Helicopter Tours in Las Vegas

The world's most famous entertainment capital is a riot of lights and unique buildings. Taking a helicopter is the most beautiful way to enjoy its charms.

Matteo Gramegna

Matteo Gramegna

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Helicopter Tours in Las Vegas

Traveling by Helicopter | © Oscar Sutton

Is this your first time in Sin City and you want to get an overview? Have you already been there and want to do something different from the casinos? Then a helicopter tour is the ideal way to get a bird's eye view of the skyline.

This article is divided into two parts: the first part looks at tours that focus on the city while the second part focuses on the surrounding area. For the other days, I recommend you read the article that explains what to see and do in Las Vegas.

The best option

Las Vegas Helicopter Flight

Fly over Las Vegas with this helicopter ride with expert pilot

Enjoy the best views of the city with this helicopter flight experience that includes transfers by car to the hotel.

Discover in a unique way the Sin City flying over the sky of Las Vegas with this helicopter ride of about 12 minutes. The pilot will take you to see the most emblematic buildings while telling you some important details. Imagine seeing from the heights the spectacular Stratosphere Tower, the popular street The Strip and its bustling life or the famous Westgate sign.

Recommended if... You don't want to miss this helicopter flight experience over Las Vegas with the convenience that includes transfers to and from the heliport from your hotel so you don't have to worry about how to get there.

Helicopter rides in the city

Las Vegas by night from the Helicopter| ©Guilherme Goyos
Las Vegas by night from the Helicopter| ©Guilherme Goyos

It's no secret: the best views are enjoyed from above. An urban route is an original way to see the landmarks of Las Vegas. Read on and discover the alternatives available, from the simplest to the most complete.

Night tour over Las Vegas

The most classic route of the entertainment capital. The helicopter takes to the sky to take you over two key points of the city: Downtown and The Strip. The first area corresponds to the old town and its main artery is Freemont Street.

Here you can get married in Las Vegas, the famous chapels are concentrated in the neighborhood, stroll through Springs Preserve Park or visit The Mob Museum. On the other hand, while in the gyrocopter you can admire Downtown's major landmarks from above:

  • Neon Museum, the cultural institution that pays homage to the city's signature feature.
  • Downtown Container Park, an outdoor area with stores, restaurants and entertainment options. Its icon is a giant grasshopper spitting flames of fire.
  • The great dome of lights that covers Freemont Street.

After the original core, the helicopter heads toward the Strip, the area where the hotels and casinos are concentrated. You will pass over the Luxor Hotel and its iconic pyramid, the Bellagio fountains, the Linq Promenade, the New York, New York resort, The Venetian resort and the other attractions of Sin City.

  • Duration: between 1 hour and 2 hours
  • Price: between 70 € and 90 €.

Helicopter ride with limousine transfer

If you wish, you can complete the helicopter ride with a limousine transfer. A few agencies guarantee the service and, normally, you can choose between a Mercedes Sprinter, a Hummer Limousine or other vehicles. The choice of car also depends on the members of the group.

  • Duration: 1 hour and a half
  • Price: about 120 €.

Special 4th of July flights

Fourth of July celebrations are a landmark throughout the U.S. and Las Vegas is no exception. To commemorate Independence Day, there are concerts on Fremont Street, pool parties, barbecues and, above all, the classic fireworks.

Colored lights illuminate the sky over the Strip and other parts of the city such as Downtown or Charleston Boulevard.

On this important day you can enjoy the best views of Las Vegas from 500 feet above the ground. A vehicle will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the heliport.

You will pass over the casinos and enjoy an even more sensational panorama. The ride lasts about half an hour and is done in a modern gyroplane driven by experienced pilots.

  • Duration: just under an hour (including transfer from the hotel).
  • Price: about 300 €.

Helicopter tour with dinner

By helicopter| ©Mary
By helicopter| ©Mary

Are you traveling with your partner and want to surprise her with an original plan? Then you can opt for a helicopter ride followed by a gourmet dinner. In this case, a minivan will pick you up in front of your hotel and take you to the Las Vegas VIP Terminal. After a brief briefing, the helicopter will start its flight over the Strip.

The routes touch the most famous hotels and casinos and the sky over Downtown, the oldest part of the city. At all times you will listen to the pilot's explanations in your helmet. The night scenery is very evocative and definitely worth the trip.

There are several companies that organize the "Fly & Dine" option and the restaurants vary according to the operator. Here are some of the recurring options:

  • Gordon Biersch, a brewery in full American style. It is the ideal place to have a pint accompanied by juicy pork ribs. The Las Vegas establishment is located a short distance from the Strip. For more information I recommend you to take a look at the official website
  • Mott 32, probably the best Chinese restaurant in Sin City. Their signature dish is the apple wood smoked Peking duck, a delicacy that takes 2 days to prepare! If you feel like trying it, you will have to book in advance. For more information I recommend you to take a look at the official website
  • Pampas, a Brazilian churrascaria that has won several culinary awards. If you are an inveterate carnivore, why not choose a rodizio? If you don't know what it is, you'll be pleased to know that it's a kind of open bar: you pay a fixed price and the waiters serve different types of meats to the sword. To have a look at the restaurant's menu, take a look at its official website.
  • Eiffel Tower Restaurant, the most romantic option in Las Vegas. Its tables overlook the majestic Bellagio fountain. As you can imagine, it specializes in French cuisine. Here you can try some excellent escargots à la Bourguignonne washed down with a few glasses of Champagne. The official website gathers all the answers to your questions.

