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Best Tours and Day Trips from Miami in Miami

If you would like to take your trip to Miami to the next level, here are some of the best excursions that you can do to explore the city's surroundings

Alex Grande

Alex Grande

7 min read

Best Tours and Day Trips from Miami in Miami

Early sunrise over Miami | ©Muzammil Soorma

Exploring Miami is a truly joyful experience: it is sunny and the weather is great, the food is delicious, and its Art Deco neighborhoods and Cuban influence make this city one of the dream destinations for travelers. Miami is much more than its nightclubs and VIP Miami Beach: let's discover the city and its spectacular surroundings!

1. Segway Ocean Drive Tour

Walk down Ocean Drive, packed with quaint buildings and vintage cars | ©Phillip Pessar
Walk down Ocean Drive, packed with quaint buildings and vintage cars | ©Phillip Pessar

When you think of Miami, does a waterfront promenade come to mind, with runway models skating around on roller skates, in an Art Deco setting, with terraces and bars serving cocktails and playing loud music?

Then you're thinking of Ocean Drive, one of Miami's most popular areas that you can explore in this Segway tour of Ocean Drive. You'll see all the neighborhood's points of interest and soak up its unmistakable atmosphere.

Duration: 30 minutes
Why I love it: It is a great way to discover Miami Beach, in a short-duration experience with a knowledgeable guide who will give you an introduction to the area so you can explore it on your own afterward.

2. Miami Art Deco Tour

Hotel Colony | ©Phillip Pessar
Hotel Colony | ©Phillip Pessar

This tour takes you around Miami Beach to discover the Art Deco jewels of the city, located in the Art Deco Historic District.

Both chic and timeless, the aesthetics of the buildings in this area of Miami is a special blend of gaud and tackiness that is just a delight for the eyes. Especially at night, a stroll through this district is like being magically transported to Scarface's Miami or the fictional Vice City.

You can also visit the Art Deco Museum, dedicated to the history of these picturesque buildings and how their aesthetic vision was born out of an attempt to overcome the Great Depression of the 1920s.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Why I love this tour: It takes you on an in-depth discovery of the history behind this unique area of Miami, which otherwise would be reduced to a stroll or a cocktail afternoon in one of its bars.

What you will see

  1. Park Central Hotel
  2. Colony Hotel
  3. Waldorf Towers Hotel
  4. Breakwater Hotel
  5. Edison Hotel
  6. Art Deco District Welcome Center
  7. Victor Hotel
  8. Leslie Hotel
  9. Mc Alpin Hotel
  10. Carlyle
  11. Crescent Hotel
  12. Art Deco Museum

3. South Beach Bike Tour

Views of South Beach | ©Mike McBey
Views of South Beach | ©Mike McBey

If you want to explore past Miami's most iconic street, this tour will take you all over South Beach. Accompanied by a local guide, you will cycle through South Miami Beach and discover, in addition to Ocean Drive, other points of interest such as Lummus Park Beach, Collins Avenue, and Washington Avenue, two of Miami's most important shopping streets, as well as the Casuarina house, the iconic Gianni Versace's mansion.

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
Why I love this tour: It allows you to travel a longer distance in less time on a bike. In addition, Miami is the perfect city to tour by bike thanks to its climate and special areas adapted to skates and bicycles.

What you will see

  1. Ocean Drive
  2. Lummus Park Beach
  3. South Beach
  4. Collins Avenue
  5. Washington Avenue
  6. Casuarina House
  7. Spanish Way
  8. Holocaust Memorial
  9. Lincoln Road Mall
  10. Art Deco Historic District

4. Tour of Miami and boat trip

Coconut Grove | ©Anthony Quintano
Coconut Grove | ©Anthony Quintano

Miami Beach is just one part of the city and on this tour you will discover all that Miami has to offer. In a full day tour of Miami and boat ride, you will see the points of interest that every person who travels to this Florida city cannot miss, and you will get to know the most charming neighborhoods of Miami.

And if that's not enough, this experience includes a boat ride on Biscayne Bay, south of Miami Beach, as you enjoy authentic Cuban coffee and WiFi on board.

Duration: 8 hours
Why I love this tour: It is undoubtedly the most complete and includes the boat ride, which allows you to enjoy both experiences for a lower price.

What you will see

  1. South Beach
  2. Wynwood
  3. Downtown
  4. Coconut Grove
  5. Coral Gables
  6. Little Havana
  7. Bayside

5. Tour of Miami, boat ride around Biscayne Bay, and a trip to the Everglades

The Everglades | ©Brian Crawford
The Everglades | ©Brian Crawford

This full-day experience combines two of Florida's most popular places, the vibrant city of Miami and the Everglades, a wetlands nature reserve home to alligators, turtles, panthers, and many other animal species.

