

  • Tickets to the Neues Museum Berlin, from $17: A museum of the nineteenth century that has more than 6,000 archaeological pieces, including the sculpture of Nefertiti.
  • Tickets for the Berlin Wall Museum, from $12: Although it is not located on the Museum Island, in my opinion, it is a must visit in Berlin, with which you will explore all the history and anecdotes of the Berlin Wall.

Where it is and how to get there: The island is located directly on the Spree River in the heart of Berlin; to get there I recommend taking the S-Bahn to Alexanderplatz or Hackescher Markt.

Book tickets for the Neues Museum Berlin

6. Experience the Ice Bar

Ice Bar| ©Tourism Group International
Ice Bar| ©Tourism Group International

And if you are looking for a night plan and original, I recommend that you do not fail to visit the Ice Bar Berlin, a local whose temperature is around -10 ° C and is located next to Alexanderplatz.

The Ice Bar Berlin is divided into two areas:

  • The tavern: located in the access area and especially intended for the colder, since the ambient temperature is normal.
  • The Ice Bar: where you can meet a giant ice sculpture of almost 70,000 kilograms of ice.

With your entrance to the Berlin Ice Bar you will be given three tokens that can be exchanged for drinks, one of them to be consumed in La Taberna, and the other two for the Ice Bar. You will also receive the Seaman's Book, a book where you can document your polar expedition.

Book your ticket for the Berlin Ice Bar

7. See the beauty of Berlin at sunset

Walking around Berlin| ©Jake Lowes
Walking around Berlin| ©Jake Lowes

As in almost all European cities, there are many things to see in Berlin and, to know all its ins and outs, it is best to explore it on foot. But, what is really essential is to walk around it at night, since its charm is multiplied: its charm, its life, its people, its spirit... You should not miss a tour of the old town and the emblematic buildings of the city at dusk.

You can choose to make a tour on your own or you can book a tour for an expert guide to take you through the points of interest and tell you, in addition, all aspects related to the history of each of the points of interest. Among the most fun Berlin tours you have the ghost tour, highly recommended, but there are also some more:

  • Berlin walking tour: this type of experience usually has a high focus on getting to know the most classic and artistic part of Berlin. An expert guide will take you through various points of interest, which may include visits to places such as the beautiful 18th century German cathedrals, the State Opera, Humboldt University, Pleasure Garden and many more.
  • Berlin Bike Tour: A fun and comfortable activity, even more so if it takes place in a city as organized as Berlin. A Berlin bike tour will include an expert guide. You can cover long distances in short periods of time, making it ideal for people who are only in the city for a short time.

Book a guided tour of Berlin

8. Get a taste of beer culture

Biergarten in Berlin| ©Joaquin Montaño - Midjourney
Biergarten in Berlin| ©Joaquin Montaño - Midjourney

It's no secret that for Germans beer is a serious and important matter. And as a consequence, a large number of tourists visit Berlin in October to attend the iconic Oktoberfest. Likewise, no matter the time of your trip, you can't leave the city without experiencing a bit of the beer culture so beloved by locals and foreigners alike.

As you would expect, there are several alternatives to enjoy this activity and they range from booking a beer tour of Berlin with an expert guide, to visiting some of **Berlin'**s best biergartens or beer gardens on your own. Here are some of my favorites.

Book a beer tour in Berlin

9. Enjoy dinner and concert at Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg Palace by night| ©OTA Apartments Berlin
Charlottenburg Palace by night| ©OTA Apartments Berlin

A classical evening at Charlottenburg Palace will include a three-course dinner in the Palace Orangery and a classical music concert with the Berlin Orchestra. The talented musicians, in addition to performing Mozart, often wear period costumes with large, elaborate white wigs; a spectacular setting.

No visit to Berlin would be complete without a visit to Charlottenburg Palace and gardens. In addition to being the largest palace in the city, it is one of the crowning works of German Baroque and Rococo style, so I recommend completing the experience with a tour to see Charlottenburg Palace and the grounds during daylight hours.

The palace complex was built in the late 17th century as a summer residence for Sophie Charlotte.

  • Where it is and how to get there: Located on Spandauer Damm, the nearest metro station is Richard-Wagner-Platz.

Book a private tour of Charlottenburg Palace

10. Visit the Parliament building and its dome

Reichstag Building by night| ©Francisco Antunes
Reichstag Building by night| ©Francisco Antunes

Sunset at the Reichstag is unlike any other building you've ever seen. The huge mirror fountain located in the center of the dome and designed to reflect the sunlight in a spectacle. You can visit the Reichstag at night, watch the sun set over the streets of Berlin, dine in the restaurant and admire how the beautiful historic buildings in the center are illuminated in the dark. If you want to follow this plan, be sure to get your tickets for the Reichstag.

The Reichstag is one of the most famous buildings in Berlin for many reasons: its architecture, its history and its symbolism for all of Germany. It is the seat of the German parliament and a recognized symbol of democracy for this country. Its interior houses a wonderful glass dome that serves as a viewpoint to appreciate the architecture of downtown Berlin.

Its initial construction was completed in 1894, a terrible fire completely collapsed the central dome in 1933. During the war it was brutally attacked and was completely rebuilt, except for the dome in the 1960s. After German reunification, the beautiful modern dome with the wonderful panoramic view we enjoy today was built.

  • Where it is and how to get there: The Reichstag is located at Platz der Republik, the nearest subway station is Bundestag, line U55.
  • Opening hours: Every day from 8 a.m. to midnight.
  • Admission fee: Free of charge, but you must book tickets to the Reichstag in advance.

11. Explore the best of German gastronomy

Typical German dishes| ©Jonathan
Typical German dishes| ©Jonathan

Experts in the field say that the innovation of Germany's nightlife culture has been successfully transferred to the emerging gastronomy. As a result, the best time to book a culinary tour of Berlin is when the sun goes down. Food lovers will find in this city and in German gastronomy a wide variety of options of local and international dishes, beyond what any capital city in the world can offer. If you want to enjoy a more personalized experience, you can choose to do:

Please note that the options may vary depending on the season or the company you hire, but generally, gastronomic tours in Berlin include a combination of traditional German cuisine with international dishes.

Book a culinary tour of Berlin

12. Have a night of flea market and karaoke at Mauerpark

Mauerpark| ©abbilder
Mauerpark| ©abbilder

Among the many activities to enjoy in and around the center of Berlin, a visit to Mauerpark is a must. It is a large green area in the form of a linear park located in the district of Prenzlauer Berg, one of the most famous parks as well as one of the favorite places of recreation for the locals. On Sunday afternoons there is a charming flea market where tourists and locals come to buy vintage clothing and accessories or to enjoy delicious food.

You can have a fun afternoon of treasure hunting at the many and varied stalls or you can head to the area where independent musicians perform spontaneous shows for the enjoyment of visitors.

The park's amphitheater hosts fun karaoke sessions known as Bearpit Karaoke, which start at 3 p.m. and run until the wee hours of the morning. Don't be embarrassed and get up on stage to sing!

Where is it and how to get there: The park is located in the Prenzlauer Berg district. The nearest subway station is Eberswalder Straße, a 10-minute walk away.