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Nightlife Experiences and Tours in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps in the hot, dry west. During the day it is a vibrant and amazing place but it is at sunset when it unfolds its full potential and its lights and neon signs are illuminated, putting up one hell of a show.

Enjoy the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street at night is an unforgettable and essential experience to live during your trip. What better than taking a night tour in Las Vegas to explore the city inch by inch?

1. Tours to discover the nightlife in Las Vegas

A very fun experience to explore Las Vegas at night and its iconic neon lights is to take a Jeep guided night tour, which will show you the most emblematic places of the city such as Las Vegas Strip (where the most famous casinos and hotels are located), Fremont Street (the historic heart of the city) or the popular sign "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign" where you can pose for one of the best pics of your trip.

Together with a small group, your guide will take you on a walking tour to discover the amazing ambiance and architecture of the major hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.

You will also see the famous High Roller (the world's largest panoramic Ferris wheel) and shows such as the "Mirage Volcano" (which mixes fireball explosions with music) or the "Fremont Street Experience" (one of the biggest tourist attractions in the center that combines visual and sound effects on a big screen).

If after the night tour in Las Vegas you feel like a show, you're in the right place because the offer of the city is huge: concerts, musicals, magic shows, circus... The night is young and, in here, it is impossible to not get excited!

2. Helicopter night tours in Las Vegas

Have you ever thought of taking a night helicopter tour of Las Vegas? The landscape of light and color will remain etched in your retina! Seeing the city from the sky, at hundreds of miles per hour, is a memorable and very exciting experience.

If you've never ridden in a helicopter before, you may be a little apprehensive about heights, but that's nothing to worry about. The magnificent views of Las Vegas at night are well worth it and these helicopter tours are completely safe. You will fly aboard modern aircraft with a professional pilot who will show you the most beautiful views of the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street as well as its main tourist attractions so you won't miss a thing.

There is no doubt that if you are a photography enthusiast, a Las Vegas night helicopter tour is a plan that you will really enjoy because you will get some of the best pictures of your trip.

3. Las Vegas night tour by tour bus

Another interesting option to get to know Las Vegas at night is to take a tour bus tour.

If you are traveling on a tight budget but do not want to miss the chance to see Las Vegas in all its splendor, I recommend that you value the option of a night tour bus tour as it will allow you to enjoy the illuminated city and know its main attractions while you travel comfortably seated and listen to the live commentary.

Unlike the typical Hop-on Hop-off tour buses, Las Vegas night tours are not intended to be used as a means of transportation to get around the city (hopping on and off at any part of the tour) but to enjoy the illuminated scenery by completing the entire itinerary.

To take a night tour of Las Vegas you can either book one as such (standard or adult) or book one that combines the day and night pass, which will give you access to several routes available to see both sides of the city, day and night, riding on a bus.

Is it worth taking a helicopter tour at night?

Absolutely. Las Vegas at night is a sight not to be missed. Watching the lights that adorn the city light up as the sun goes down is something not to be missed and doing it aboard a helicopter will be one of the most beautiful and exciting memories you'll take away from your trip. Get your camera ready because you'll take some great pictures!

How much should I budget for a night activity in Vegas?

If you want to do a night tour in Las Vegas you can find good options for less than $ 50, as is the case with the tour buses.

If you want to live a more original or personalized experience in a small group, such as helicopter or jeep tours, the price will go up a bit.

What is the most fun area of Las Vegas at night?

In Las Vegas, the areas that tend to be the most lively and buzzing at night are the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street.

This is the tourist heart of the city. Here are located the main attractions such as the famous casinos, the imposing hotels or big shows.

Strolling along it you can discover its amazing architecture, enjoy the atmosphere and take some great pictures.

How much does it cost to get into a concert or musical in Las Vegas at night?

It depends on the artist or shows you want to see. If during your stay in Las Vegas you would like to attend a concert or musical at night, in Hellotickets you can find the best shows, compare prices and book your tickets online.

What's the most fun to do in Las Vegas at night

Las Vegas is a city with lively nightlife and a wide range of entertainment options for all tastes!

In addition to gambling in the casinos, great shows in hotels and theaters, and large shopping malls you will find plenty of bars, clubs, and pubs where you can have a great time. You can even walk down the aisle in one of the iconic Las Vegas chapels.

Where to take the best photos at night in Las Vegas

No place in the world has the charisma of Las Vegas. Known for its landscape of twinkling lights that adorn the city, if you want to take the best Las Vegas photos at night make a note of the following places on your list:

  • The neon-lit "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign
  • The Bellagio Hotel Fountains
  • Las Vegas Strip
  • Fremont Street
  • The Eiffel Tower of Las Vegas
  • The Cowboy at The Pioneer Club
  • High Roller
  • The lake at The Venetian Hotel
  • A selfie with a Roman soldier at Caesars Palace
  • The sphinx of the Luxor Hotel

Frequently asked questions

  • Are drinks free in Las Vegas?

    Contrary to popular belief, drinks aren't free, however some casino bars to begin offering free drinks to those who start putting a substantial amount of money into their slot and poker machines. In this respect, substantially tipping your waitresses in some bars can work in your favor.

  • What can I do in Las Vegas at night?

    Las Vegas for every type and kind. While there are specific experiences for bachelor and bachelorette parties, there are also countless theatres and shows that can be seen on the las Las Vegas strip.

  • How much is an average night in Las Vegas?

    An average night out in Vegas really depends on how deep your pockets are and varies between $20-$300. Those on a budget, will definitely want to avoid going out on the weekend, as most restaurants and bars hike up their prices during this time. With that said, you'll want to keep an eye out for happy-hour deals as well as where you eat (avoid casinos, unless there's a buffet option).