Miami in 3 Days: tips, what to see, and much more

If you're traveling to the iconic Florida city and you only have 3 days, no problem: I show you how you can organize your trip to see the essentials.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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Miami in 3 Days: tips, what to see, and much more

Miami Beaches | ©Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar

Miami is not a huge city compared to other large American cities. However, its vibrant mixed culture and beautiful beaches will captivate you. And if you want to go beyond the beach and want to explore it in 3 days, it is possible to do it. In this article I propose an itinerary to get the most out of the city. You will not see everything, but you will see the essentials to fall in love with this Florida city and want to come back to explore it 100%.

Day 1: Immerse yourself in the most vibrant part of the city: Miami Beach

Streets of Wynwood| ©Gadi Yosef
Streets of Wynwood| ©Gadi Yosef

It's hard to land in Miami and resist exploring it starting with the busiest, most famous and vibrant area. For this reason you will dedicate your first day to stroll through its most mythical part, Miami Beach, a city in itself that is home to everything from the most famous sights of the city to the stunning beaches.

See Art Deco at its best

Although Miami is known for its skyscrapers, the truth is that it has an interesting Art Deco heritage, the architectural style of the first decades of the twentieth century, recognizable by its geometric and ornate aesthetics.

Its facades, moreover, are usually very striking and colorful, so you can take some of your best photos of the city. If you want to know more about what awaits you, I advise you to check out the article on Miami Art Deco.

If you are passionate about this style, you can immerse yourself in it by booking an art deco tour of Miami or with a visit to the Art Deco Welcome Center. A museum space dedicated to Art Deco and other styles derived from it, such as Miami Modern. Tickets start at $5.

Book an art deco tour in Miami

Explore Ocean Drive in depth

Ocean Drive is one of the busiest thoroughfares in South Beach. If you have already enjoyed Art Deco, I advise you to simply let yourself be captivated by its urban atmosphere. Ocean Drive is much more than just art, as it is home to interesting stores to browse.

If fashion is your thing, then you can't miss the views from the Villa Casuarina, the famous home of the legendary designer Versace. In fact, it was on the very stairs of the foyer where he was assassinated. Today it is a luxury hotel, although it is fully visible from Ocean Drive. It is undoubtedly one of the most prominent buildings of this emblematic avenue.

A very comfortable way to tour this legendary avenue is on foot or with a segway tour on Ocean Drive. Have fun while a guide explains every detail of the tour.

Book a Segway tour on Ocean Drive

Relax in Lummus Park

Lummus Park| ©Liesbeth den Toom
Lummus Park| ©Liesbeth den Toom

Once you've visited Ocean Drive, just a 10-minute walk away is Lummus Park, a 100-acre space with everything from volleyball courts to beautiful fountains and even outdoor fitness machines.

This park runs along the east coast of Miami Beach and directly on the most popular beaches. So it's time to get out your towel and sunscreen.

Enjoy the sun on South Beach

About a 10-minute walk from Lummus Park awaits the famous South Beach. Undoubtedly, the symbol of Miami, with its promenade crowded with people showing off their palms, gym bodies, impressive cars, huge beaches and the occasional "beach watcher". A sight that you will have seen dozens of times in movies and that is worth living in person.

Of course, you can do thousands of things besides watching. You can book a yoga session in South Beach, enjoy a little beachcombing, play volleyball and much more. To expand your options, it is best to check out this article on what to see and do in South Beach Miami.

Of course, South Beach is also a very nice place to visit at night. It is not the only interesting place to see once the sun goes down, you will find here more information about what to see in Miami at night. My advice, and this is what I have planned for you, is to stay close to Miami Beach, so you can see South Beach at night in all its splendor.

Book a yoga session in South Beach

Stroll and dine on the legendary Española Way

Since Miami Beach is a must on your visit and you may be tired of being back and forth all day, it is best to end the day by taking advantage of the extraordinary restaurants and nightlife.

Any other alternative would involve crossing the sea to the city, something that, after so much walking and so much beach, can be a bit tiring (as it can take you more than 45 minutes by public transport).

I advise you to book a gastronomic tour of South Beach to delve into the local cuisine or go to Española Way, located approximately 13 minutes walk from South Beach. It is not only great for shopping, but also for sampling excellent Cuban-inspired cuisine.

