Best Outlander Tours in Edinburgh

Are you a fan of Jamie Fraser and Claire Beauchamp? Have you watched every episode wishing you could be transported to those places? With these tours you're going to get it.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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Best Outlander Tours in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland. | ©Jure Tufekcic

If you are reading this article you probably had your hair standing on end and biting your nails in your armchair when Claire traveled through the stones, you hated Laoghaire with all your heart and couldn't contain it, you had a hard time when Jaime was Randall's prisoner or you cried, like everyone else, with Angus' death. Did you know that many of the settings of those famous scenes are in Scotland no less?

A tour of the Outlander locations is a must on your list of what to see and do in Edinburgh. You definitely have to see these places that seem surreal but are just around the corner on your trip through the city. Besides being places of great beauty, I find it fun to go visiting and reliving moments of this saga. And what better than doing it with a guided tour?

Full Day Outlander Guided Tours

Midhope Castle| ©Lannette C
Midhope Castle| ©Lannette C

If you are thinking of visiting the Outlander locations but don't have that much time in your time in Scotland, a day tour in Edinburgh is the best option.

Planning your own itinerary around the different locations can be a bit cumbersome, but a guided tour will be the perfect way to get to know these wonderful places in a practical and comfortable way. You will only be in charge of enjoying and taking pictures.

In all cases, these tours include an expert guide who will tell you the curiosities and history of each monument. The groups vary according to the company and you have them in small groups of 10 people or groups of about 20 people. Remember to keep in mind that the entrance fees to the attractions are not included in the tour price.

Don't worry about transportation or connections, a van will pick you up at your accommodation and take you to all the places you want to visit to relive these great scenes of Outlanders. The duration of the tour is full day, you will start early in the morning and return to your accommodation in the evening.

Typical itinerary for this type of tour

The itinerary of this guided tour is designed for you to explore those most iconic and representative places where Outlander was filmed in Scotland. You will be able to discover:

  • Midhope Castle, from the Renaissance period and Lallybroch for the fans;
  • Blackness Castle, a fortress that stood in the fifteenth century and is the structure that became Fort William in the saga;
  • Linlithgow Palace is well known as it is the site where Mary, Queen of Scots was born, and where Jamie is imprisoned at the end of the first season, Wentworth Prison;
  • Doune Castle, where the friendship between Claire and Jamie is born;
  • The village of Culross, where you can visit Culross Palace, a fortress where different scenes of Outlanders were filmed, and you will surely remember as Castle Leoch.

Details of interest

  • Approximate price: from 60€.
  • Duration: 10/12 hours.
  • I recommend this option... if you want to know the main locations of the series and surprise yourself by visiting the most famous sites.

Book an Outlanders tour from Edinburgh

Outlander multi-day guided tours

Blackness Castle| ©Angie C
Blackness Castle| ©Angie C

If you are an Outlander fan and want to make the most of your time in Scotland, you can take a multi-day tour of the Outlander locations and miss absolutely nothing.

The duration of the tour is 7 days, during which a comfortable transport will take you from place to place, designed especially for you to be immersed in those scenes that caught you so much on the screen.

What these tours usually include

In addition to the English-speaking guide who will accompany you throughout the tour, all transfers are included for the entire week, including airport pick-up in case you need it.

As for accommodation, you will be covered for 7 nights in a 3-star hotel for the duration of the tour.

Meals are not included in the price, so you can choose the dishes and restaurants you prefer in each city during this week. What you will be able to enjoy with the price of the tour, is all breakfasts.

This guided tour includes entrance tickets to all the attractions visited, so you just have to enjoy and try to remember which scene each place corresponds to.

Typical itinerary for multi-day tours

The itinerary includes the most representative locations but also allows you to get to know the surroundings of Edinburgh in a more dynamic and fun way.

The Scottish Highlands has a lot to offer and what better way to visit it than to be transported to the scenes of the famous Outlander series. You will be able to enjoy:

  • Craigmillar Castle, is the third castle in the city of Edinburgh and Ardsmuir Prison in the series;
  • Aberdour Castle, a 12th century fortress and the monastery where James is taken to heal his wounds after escaping from prison;
  • The fishing port of Dysart, a famous spot on the Fife Coastal Path, what you'll probably remember as the port of Le Havre;
  • Falkland, the 1940s village of Inverness;
  • Blackness Castle, Fort William's prison;
  • Doune Castle, where the friendship between Claire and Jamie is born;
  • Midhope Castle, the famous Lallybroch in Outlander;
  • The manor house of Hopetoun House, the residence of the Duke of Sandringham;
  • The Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway station, the place where Claire and Frank say goodbye during World War II in the series;
  • Glasgow, a city in Scotland where a significant portion of Outlander scenes were filmed;
  • The battlefield of Culloden
  • The real-life town of Inverness, among others.

Details of interest

  • Approximate price: from 850€.
  • Duration: 7 days.
  • I recommend this option if... you are a fan of the series and want to relive many of the scenes you have enjoyed in front of the screen. In addition, you will get to know the surroundings of Edinburgh in depth.

Book an Outlanders tour from Edinburgh

Guided tour of locations around the city of Edinburgh

Craigmillar Castle| ©Stuart Yeates
Craigmillar Castle| ©Stuart Yeates

If you are curious about the locations of Outlanders, but do not feel like leaving the city of Edinburgh, you can take a guided tour inside the city and discover the different scenes that were filmed in its corners.

Your English speaking guide will give you all the historical explanations related to the sites and will make you remember each scene while you walk through the streets of the city. It is an excellent option to tour the wonderful city of Edinburgh from another perspective and feel like you are inside a film set.

You do not need transfers as the locations are within the historic center and the whole tour is done on foot. The duration of the tour is approximately 4 hours, so once the tour is over, you can continue the day with other activities on your way through Scotland.

Normal itinerary of the tour

The itinerary consists of visiting the different important points within Edinburgh related to the locations that have become iconic in the Outlander series. You will discover:

  • Craigmillar Castle, the third castle in the city of Edinburgh and Ardsmuir Prison in the series;
  • The Signet Library, the great mansion of the Governor of Jamaica and the cradle of great structural facts for the plot of the Outlander story;
  • The Bakehouse Close, a hidden alleyway at the far end of the Royal Mile where Alexander Malcom' s printing press is located in the series;
  • The World 's End pub, site of Claire's first meeting with Mr. Willoughby;
  • Fisher's Close, where you can feel the atmosphere of the 15th century scenes.

Details of interest

  • Approximate price: from 55€.
  • Duration: 4 hours.
  • I recommend this option if... you are a fan of the series but do not have the time to do a full day tour or if you do not feel like moving out of Edinburgh.

Book an Outlanders tour from Edinburgh

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