10 Best Casinos in Las Vegas

Are you traveling to Las Vegas and want to live a movie experience? Then your mandatory stop should be one of these casinos - read on!

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Ana C.R.

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10 Best Casinos in Las Vegas

©Javon Swaby

Surely you know Las Vegas for being the city in the United States where any number of parties, craziness and fun take place. But, do you already know what to see and do in Sin City? It is the largest in the state of Nevada and in it you can find luxury hotels with different themes but above all, emblematic and memorable casinos.

In what is also known as the Entertainment Capital of the World you will never be bored. All the casinos are located in hotels that offer multiple options to have fun. Some have shopping malls, amusement parks and swimming pools within walking distance. Don't hesitate to choose one of these destinations for a fantastic vacation.

1. Bellagio Las Vegas: the best place to play poker

Bellagio| ©böhme photography
Bellagio| ©böhme photography

The Bellagio Las Vegas hotel and casino is one of the most luxurious destinations for the most demanding visitors. Here you can enjoy rooms with all the luxuries you desire, as well as an entire floor for gambling.

This complex is known worldwide for its quality, which has earned it a 5-diamond rating from the American Automobile Association, which also rates casinos and hotels.

The casino area is one of the busiest, full of sound and glamour. It is home to approximately 40 poker tables and 2,300 slot machines that adorn the space with their lights.

One of the most famous attractions for being the favorite casino of some celebrities is the Bobby's Room, where professional and amateur poker players meet.

After playing in the casino, if you stay at this hotel you can visit the greenhouse and be dazzled by the botanical gardens of this building. Another option is to contemplate the view in front of the hotel. From there you will be able to appreciate the dancing fountains illuminated by 1200 water jets.

Other entertainment options are the live shows and shows or you can also go to one of the five outdoor pools. Make yourself at home and accompany your evening with dinner or a cocktail from one of the Bellagio Las Vegas restaurants.

Where to find us and how to get there

The Bellagio Las Vegas is located in the center of the Strip boulevard, right in front of a lake of about 3.2 hectares, where the dancing waters are located. It is also only 2.2 miles from McCarran International Airport.

You can arrive in your own vehicle and park it in the hotel parking lot. However, there are other options such as the monorail, whose nearest station is Bally's & Paris. You can also take a public bus or a shuttle minibus.

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2. MGM Grand Las Vegas, ideal for novice gamblers

MGM Grand Las Vegas| ©vinamaster
MGM Grand Las Vegas| ©vinamaster

MGM Grand Las Vegas is a fairly large hotel and casino with luxurious rooms and restaurants. Its casino is the largest in all of Clark County, occupying about 16,000 square meters.

This is the ideal casino if you have no experience with gambling as it has different fun, simple and world famous games.

To spend a memorable night in this place, I recommend you to visit the Level Up room. Here you will find various games such as beer-pong, Pop-A-Shot, billiards and a slot machine with a horse game theme. If you have any questions you can ask one of the hosts to help you and continue enjoying the night.

On the other hand, if you wish to play poker, you should not miss MGM Grand's poker room. Start your bets with less than €1 and enjoy this smoking-free area so you can concentrate on your bets.

To get the most out of your time at this casino, you can become a member of an exclusive group and receive up to 20% discount on everything.

After playing you can head to the resort's convention center, eat at one of the 16 restaurants, the Grand Spa, the MGM Grand Garden Arena or the CBS Television City facilities.

Where it is and how to get there

The imposing MGM Grand is easily recognizable from a distance by its emerald color. It is located at the southern end of The Strip, across from the well-known Tropicana Hotel. In addition to its distinctive color, you will know it is this casino hotel when you see the iconic bronze lion statue of approximately 13.7 meters high.

To get to this magical place you can travel by different means from the Las Vegas Airport (LAS). If you go by bus, you can take the 108 line and get off at the NB Paradise after Desert Inn station, or use The Deuce line and stay at the Nb Las Vegas at Polo Towers station. If you take the monorail, you can travel to the MGM Grand station.

Traveller Tip

If you are new to gambling, be cautious with the amount of money you put on the line. Remember that you are traveling to have fun, not to lose all your savings.

3. Caesars Palace, the ideal casino for sports betting

Caesars Palace| ©Tim Stewart
Caesars Palace| ©Tim Stewart

Like other sites on this list, Caesars Palace is a casino and hotel with several luxurious areas.

The casino has a sports betting house that is a paradise for sports fans. It has a 143-inch screen, with a state-of-the-art four-zone directional sound system, so you won't miss a minute of the game.

This casino is built in such a way that you can live an experience very similar to that of the stadiums and playing fields. You have the opportunity to share the euphoria of the moment with other fans like you. Take the opportunity to sit in one of the 140 comfortable and furnished chairs, with access to the bar so you can enjoy the cocktail of your choice.

To place your bets in the most comfortable and secure way you can use an exclusive Caesars Palace mobile application. Here you can get offers, promotions and much more. After a night of fun in the casino you can also enjoy the rest of the hotel's facilities.