Book a food tour of South Beach

End the day with a drink on Lincoln Road

South Beach is postcard-perfect when the sun goes down. Its lights and neon lights are one of those images that, I assure you, hardly disappoint. So it's worth walking just 10 minutes from Española Way to Lincoln Road, a place where you can enjoy beautiful night views while you have a drink.

The best thing about this space is that it is very busy, so the establishments close well into the night. Undoubtedly, it is the perfect way to end your first day in Miami.

Day 2: Head Downtown

Biscayne Boulevard| ©Ansel Adams
Biscayne Boulevard| ©Ansel Adams

We have already seen the most emblematic of Miami, but that does not mean that this Florida city is reduced only to that. So on your second day you'll head to the most interesting places in Downtown, the center of the city. And, to finish, nothing like a concert or a good NBA game at the FTX Arena. And, above all, say goodbye to the day with a good view of the skyscrapers of the financial district.

Stroll along Biscayne Boulevard to Bayfront Park

It is best to start on Biscayne Boulevard. It is a very long street, so I recommend that you walk along it in a south-north direction (i.e., from the part closest to the Miami River). This way, you will be able to reach Bayfront Park in a 15-minute walk. An opportunity to see the sea and also to enjoy the 13 square kilometers of extension.

In this park there is room for everything from events to fountains and monuments such as the Challenger Memorial. Although the Torch of Liberty, a monument erected to commemorate the brotherhood of the U.S. with Latin American countries, also deserves to be highlighted.

In addition, you will also have a great view of the characteristic Miami skyline and its skyscrapers- if you are not (so) young anymore, it might remind you instantly of Corruption in Miami! If you want to optimize your time, one option is to book a Miami sightseeing bus tour, you will see everything in comfort!

Book a Miami sightseeing bus tour

Have lunch and enjoy a little relaxation at the Bayside Marketplace

A five-minute walk from the north gate of Bayfront Park is the Bayside Marketplace, a perfect place to peek out onto Miami's waterfront and also spend time shopping or just browsing.

In addition to more than 150 stores, restaurants and bars, the area also offers street performers and regularly scheduled events. And all this without neglecting the extraordinary views of the bay and marina.

Book a food tour of Miami's Little Havana

Visit the Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower| ©Totenkopf
Freedom Tower| ©Totenkopf

Five minutes from Bayside Marketplace is the Freedom Tower, one of Miami's most famous monuments. It is also one of the most representative since it was erected to pay homage to the Cuban emigrants, one of the groups with more presence in Miami and whose cultural presence is more than visible.

It is a monument of great interest, since it is built in a neo-baroque style that tries to imitate the exuberance and colorfulness of Spanish colonial architecture. If you are interested in architecture, do not hesitate to book an architecture tour in Miami. And if you are interested in delving deeper into the history of Cuban emigration in Miami, you can always visit the Cultural Legacy Gallery. It is located inside the Freedom Tower and you can visit it between 1 and 6 p.m. from $10.

Book an architecture tour in Miami

Attend an event or NBA game at the FTX Arena

By the way, if you are a sports fan, right next to the Freedom Tower you will find the FTX Arena, the home stadium of the Miami Heat, the legendary basketball team. It is possible that, during your stay, there will be a game or concert.

Prices, as usual in this type of shows, depend on availability and location, so the range is wide. However, if you buy tickets for a Miami Heat game , you can expect to spend between 50 € and 200 € per ticket.

Buy tickets for a Miami Heat game

End the day with a spectacular view of the financial district

Just a 15-minute walk from the stadium is the Downtown business district. Here you will find the buildings of such emblematic companies as Morgan Stanley, Ernest & Young or JP Morgan.

The best thing about visiting it at night is that you will see the skyscrapers illuminated. A view that you will have seen in many movies but, I assure you, it is worth doing it in person.

In addition, it is a place full of dining options, so it can be a great idea to choose this place to dine and end the day. A spectacular place for a cinematic panoramic view is the Brickell Key Bridge. A very comfortable option if you find yourself tired from the day is to book a night tour bus tour of Miami.