At the beginning of the tour, you will take a tour of South Beach by bus, from where you will see Ocean Drive and its surroundings. Then you will board a boat with WiFi on board and take a ride along Biscayne Beach, seeing the marine wildlife of Florida's coastline. In the afternoon, you'll head to the Everglades and explore its swampy waters on board a boat in search of native wildlife.

Duration: 9 hours
Why I like this tour: It is the best option if you want to visit the Everglades natural park without having to rent a car or worry about how to get there.

What you will see

  1. Ocean Drive
  2. Casuarina House
  3. Art Deco Historic District
  4. Little Havana
  5. Biscayne Bay
  6. Everglades

Alex's Traveller Tip

Whatever tour you choose, take a stroll through Little Havana. It's one of the most unique neighborhoods in Miami and you'll hardly find its atmosphere in other U.S. cities.

6. Tour of Miami by light aircraft

Airplanes on the airfield | ©Susanne Nilsson
Airplanes on the airfield | ©Susanne Nilsson

Is biking too boring for you? Riding a Segway is not your thing? Bus tours make you sleepy? Okay, I get it, you're looking for true excitement and there is only one tour that will completely satisfy your adrenaline hunger, and that is the tour of Miami by aircraft.

The flight lasts half an hour and from the plane, you will see Miami from above and soak in the views of its impressive Art Deco, which can be quite an experience to do when you arrive in the city, or as the cherry on top of your trip just before returning home.

Duration: 30 minutes
Why I love this tour: It allows you to enjoy the best views of Miami and its beaches with the most VIP experience in the city.

What you will see

  1. Biscayne Bay
  2. Coconut Grove
  3. Star Island
  4. South Beach

7. Little Havana Tour

Miami Tower Theater | ©Phillip Pessar
Miami Tower Theater | ©Phillip Pessar

Little Havana is the Cuban neighborhood of Miami, whose epicenter is Calle Ocho. Here you will find restaurants of authentic Cuban cuisine, artisan cigar workshops, and cafes, where you can taste the best coffee in town.

In short, it is a very picturesque neighborhood that you should not miss, and the best way to explore it is in this tour of Little Havana in which you will walk the most charming streets of the area, while your guide gives you all the historical context to better appreciate this Cuban community in the heart of Miami.

What you will see

  1. Calle Ocho
  2. Domino Park
  3. Miami Tower
  4. Bay of Pigs Museum
  5. Ball & Chain

8. Key West Tour

Key West Tramway | ©Elin B
Key West Tramway | ©Elin B

On this tour, a bus picks you up in Miami Beach and takes you on a guided tour of Key West with roundtrip transportation from Miami. You will do a self-guided tour of the city on this small island, famous for its pastel-colored houses, Ernest Hemingway's house, its warm atmosphere, and its amazing beaches.

In total, you will have up to 6 hours to explore the city at your leisure, or if you prefer you can do activities such as a snorkel tour, or a Key West streetcar tour. Just so you have it in mind, it takes about 3.5 hours to get to Key West by road from Miami. Be sure to research what activities you can do in Key West if you want to make the most of this trip.

Duration: 18 hours
Why I love this tour: It allows you to visit a city with a beautiful beach and spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of Miami.

9. About Miami Tours and Excursions

Typical palm trees on Miami beach | ©aurora.kreativ
Typical palm trees on Miami beach | ©aurora.kreativ

The guides

On all tours you will be accompanied by a local, multi-lingual, and knowledgeable guide, to make the most of your trip with stories, anecdotes, and traveler tips of everything you see.

What to bring

Unless otherwise specified, the tours are on foot and therefore I recommend that you wear comfortable shoes to fully enjoy the activity.

How the reservation works

Once you book the activity, you will receive a confirmation email. In most cases, it is enough to show this email to your guide at the meeting point on the day and time of the tour, but just in case, read the details in the email carefully as in some cases you may need to print a voucher or something similar.

About the food

One last thing to keep in mind is that most tours will end around lunch or dinner time. To avoid falling into tourist traps or to avoid not finding where to eat, my recommendation is to check out the restaurants in the area in advance and even make a reservation for the place of your choice.

10. Other activities you may be interested in

Miami Sightseeing Cruise | ©Ed Webster
Miami Sightseeing Cruise | ©Ed Webster

If you prefer to visit the city more comfortably, I recommend you to check out the Miami Hop On Hop Off bus tours. They will allow you to sit back and relax while you see the main sights of the city and get to know the places that you will visit on your own later. Find out more about bus tours in Miami in this post: Hop on Hop off Bus Tours.

And if the city is not enough for you, how about a cruise to the Bahamas or Biscayne Bay? It's the perfect experience to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend the best time of your vacation. If the idea of a cruise is just what you are looking for, take a look at this article about Cruise Tickets.