Prague in 3 Days: tips, what to see, and much more

Three days to visit Prague is the perfect time to visit the most important points of the city, here are some ideas!

Katherine Betances

Katherine Betances

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Prague in 3 Days: tips, what to see, and much more

Prague postcard | ©Azamat Esmurziyev

The city of Prague stands out for its majesty and grandeur. If on your next vacation you have three days to get to know the most important city in the Czech Republic, take a look at the detailed itinerary of activities that I present to you. This tour covers three full days from morning to evening.

Day 1: Explore the west side of the Vltava River

Aerial view of the Vltava River| ©Anthony Delanoix
Aerial view of the Vltava River| ©Anthony Delanoix

Your first day in Prague will be focused on the west side of the Vltava River. In this area, ancient historical monuments coexist harmoniously with some monuments of modern art and culture that you cannot miss.

Cross the Charles IV Bridge

With a length of 500 meters long and 10 meters wide, the Charles IV Bridge is one of the most beautiful pedestrian bridges in the world. This fabulous old structure was for centuries the only bridge in Prague connecting the two banks of the Vltava River and the only access road to the city.

Today, the hundreds of thousands of tourists who flock to Prague every season cross it to go back and forth between the two most important historical areas of the city. On your tour I recommend:

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Explore Kampa Island

Just after the Charles IV Bridge, Kampa Island occupies a privileged place in the urban environment of Prague. The ensemble is impressive to say the least, with beautiful buildings that retain medieval charm complemented by the fantastic views of the river and the small tributary of Čertovka.

Some elements within Kampa Island that are worth getting to know on your visit are:

  • The Grand Prior's Mill
  • The Kampa Museum
  • David Černý's giant baby sculptures.

Meet the John Lennon Wall

John Lennon Wall| ©Elemaki
John Lennon Wall| ©Elemaki

The John Lennon Wall in Malá Strana is a beautiful and spontaneous artistic work that took shape after the death of the famous singer. It began as a tribute to the fateful and sad murder of Lenon, but later became a symbol of protest against the communist regime.

The people dissatisfied with the regime engraved on this wall messages of freedom, love and peace inspired by the lyrics of Lennon's own songs and those of The Beatles. With the passage of time it became another attraction and one of the most photographed spots in this area of the island.

If you want to learn more about the communist era of the city, I recommend you to book the tour of communism in Prague.

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See St. Nicholas Church and Nerudova Street

Continue your exploration of Mala Strana and visit two important places. On the one hand, St. Nicholas Church is the most important and beautiful baroque temple in this area of the city. It highlights its great dome with 49 m high inside, making it the highest in Prague.

On the other hand, Nerudova Street is considered the most beautiful street in Prague. Located in the vicinity of the Prague Castle, this street was part of the royal road, so you can find a fantastic collection of Baroque-style mansions.

You can visit all this area when you book the tour of Prague Castle and surroundings, something that I recommend so you can better understand all its history and enjoy it at another level.

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Lunch in Mala Strana

Take a break from your tour to have lunch in one of the many restaurantsaround Prague Castle. The gastronomic offer in this area is very focused on offering variety in terms of budget and types of cuisine.

Spend the afternoon at Prague Castle

Prague Castle illuminated at sunset.| ©Mo
Prague Castle illuminated at sunset.| ©Mo

After enjoying a tasty lunch it's time to get to know Hradčany, the area of Prague famous for housing the Castle and all the important works that make up the complex.

There is a lot to see inside and my recommendation is that you spend as much time as you can exploring the most important areas consisting of: St. Vitus Cathedral, the Golden Alley, St. George's Basilica and the Old Royal Palace.

Another important recommendation that will allow you to save time on your visit to the Castle is to hire a guided tour of the Prague Castle or buy tickets for the Prague Castle in advance before arriving in the city.

Interesting details

  • Opening hours: from November to March, every day from 9 am to 4 pm; from April to October every day from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Entrance fee: about 18€ per person.
  • Duration of the visit: between 2 or 3 hours.

Book tickets to Prague Castle

Enjoy the sunset on Petrin Hill

End the first day of your tour of Prague by visiting one of the favorite places of the city's inhabitants: Petrin Mountain. If you arrive in time you can climb to the top of the Petrin Tower to watch the sun set over the forest and all of Mala Strana. This is one of the most beautiful views of the city.

From Prague Castle to Petrin Mountain the walk takes about 18 minutes. Inside you will find several interesting features: the Mirror Maze and the Monument to the Victims of Communism.

Day 2: Explore the oldest districts on the east bank of the Vltava River

The Astronomical Clock Tower| ©pauldve
The Astronomical Clock Tower| ©pauldve

The second day is for exploring the oldest parts of Prague and its most important architectural monuments.

See the Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock Tower

The Old Town Square is the most famous and most used meeting point for the inhabitants of Prague since the 11th century, when the first markets were established there. It is a large, open area around which the old town hall building and its clock tower congregate.

The Clock Tower is one of the most famous towers in the city, as its intricate design is fascinating. Walk around the square and wait for the chimes to ring to see the animated figures of the 12 apostles appear. Don't forget these details if you want to book a ticket to visit the Astronomical Clock on the inside.

  • Hours: from 9 am to 10 pm; Mondays from 11 am to 10 pm.
  • Ticket price: around 24€.
  • Duration of the visit: 30 to 40 minutes if you want to climb to the top of the tower and admire the best view of the city.

