Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours from Las Vegas

A desert adventure like no other: flying over the Colorado Canyon by helicopter is something you will never forget. Discover this incredible experience!

Isabel Catalán

Isabel Catalán

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Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours from Las Vegas

The Grand Canyon in all its splendor | ©Omer Nezih Gerek

Every year, 5 million people visit this natural monument in northern Arizona, but nothing compares to the experience of observing the Grand Canyon from the very sky aboard a helicopter. Get ready for an unparalleled adventure and breathtaking views of this World Heritage National Park.

1. Best Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Visit the Grand Canyon by helicopter| ©big-ashb
Visit the Grand Canyon by helicopter| ©big-ashb

Depending on the time you have available on your trip to Las Vegas and the type of tour you want to take to see the Grand Canyon, I propose two activities to make it easier for you to choose the most appropriate tour for you.

  • Extended helicopter tour of the west side of the Grand Canyon
  • Grand Canyon West Rim helicopter tour with bus tour, boat tour and optional entrance to the Skywalk

2. Extended Grand Canyon West Rim helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon West Rim

Hoover Dam from the helicopter| ©Airwolfhound
Hoover Dam from the helicopter| ©Airwolfhound

This 4-hour (approx.) tour of the Grand Canyon is suitable for those travelers who have little time in Las Vegas but want to live the fantastic experience of admiring from the heights this spectacular gorge of more than 1,600 meters deep.

What you will see

The Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon West including the Colorado River.

What the tour consists of

After choosing your departure time, the Grand Canyon helicopter tour begins when you are picked up at your Las Vegas hotel and transferred to the heliport where you will board the helicopter.

Once in the air, the pilot will explain the history of the Grand Canyon while you and your group enjoy views of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Grand Canyon West. This helicopter tour ends with the return to the hotel. Refreshments are included to keep your energy level high during the activity.

About the flight

While other Grand Canyon helicopter tours only spend a few minutes flying over the Grand Canyon, this extended tour of the west side offers more flight time - 70 minutes - over Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the West Rim.

Over the West Rim

The west side of the Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon West or West Rim) is the most popular for tourists visiting Las Vegas, as it is the closest to the city (about 180 kilometers away). In this area lives the Hualapai Indian tribe and stands out for its cliffs with the maximum depth. It is also famous for being the site of a glass-floored observation deck known as Skywalk on a cliff 1,300 meters deep.

Book in advance

This tour admits a maximum of 30 travelers, so it is advisable to book well in advance if you do not want to run out of space on the date that suits you to make the excursion.

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3. Day trip to the Grand Canyon West Rim by bus, helicopter and boat with optional entrance to the Skywalk

Wonderful views of the Grand Canyon from the boat.| ©Eric Hall
Wonderful views of the Grand Canyon from the boat.| ©Eric Hall

If you want to set aside a day of your Las Vegas vacation for an in-depth visit to the Grand Canyon and are looking for a comprehensive experience here on land, water and in the air, then this 12-hour Grand Canyon tour is the one to take. In addition, for 360-degree panoramic views of this natural monument, this tour offers optional entrance to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

What you will see

Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Colorado River, Arizona's Joshua Tree Forest, Eagle Point Overlook, Grand Canyon Skywalk (optional), Guano Point Overlook and Hualapai Ranch.

Hoover Dam

The adventure to visit the Grand Canyon West Rim from Las Vegas begins when the luxury bus picks you up on the Las Vegas Strip bound for the first stop on the tour, the Hoover Dam on Lake Mead, a man-made reservoir in the United States formed by the water collected by the dam. Here you will have time to take the first pictures of the tour with this spectacular engineering work in the background.

Flying over the Grand Canyon

Back on the coach, the trip continues to the west side of the Grand Canyon (also known as the West Rim or Grand Canyon West), which is the most popular part of the Grand Canyon for tourists visiting Las Vegas.

Here you will climb aboard a helicopter for a slow 1,200-meter descent to the base of the canyon. This is one of the most exciting moments of the tour, where you will not only feel like one of the eagles flying over this natural wonder, but also experience the adrenaline rush of flying in a helicopter.

Navigating the Colorado River

Afterwards, when you touch land you will board a boat to navigate the Colorado River between the high sandstone walls for 15 minutes. The scenery is absolutely spectacular and certainly gives you another perspective of the landscape. After the tour, you will return to the helicopter to ascend to the top of the canyon and take the bus to Guano Point and Eagle Point overlooks in the Hualapai Indian territory.

The Skywalk Overlook

Both are part of the Grand Canyon West Rim's network of overlooks but the big attraction at Grand Canyon West is the glass bridge called the Skywalk which is suspended over a cliff more than 1,200 meters above the Colorado River.

From here you have totally amazing 360 degree panoramic views. The visit to this attraction is optional but highly recommended because it leaves you speechless. Not only for the beauty of the landscape but also for the impressive glass structure that has been built to admire it. Don't be afraid to step on it because it is totally safe and although it is designed to support the weight of 800 people, they only let a hundred people through at a time.

Although you can't take your own photos or videos on the Skywalk, you can purchase a souvenir photo of this great moment of your trip at the gift store.

Hualapai Ranch

The last stop on this day trip to the Grand Canyon West Rim is the Hualapai Ranch, an Old West-style town where you can have a delicious cowboy barbecue lunch included in the price.

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4. What you should know before booking

Skywalk| ©Leonardo Stabile
Skywalk| ©Leonardo Stabile

Why is it worth taking a helicopter tour in the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon of the Colorado is a spectacle in itself, but seeing it from a helicopter is a very special experience, where the thrill of flying joins the thrill of seeing an amazing landscape at your feet.

How many people can fit in a helicopter?

Normally 5 to 6 people, not including the pilot. However, tour operators can organize groups of up to 9 people and make a distribution in two groups at the time of the helicopter flight.

Why do you ask for my weight?

They need to know your weight in order to calculate the weight distribution in the helicopter and balance the flight.

How are the seats distributed during the flight?

Seats are distributed according to the weight of the passengers, which must be evenly distributed in the helicopter to achieve a safe and comfortable flight as required by the FAA.

Do I need to carry any kind of documentation?

Yes, passengers need to carry an ID card or passport.

What can I take with me on the tour?

You can take your phone and camera with you during the helicopter tour, but backpacks and briefcases are not allowed on the helicopter seats. These are placed in the baggage area and are not accessible for the duration of the flight.

Can I ask for photographs of my helicopter tour?

Tour operators may offer a photo service where pictures are taken of passengers in front of the helicopter, which are not included in the price.

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5. Other experiences to fall in love with Las Vegas

Wedding in Las Vegas| © Vix_B
Wedding in Las Vegas| © Vix_B

Discovering the Colorado Canyon is a breathtaking experience but beware, don't lose sight of the main course which is the city of Las Vegas itself. Beyond the neon and vice there is much to discover in this jewel of the desert and so you do not miss anything here is a must read: Best Tours and Day Trips from Las Vegas.

And of course, something that many people travel to the city of casinos for: getting married in Las Vegas!. If you've always dreamed of saying "I do" in front of an aging Elvis, it will be something you and your partner will remember forever.

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