One of these is the theater, better known as the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. Internationally famous singers and bands have performed here. From the outside you can appreciate the similarity of this theater to the Roman Colosseum.

If you like the idea, check out the upcoming performances and buy your ticket in advance for a complete and unforgettable experience.

Where it is and how to get there

Caesars Palace is a super luxury hotel and casino that stands out among the other hotels located on the Las Vegas Strip for its contemporary architecture inspired by Rome.

To get to these enigmatic buildings you can travel by public bus. The closest stations are Nb Las Vegas at the Paris at The Deuce and Wb Flamingo after Las Vegas on the 202 line. If you wish to travel by monorail, the closest station is Harrah's & The LINQ Station, which is the closest station on the north side.

4. Aria Resort & Casino offers traditional and upgraded gaming

Aria Resort & Casino| ©Oleg Sidorenko
Aria Resort & Casino| ©Oleg Sidorenko

Aria Resort & Casino is a part of the CityCenter complex on the Las Vegas Strip.

In addition to an elegant hotel with luxurious rooms, visitors can have fun in the casino using the classic slot machines. It also has more updated digitized games themed on famous movies. These games are updated depending on public demand.

It doesn't matter if you are a gambling expert or just curious about going to a casino. Aria Resort & Casino is the ideal place for everyone. In the 14,000 square meters destined to the casino area, there are specific rooms for table games and poker games. They also offer a betting house for sports and racing.

In this casino you will not have to worry about security or that the machines will be defective and you will lose your money unfairly. Aria has a data center of about 280 square meters where each machine is constantly monitored. In addition, they have security personnel who are always aware of everything that happens in the casino.

To complement your casino experience, you can dine at one of the luxurious steakhouses or you can also try Thai food and savor a pizza made by professional chefs.

If swimming pools are your thing, you can choose one of the three outdoor pools or attend a live show at the mall. You can also get all this if you stay in one of the best suites in all of Las Vegas, located in this hotel.

Where it is and how to get there

Aria Resort & Casino is located on South Las Vegas Boulevard, just 2 miles from McCarran International Airport. If you enjoy golf, note that this hotel is about 15.1 miles from Shadow Creek Golf Course.

To get there by public transportation, you can opt for the bus. The closest stations to the hotel and casino are Sb Las Vegas at Bellagio on The Deuce and Wb Tropicana After Las Vegas on the CX line.

5. Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, a romantic and fun-filled casino

Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa| ©kennejima
Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa| ©kennejima

Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa is an ideal place for romantic plans. Just as you can enjoy the beautiful rooms, enjoy the impressive gaming room located in the casino.

In this area players have access to top-notch games such as two-deck blackjack, shoe blackjack, baccarat, single-zero roulette, among others.

Upon entering the casino you will be greeted by pleasant, soft lights that adorn the ceiling of the space. Step forward and take a seat in one of the comfortable chairs so you can enjoy a pleasant experience under the supervision and security offered by the casino. While you play and place your bets, you can order a cocktail at the bar or a special dinner.

Don't forget to visit the bingo room before leaving the casino. This atmosphere is very intimate and each person receives preferential treatment from a casino and hotel butler. When you are finished with your bets, feel free to explore the other facilities in the space. These include a movie theater, elegant bars, spa and swimming pool.

Where it is and how to get there

The Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa is located in Summerlin South, Las Vegas. Although you can arrive by your own transportation, you can opt to use the public bus service. Take the Sahara Express (SX) routes and get off at the Nb Pavilion Ctr After Summerlin Ctr station or the 206 line, stopping at the Nb Pavilion Ctr After Griffith Peak stop.

Another more up to date option is to request the driverless smart car service

6. Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower, to appreciate Las Vegas from above

Climbing the Tower| ©Motel George
Climbing the Tower| ©Motel George

The Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower, also known as The STRAT Las Vegas, is a hotel and casino with the famous Stratosphere Tower, which you can visit for beautiful views. In addition to visiting this viewpoint, you can enter the luxurious casino that has 750 machines and 44 gaming tables.

The casino of more than 7500 square meters is decorated in blue and gray colors that give an elegant and calm style to the site. E

n this environment you can approach any of the tables and play from craps, poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette. You can also use any of the slot machines, which are a gambling classic. To know how to win, you should also know how slot machines, as they are also known, work.

Don't forget to make sure you collect your winnings, but take it easy, because you can start your bets with as little as 1 cent, without major complications.

In addition to all the betting games, if you are a sports fan you can enter the William Hill sports bar at The STRAT, where you can share with other fans.

f sports are not your thing, don't hesitate to go to the luxury restaurant located in the capsule that crowns the tower of The STRAT. There is no doubt that dining from the heights will be an unforgettable experience.

Where it is and how to get there

If you are passionate about urban landscapes, the iconic The STRAT should be your mandatory stop when you go to Las Vegas. This hotel and casino can be found on South Las Vegas Boulevard.