In most cases, these dinner tours include a three- or four-course menu that you will have to choose in advance. Usually, the part you will spend in flight does not exceed 15 minutes. For more ideas, I recommend you read the post about Las Vegas food tours.

  • Duration: between 3 and 6 hours
  • Price: around 350 €.

Book a night helicopter tour of Las Vegas

Helicopter rides in the Las Vegas suburbs

Helicopter to the Grand Canyon| ©Argemiro Batista
Helicopter to the Grand Canyon| ©Argemiro Batista

America's entertainment capital is surrounded by a landscape as unforgiving as it is fascinating. The deserts and the Grand Canyon are just a stone's throw away and you can explore it in a variety of ways, from an off-road tour from Las Vegas to a gyrocopter tour.

Grand Canyon tour by bus with skywalk and helicopter flight

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The closest area to Las Vegas is the West Rim, an area outside of Grand Canyon National Park that is managed by the Hualapai Indians.

After leaving Las Vegas, the bus reaches the Hoover Dam, one of the seven wonders of modern civil engineering. This gigantic concrete barrier forms Lake Mead, whose blue waters contrast with the arid landscape.

From the summit you enjoy an incomparable panorama framed by the fantastic arch bridge dedicated to Mike O'Callaghan. The vehicle then reaches the following attractions:

  • Hualapai Indian Reservation, the sovereign nation that extends over 1 million hectares. The first stop is usually Hualapai Point, where local guides will explain the history and customs of the natives. You will have plenty of time to explore the village and its surroundings.
  • Skywalk, the famous glass walkway in the shape of a horse shoe. In some cases, the price of the excursion does not include the ticket but I assure you that it is worth it to reach into your wallet. How many times do you have the opportunity to walk suspended at 1300 meters? The base price is around 60 €.
  • Guano Point, one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Grand Canyon. It came to prominence in the 1930s when a huge cave full of bat droppings was discovered. Although it may look scary, it was actually a real gold mine! It is rich in nitrogen, an element highly sought after by the fertilizer industry. From here you can enjoy a 360º view.

At the end of the route, the bus will escort you to the local heliport. A modern gyroplane driven by an experienced pilot will take you high above the canyon. You will also experience the thrill of a landing in the valley.

Please note that this last activity is usually optional. Check this detail before booking your excursion.

  • Duration: about 11 hours
  • Price: about 50 €.

Grand Canyon tour with helicopter ride and navigation on the Colorado River

This excursion combines an evocative ride through the air with one of the best kayak tours in Las Vegas.

A bus will pick you up in Las Vegas and escort you to nearby Boulder City. From there you will take a helicopter for a 35-minute flight (one way).

The gyroplane flies over the West Rim, the closest slope to the city. It is not as touristy as the southern area but this does not mean it is not worth a visit.

It is a lunar landscape with reddish mountains contrasting with the blue sky. Another landmark of the route is the extinct volcano Fortification Hill. After about half an hour you will return to the starting point.

Boulder City is about 30 kilometers from Las Vegas, and is famous for one of the most important engineering works in the United States: the Hoover Dam. It was built during the Great Depression and collects the waters of the Colorado River. From its base depart several excursions in kayak or raft that finish in Willow beach, a fluvial beach surrounded by the steep walls of the canyon.

The artificial basin is called Lake Mead and its shores are home to dozens of species. With a little luck you will see burrowing owls, mountain lions, desert sheep, bald eagles and other animals.

After the boat ride you can recharge your batteries at the Black Canyon Grill restaurant or simply enjoy the placid waters of the river.

  • Duration: about 11 hours
  • Price: between 500 € and 600 €.

Book a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon

Is the helicopter ride safe?

Helicopter ride| ©saxxon57
Helicopter ride| ©saxxon57

Of course it is! All fleets have to respect the strict requirements of the American legislation. Dozens of helicopters are flown every day and the accident rate is practically non-existent.

To be free of any doubt, if you suffer from heart problems, I recommend that you consult your doctor before booking your ticket.

Where do helicopters leave from in Las Vegas?

Helicopter in the air| ©saxxon57
Helicopter in the air| ©saxxon57

Most operators fly from McCarran Airport. In this case you will reach the Strip in a few minutes and have more time to fly over the best casinos in Las Vegas.

In other cases, the gyroplanes depart from Harry Reid International Airport in Paradise (metropolitan area) or elsewhere in the city. In any case, the price usually includes the transfer from your hotel.

Can I take a helicopter tour if I suffer from vertigo?

Aerial view of Las Vegas by day| ©Jordi Fumadó
Aerial view of Las Vegas by day| ©Jordi Fumadó

Normally, to experience this sensation there must be a physical connection with the ground. Vertigo usually occurs on a balcony or rooftop, not inside a gyroplane or airplane. In any case, I recommend you look straight ahead and not down- I assure you the minutes will fly by!

If you are unsure and want to avoid an unpleasant experience, you can opt for a "land-based" activity: a trip to Zion Nature Park or Hoover Dam, relax at a spa, or enjoy the best shows at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Tips for a helicopter ride

Aerial view of Las Vegas at night| ©SirChandler
Aerial view of Las Vegas at night| ©SirChandler

The article details the information for each tour. To clarify any doubts, here are a few more tips:

  • Charge your cell phone battery before going up: the views are breathtaking.
  • Please note that you cannot use selfie sticks or camera extenders.
  • If you have a choice, sit in the seats next to the pilot. The front window has no uprights or other mechanical elements to obstruct the view.
  • There is a maximum weight to climb into the helicopter: 125 kg. Stability is essential in a gyroplane and excessive weight could complicate the flight.