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Experience Highlights

By joining this culinary tour of Berlin you'll delve into the authentic markets, restaurants and street food stalls of the German capital on a walking tour of approximately 3 hours and twenty in small groups. You'll have the opportunity to sample the most delicious local dishes, accompanied by a refreshing German beer, while learning about the history and culinary traditions of the region with the help of an expert culinary tour guide .

  • Explore the city's most authenticmarkets and restaurants to sample local dishes.
  • Learn the stories behind traditionalrecipes with an expert cooking guide.
  • Discover Berlin'shidden culinary gems, including must-visit street food stalls

What’s included

  • Gastronomic tour of Berlin
  • Walking tour of restaurants, bars and street stalls
  • Expert guide in gastronomy
  • Tastings in various restaurants

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Step by Step

A gastronomic tour of Berlin is a unique experience not to be missed if you are a food and travel lover. On this walking tour of about 3 hours and twenty in a small group you will discover the gastronomic culture of the German capital and taste some of its most typical and delicious dishes.

The tour will take you through the streets of Berlin to taste the most authentic flavours of the local cuisine. You will visit the favourite food markets, where you can taste the best sausages, cheeses and breads.

Together with a private guide, you'll learn the history behind each culinary delicacy and the must-visit places in the area, as your local host will give you plenty of tips on the best places to eat in the city.

You'll delve into restaurants and bars serving a wide variety of traditional dishes, such as currywurst, meatballs and schnitzel, accompanied by a refreshing German beer, one of the most famous in the world.

Plus, you'll find out why German street food stalls have become a vital part of the locals' daily lives by visiting some of the busiest and most popular local favourites.


· 778 Reviews
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    Special for fans of beer and good food!
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    Great service!
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    Wonderful way to meet interesting people from all over the world.
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    We had a quiet dinner in a famous brewery downtown!
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