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Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin

Here's how to visit Charlottenburg Palace from Berlin on an organized tour or on your own

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

7 min read

Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin

Charlottenburg Palace | ©Dmitry Makeev

Long before the graffiti and the wall, no one spoke of Germany but Prussia, an empire of palaces, power, and great dynasties. The most prominent vestige of this era is Charlottenburg Palace, designed as a summer residence for Queen Sophie Charlotte.

1. How to visit Charlottenburg Palace

Side view of Charlottenburg Palace | ©Cyril Doussin
Side view of Charlottenburg Palace | ©Cyril Doussin

Inside the palace, classical music concerts and elegant dinners at the Orangery are also held. Therefore, most tickets to visit Charlottenburg Palace include one of these experiences.

In addition, Charlottenburg Palace consists of two areas that can be visited: the interior and the gardens. Access to the gardens is free of charge and many visitors agree that the beauty of the gardens surpasses even the interior of the Palace.

2. Tickets to Charlottenburg Palace with dinner & concert

Charlottenburg Palace Orangery | ©traveljunction
Charlottenburg Palace Orangery | ©traveljunction

If you are looking for an exclusive experience when visiting Charlottenburg Palace, this option is the most complete. The entrance to Charlottenburg Palace with an interior tour, dinner at the Orangery, and concert are one of the best luxuries you can have during your trip to Berlin.

How the reservation works

Hotel pick-up and drop-off are not included in the price, so you will have to arrive at the palace by your own means (the subway stop Richard Wagner Platz will drop you off next to it).

In the confirmation email they will tell you the approximate time to go to enjoy the palace without rushing, but I recommend that you go at least an hour before and take a nice walk through the impressive gardens (free access) and contemplate the exterior views of the Palace.


My first recommendation is that you get your ticket a couple of weeks in advance of your visit to Berlin, as there is always a waiting list. Secondly, keep in mind that there are four categories of tickets depending on the seats you choose to see the concert; VIP seats will also receive a complimentary glass of champagne during the intermission.

The audio guide

The audio guide of the visit is included in your ticket, ask for it when you enter the Palace and visit the different rooms at your own pace. Most of the palace rooms are decorated as they were when the palace was built.

The interior of the Palace

You will find both luxurious rooms and ceremonial rooms with art collections that you can learn more about by consulting the audio guide. The palace complex consists of several parts, but the main one is the New Wing in which the rococo apartments of Frederick the Great and the winter chambers of Friedrich Wilhelm II stand out.


If you imagine the typical romantic dinner by candlelight... you've got it right. A three-course dinner will be served in the Orangery Ballroom, set up for receptions and fine dining.

You have several options to choose from, including a vegetarian one, but if you want to get an idea of the menu, take note: Brandenburg pork fillet in puff pastry served with an apple ragout, Savoy cabbage and mushrooms with minced beer sauce, or chocolate tart with cream dusted in gold and spiced pears.

The concert

It is held in the auditorium and is performed by the Berlin Resident Orchestra, made up of renowned German musicians of international fame. Classical and baroque music will be the protagonist and the program will include compositions by Mozart, Bach, or Handel. You will be able to choose between several seating categories to enjoy this concert held, without a doubt, in one of the most privileged settings in Berlin.

3. Tickets for the Charlottenburg Palace concert

White Room | ©Sergey Galyonkin
White Room | ©Sergey Galyonkin

The concert at Charlottenburg Palace: is worthwhile in itself; for this reason, there is an exclusive type of ticket to enjoy the show. You will be able to choose between four types of seats for the concert: VIP, A, B, and C depending on the distance from the stage, category A being the best located. The VIP category also includes a glass of champagne during the intermission of the concert.

During the concert, you can listen to classical and late baroque pieces by composers such as Mozart, Bach, or Handel performed by the Berlin Resident Orchestra. To the quality of the music, you have to add the special atmosphere since you will rarely have the opportunity to enjoy a concert in a sumptuous palace of the 18th century.

How to book

You can book this experience online, but remember to book well in advance, otherwise, it will be difficult to find availability. The ticket for the Charlottenburg Palace concert: does not include hotel pick-up and drop-off, so you will have to make your own way to the palace (it is easily accessible by subway from the center of Berlin). Also not included are the checkroom (1 euro) and the hand program (3 dollars).

Ana's Traveller Tip

If you want to attend the concert at Charlottenburg Palace, book your ticket several weeks in advance. There is usually a waiting list.