Book a Miami night tour bus tour

Day 3: Explore the artistic and alternative side of Miami

Touring the Design District.| ©Rob Olivera
Touring the Design District.| ©Rob Olivera

So far you have explored the more touristy and trendy Miami, so you will dedicate the third day to explore the cultural side. You will start in the legendary Design District and continue through the no less known Waywood Walls. Finally, you will finish the day captivating the little ones (or having fun with your friends) playing in the FunDivision.

Curiosity in the Design District

There's no better way to start the day with an active and colorful plan: a visit to the Design District.

Depending on where you are staying, it might be a good idea to take one of Miami's many tour buses. Without a doubt, booking a Miami sightseeing bus tour is a convenient way to get around Miami while enjoying the urban atmosphere.

But what awaits you in the Design District? Well, nothing more and nothing less than approximately 120 boutiques, art galleries and restaurants. As one of the places with the most architects and graphic designers per square meter, you can imagine that everything in this neighborhood is very cool.

Book a Miami sightseeing bus tour

Visit the Moore Building, one of the most emblematic buildings in the city

If you plan to linger a bit in this area, you can not miss one of the most famous buildings in the city. It is the Moore Building. Its architecture is very organic and exhibitions and events often take place inside.

Most of them have to do, of course, with art. Here is a useful link if you want to know which exhibitions in the Moore Building will coincide with your visit to Miami.

After feeding the spirit, it's time to feed the stomach, right? It would be, therefore, a good idea to think about where to do it. It is not difficult at all, since this area is full of restaurants. They will simply come to your way. Although if you want to delve further into the local art you can book a food and Art Deco tour of Miami.

Book a food and Art Deco tour of Miami

Take the food down and recharge your batteries at Roberto Clemente Park

Playing at Clemente Park| ©Semilog
Playing at Clemente Park| ©Semilog

About 14 minutes from the Design District is Roberto Clemente Park, a good stop to relax after you've finished your meal. There you can lie down or watch the locals having fun playing basketball, ping pong, chess...

In short, a great stop to get a closer look at the life of the locals while you get your strength back for your next visit: the Wynwood Walls.

Discover the graffiti Mecca at Wynwood Walls

An 11-minute walk from Roberto Clemente Park is one of those unmissable visits: the Wynwood Walls. It is an urban space where you can see up to 40 graffiti murals. Touring it will take you about 1 hour and you have to get a ticket for about $ 10 (just over 9 €). The hours are from 1 to 7 p.m., so you will have plenty of time.

This place was, in fact, one of the first museums of this type of artistic expression, so it is not surprising that some of the most famous graffiti artists in the world meet on its walls. Not to mention the emerging artists who make themselves known through exhibitions that are constantly renewed. If you don't want to miss a detail, book a street art tour in Miami.

Book a Miami street art tour

Complete the day like a champion playing at FunDimension

An 11-minute walk from Wynwood Walls is a place that will delight the youngest: the FunDimension. After so much culture, it doesn't hurt to have some fun. In this sense, the FunDimension is the best place to do it.

There are games for all ages: bumper cars for the little ones and laser battles, virtual reality, climbing and obstacle courses for teenagers. The not so young (and very nostalgic) can have fun with Arcade machines.

FunDimension has a restaurant. Considering that it takes between two and three hours to enjoy the attractions, it can be a good place to have dinner. In addition, the game center is open from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., so it is more than viable. The price varies depending on the attraction, although they can be enjoyed from $8 each (just over 7 €). Undoubtedly, it will be a fun time with family or friends that will put the finishing touch to three very complete days in Miami.

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Your planning for 3 days in Miami at a glance

Below, I leave you your three-day planning in Miami. However, if you prefer more information I recommend you to take a look at this article about what to see and do in Miami.

  • Day 1
  • Morning: Enjoy Art Deco, walk along Ocean Drive and Lummus Park.
  • Afternoon: Beaching and enjoyment in South Beach and shopping in Espanola Way
  • Evening: Stroll and dine on Lincoln Road with dazzling night views
  • Day 2
  • Morning: Biscayne Boulevard, Bayfront Park and the Bayside Marketplace
  • Afternoon: Visit the Freedom Tower and the Cultural Legacy Gallery
  • Evening: Basketball game or music event at FTX Arena and visit the financial district
  • Day 3
  • Morning: Tour the glitzy Design District
  • Afternoon: Rest at Roberto Clemente Park and visit Wynwood Walls
  • Evening: Enjoy a fun experience at FunDimension with family or friends.