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See the German capital from the top with this entrance ticket to the Berlin TV Tower . Step inside the country's tallest building and enjoy incredible panoramic views from the observation deck. At over 200 metres above the ground, see impressive historical monuments such as the Reichstag building, Museum Island and the Brandenburg Gate, among others. If you want to stay a little longer, go up to the revolving restaurant "Sphere" and enjoy beautiful views of Berlin while having lunch or dinner.

  • Discover the most iconic building of the German capital with this entrance to the Berlin TV Tower .
  • Enjoy a unique 360-degree view of the skyline of the German capital.
  • Admire historical monuments such as the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate from over 200 metres above the ground .
  • Climb up to the revolving restaurant and enjoy dinner or lunch with beautiful 360-degree views.

What’s included

  • Tickets for the Berlin TV Tower.
  • Access to the observation platform.
  • Food and drink.

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Step by Step

Discover one of Berlin's most popular attractions with this ticket to the TV Tower . Book your ticket in advance to avoid the endless queues and head up to admire the incredible views of the German capital. Step inside for 360-degree views of Berlin and admire its historic monuments from over 200 metres above the ground.

With more than one million visitors every year, the Berlin TV Tower is the fourth tallest building in Europe with an excellent 360-degree observation deck. Before entering the tower, admire its incredible unique architecture and avant-garde character with futuristic features. At a height of 203 metres, enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of the entire historic city centre and the river Spree .

From the top of the building you will also be able to see incredible monuments such as the Reichstag building with its modern glass dome. Other attractions include the colossal Brandenburg Gate, an 18th century monument with 12 Doric columns and topped with a classical sculpture of a goddess.

See the entire city of Berlin at your feet, as well as other landmarks such as the Olympic Stadium, the famous Museum Island along with the Berlin Cathedral and the modern Potsdamer Platz complex. Discover the views from this perfect 368-metre high skyscraper and don't miss its revolving restaurant. At 207 metres above the ground, climb up to the panoramic Sphere restaurant and admire the spectacular view of Berlin while enjoying a delicious meal on your own. You'll feel like you're flying over the Berlin skyline.


· 3103 Reviews
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    We went up to see the city at night and it was totally worth it. The views from this place are incredible, one of the most beautiful in Berlin without a doubt.
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    Good panoramic view of the city.
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    Good place, it provides incredible views of the city. It gave me a little scary because of the height at which it is located, but otherwise nothing to add. Recommended to go once.
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    A different experience, very pleasant.
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