4. What to see in Charlottenburg Palace

Porcelain cabinet | ©Richard Mortel
Porcelain cabinet | ©Richard Mortel

Inside the Palace

Regardless of whether you visit the interior of the Palace with a pack that includes other experiences such as dinner or the concert or if you buy tickets at the box office, there are several rooms and relics that you cannot miss:

  • The French painting collection in Germany
  • Objects and belongings of the Prussian royal family
  • The Porcelain Cabinet
  • The Crown Jewels
  • The White Room and the ballrooms

In the gardens

  • The Belvedere building
  • The mausoleum in neoclassical style
  • The outdoor sculpture area
  • The lake

Ana's Traveller Tip

The interior of the palace is closed to the public on Mondays. Access to the gardens is free of charge.

5. Tips for visiting Charlottenburg Palace

Entrance to Charlottenburg Palace | ©San Diego Bill
Entrance to Charlottenburg Palace | ©San Diego Bill

How to get there

Charlottenburg Palace is located somewhat far from the center of Berlin, so walking there is more than an hour and a half walk from, for example, the Brandenburg Gate. However, the Charlottenburg area is easily connected to the center via public transport (and, of course, in Berlin, you always have the option of taking a cab). The nearest subway stop is Richard Wagner Platz on the U7 line.


The closing day of the Palace is Monday, the rest of the year (except for specific exceptions or holidays) the opening hours to visit the interior are from 10 am to 5 pm from November to March and from 10 am to 6 pm from April to October.

When to go

In high season, from mid-morning you will find queues to access the ticket office. If you travel to Berlin in June, July or August I recommend that you go early in the morning to visit the Charlottenburg Palace to avoid waiting and crowds. If you are booking the experience with dinner and concert, the best time to visit is at sunset.

Duration of visit

The complete visit to the palace, including its gardens, will take less than a morning and there is no need to rush if you start early. Visiting the interior of the palace can take one hour and a half and for the gardens, the main attraction of the complex, you have to reserve a minimum time of one hour. If you are hiring the experience with dinner plus concert, the full duration will be about four hours and two hours if you buy tickets only to enjoy the concert.


Eating around Charlottenburg Palace can be a good idea since, being away from the center of Berlin, in the restaurants in the vicinity you will not find a large influx of tourists. As for the neighborhood itself (named after the palace) it is also worth a walk, especially in winter when it is decorated with Christmas lights.

Visit with children

Children under 7 years old enter free inside the palace, but the concert and dinner experiences are reserved for adults. Don't hesitate to take the little ones for a stroll in the gardens.

How to dress

If you've bought a ticket to see Charlottenburg Palace and attend a concert or dinner, you're probably wondering how to dress. Don't worry, you don't have to dress up, but I do recommend that you wear your best and leave your sneakers and jeans in the closet.


Something important to know is that if you want to take pictures inside the Palace, you must pay a special permit of three dollars. Otherwise, you may be noticed inside. If you are traveling with a companion, one permit is usually valid for both of you. In any case, the best photos of the palace are the ones you can take, free of charge, from the gardens and surroundings.

Audio guide

Visits with an expert guide are rare in this palace, but in exchange, you have available the option of an audio guide in several languages. Here I recommend that you do not hesitate and use it to orient yourself during your visit inside the palace.

6. What if I just want to buy tickets?

Charlottenburg Palace Gardens | ©Cyril Doussin
Charlottenburg Palace Gardens | ©Cyril Doussin

If you want to visit the gardens no ticket required and if you want to see the inside of the palace, you can buy tickets at the ticket office from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm in winter and until 6 pm in summer. The approximate price of the full ticket (including the Old Palace, the New Wing, and the Belvedere) is $ 20 for adults and $ 15 for students.

7. If you are interested in tickets for Charlottenburg Palace, you will also be interested in...

Cruise on the river Spree | ©ERAKU
Cruise on the river Spree | ©ERAKU

Charlottenburg Palace is one of the main points of interest in Berlin, but it is not the only one. The cultural richness of the city is such that visitors can purchase the Berlin Welcome Card, a card that you can get for the period of time you choose and that will let you have free or cheaper access to the different museums and monuments of the German capital.

In the case of Charlottenburg Palace, you will get a 25% discount with this card; in this article about Berlin Welcome Card you can check the rest of the advantages of this tourist pass. Another tourist card that you should learn about is the Berlin Pass, of which you can find its uses and advantages here: Cruise Tickets.