Book a tour of Prague with clock tickets

See the Church of Our Lord Týn

Church of Our Lord Týn| ©Tiia Monto
Church of Our Lord Týn| ©Tiia Monto

Considered one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in Prague, this chapel is one of the most beloved monuments of the Czechs despite the high rate of atheism that characterizes its population.

The church is in the central square itself so, after watching the clock show, head inside to appreciate its beautiful architecture. The exterior is equally impressive with two imposing Gothic towers that are part of the characteristic Prague landscape.

  • Hours: for tours inside from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm; in the winter months hours may vary.
  • Entrance fee: voluntary contribution, recommended minimum €1.5.
  • Duration of the visit: 40-50 minutes are usually enough for a complete tour.

Enjoy a delicious lunch in the historic center

Take a lunch break in one of the many restaurants available in this area of the city. You will find that Prague's Old Town is characterized by its dynamism and variety in terms of good regional food. Some good choices of places to eat are:

At the end of the tour, you can book a tour of Prague's Old Town or walk around on your own if you prefer.

Book a tour of Prague's Old Town and Dungeons

Spend the afternoon in the Jewish Quarter

Through the Jewish Quarter| ©Luis Villa del Campo
Through the Jewish Quarter| ©Luis Villa del Campo

In Prague, the Jewish Quarter is a small but charming area located north of Staré Mesto and known as Josefov. It is worth spending an afternoon exploring its streets, or else hire a tour of the Jewish Quarter to get to know its most interesting attractions and all its history. In any case, these are the most important areas:

  • The synagogues: there are six historic synagogues worth visiting. Many of these spaces are dedicated to the traditions and customs of the Jewish people and their history; others are dedicated to narrating the horrors of the war during the Nazi occupation.
  • The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague: is one of the most eerie sights of the city due to its many tombstones placed in all directions due to lack of space. Due to discrimination for centuries, this was the only place in the city where Jews were allowed to bury their relatives. The entrance fee is approximately 4.5€ and it is closed on Saturdays.

Book a tour of the Jewish quarter of Prague

Take a cruise on the Vltava River at night

One of the best things to do in Prague at night is to book a Vltava river cruise with dinner. You can enjoy a rich buffet style dinner, live music and a stroll along the waters to take in the panoramic view of many historical sights.

This activity is especially enjoyable if you visit Prague in months of good weather, such as spring and summer in Prague.

  • Price: around €60.
  • Duration: about three hours in the evening.

Book a dinner cruise on the Vltava River

Day 3: Tour Nové Město and the old town of Vyšehrad

Vyšehrad Fortress| ©Dmitry Djouce
Vyšehrad Fortress| ©Dmitry Djouce

The last day of your visit to Prague spend it exploring one of the newest and also most extensive areas of the city - Nové Město. It is also an opportunity to get to know the old Vyšehrad area.

Explore Wenceslas Square and its surroundings

Wenceslas Square is located in the heart of Nové Mesto and is the most important and most historic square in Prague. Characterized by its elongated shape, important monuments, hotels, cafes and restaurants congregate around it. You can start the morning with a cup of tea or coffee in one of them.

Afterwards, visit Národní muzeum (the National Museum of Prague), which is perfect if you are interested in art and history. It is also a fantastic destination if you are visiting Prague with children as the zoology area inside the museum is quite impressive.

Details of interest

  • Hours: daily from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Entrance fee: approximately 10€.
  • Duration of the visit: about two hours.
  • Recommendation: if you do not want to see the exhibition it is worth admiring its neo-Renaissance façade.

Take a lunch break at Wenceslas Square

After visiting the Museum you can take a lunch break in one of the restaurants around Wenceslas Square. Here are some ideas of establishments just minutes from the exit of the museum.

Don't leave Wenceslas Square without seeing the Art Nouveau facade of the famous Grand Hotel Europa.

Explore the banks of the Vltava River in the afternoon

The Dancing House.| ©Charles16e
The Dancing House.| ©Charles16e

From your location at the Grand Hotel Europa, take the streetcar from the Václavské náměstí station located just a 2-minute walk down Vodickova Street.

The fastest option is to opt for route 5 which will take you through a nice, approximately 8-minute ride through the center of Nove Mesto. You should get off at Jiraskova náměstí station to see:

  • Dancing House: one of the greatest works of modern architecture. The building is a tribute to Prague's most famous dancing couple Fred and Ginger. Its design is controversial and daring; contrasting greatly with all the architecture of the city.
  • National Theater: considered the soul of Czech opera, the facade of the building is spectacular. It is of neo-Renaissance style, rich in details and architectural elements.

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Watch the sunset at the Gunpowder Tower

You can continue your way along the river bank until you reach the Charles IV Bridge. Here you will come across what is considered one of the most beautiful and oldest streets in Prague: the Karlova.

Walk for 10 minutes admiring the beautiful buildings of Karlova to the Gunpowder Tower, a small and interesting museum considered one of the best places to watch the sunset over the city.

Interesting details

  • Hours: Every day from 10:00-18:00 (November to February). Every day from 10:00-20:00 hours (March and October). Every day from 10:00-22:00 hours (April-September).
  • Entrance fee: approximately 9,50€ per person.
  • Recommendation: arrive at least one hour before sunset.
  • To learn more... Visit the guide to see Prague in one day and the guide to see Prague in two days