The fastest way to get there is by public bus. The closest station is Nb Las Vegas at the Strat on The Deuce line, but you can also stay at the Wb Aahara after Paradise stop on the CX. But if you're choosing a monorail, the Sahara station is only a few blocks away.

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7. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino: pool and casino in the same space

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino,| ©Ken Lund
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino,| ©Ken Lund

The Mandalay Bay pool is unusual in that it has waves and tons of real sand. In addition to visiting this artificial beach, you can place your bets and have a night of fun playing one of the more than 1200 slot machines in the casino.

And every expense you make in this casino can hide a prize. Some of these can be dinners, spa days or the opportunity to extend your gaming hours in the casino.

In the spacious casino of this hotel you also have access to different table games. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the more traditional games such as craps or roulette. If you are a poker lover, here you will find the best tables to place your bets and win.

Finally, do not hesitate to visit the sports betting house. It is world famous and attracts tourists and travelers from all over the world. You will be able to live the action of each match and also win money if your favorite player or team wins.

After all this fun, don't waste a minute and run to the hotel's pool/beach to relax or if you want, continue exploring all the surprises that Las Vegas has in store for you.

Where it is and how to get there

Mandalay Bay is located on South Las Vegas Boulevard. The best way to get there is to take a bus on The Deuce or 119 lines, with the Sb Las Vegas at Luxor stop. A little farther away is the Wb Tropicana after Las Vegas stop on the CX.

8. The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, to live an Italian experience

The Venetian| ©Wolfgang Staudt
The Venetian| ©Wolfgang Staudt

If you love the iconic city of Venice, you must visit this hotel. The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino is inspired by that city and has a casino with a variety of traditional and digitalized games. With every bet you make, you can be entered into drawings to win different prizes.

If you like classic table games, then you can approach some of the tables, socialize and start your bets. But if digital is your thing, it seems that your best option is the electronic gaming tables. There you will have access to a large number of games of chance monitored by the casino staff.

In addition to having a fun experience, choose one of the hotel's pools to relax. You can choose between shared or private pools. If you want to forget all your troubles, your destination should be the hotel's spa, one of the best spas in Las Vegas for you to return home totally refreshed.

Where it is and how to get there

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino is located east of the Strip, between two other major hotels, the Harrah's and the Palazzo. You can get there by monorail, as the nearest station, Harrah's & The Link, is just a couple of blocks away. But it's best to take a bus and walk to the hotel from the Nb Las Vegas at Venetian station on The Deuce line.

9. Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino| ©Glen Carpenter
Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino| ©Glen Carpenter

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino lives up to its name, as scenes from famous movies and shows have been filmed at this resort. This hotel is known for offering shows and has a modern casino. Here you'll find classic gambling games on the tables and more up-to-date games on the electronic machines.

After enjoying a buffet breakfast at the hotel bar, it's time to visit the casino. As in other venues, this one has slot machines. If you prefer, you can visit the exclusive poker room and bet to win. But if you want to do something else, from the casino area you can head to the hotel's restaurants and bars.

Before visiting this hotel and casino, I recommend you check their website and get ready for the shows they may offer during your stay. The shows at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas are already a tradition at this resort while others are exclusive events that may not be repeated twice.

In addition to all the fun that the casino has to offer, you can visit the sauna and enjoy a massage therapy session. With your hotel accommodation you are entitled to attend the gym and specialized classes in the fitness center.

Where to find us and how to get there

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is located in downtown Las Vegas. From this resort you can enjoy the view of the lake and Crystals Mall located 13 minutes from the hotel.

It is best to take the monorail and stay at Bally's & Paris station, although you can ride the bus at The Deuce if you are staying at the Sb Las Vegas at Bellagio station.

If you want to travel by cab or car and you are coming from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, it will only take you 10 minutes to get to the hotel.

10. Circus Circus: best casino for the whole family

Circus Circus| ©Vahe Martirosyan
Circus Circus| ©Vahe Martirosyan

Although it may seem strange to you, Circus Circus offers a family-friendly atmosphere. This destination should be on your list of things to do in Las Vegas with kids, because here they can go have fun at the amusement park while you enjoy going to the casino and betting on table games, participating in the Circus Players Club and much more.

After a long day, you and your family or friends can stay in one of the hotel's comfortable rooms.

At this casino you can play slots and electronic table games for only 1 cent. If you prefer table games then choose one of the 30 tables available. Also, if you decide to participate in the Circus Players Club you can have free access to slot machines, complimentary dinners and even VIP rooms.

As I mentioned before, youngsters can spend the day at Circus Circus attractions. Among them are virtual reality rooms, video games and extreme rooms with climbing walls. And to top it all off, the whole family can get together to watch a circus show performed by professional acrobats. Are you in?

Where it is and how to get there

Circus Circus is located on the Las Vegas Strip in Winchester. To get to the casino, you can travel to the Sb Rainbow After Light Breeze stop on the 101 and 104 lines. The Sahara station on the monorail is a little further away.