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Edinburgh Ghosts and Mystery Tours

Edinburgh is a city surrounded by mysteries and legends. If you want to walk through its streets knowing its best kept secrets, join one of these tours.

Isabel Catalán

Isabel Catalán

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Edinburgh Ghosts and Mystery Tours

Edinburgh's gloomy vision | ©Adam Wilson

Legend has it that Edinburgh is full of stories about ghostly apparitions and paranormal phenomena. A city with a reputation for haunted where there have been all kinds of supernatural episodes related to ghosts, witches and other dark characters capable of giving goose bumps.

Its gothic profile immersed in the fog has inspired numerous horror stories, some real and some legendary, occurred between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that you can discover during a guided tour of the most enigmatic and gloomy corners of the city. Do you dare to take a ghost tour of Edinburgh?

Walking tour through the dark side of Edinburgh: mysteries, murders and legends

Lonely stroll through the streets of Edinburgh| ©Roan Lavery
Lonely stroll through the streets of Edinburgh| ©Roan Lavery

Although it may seem like it, good horror stories aren't just for Halloween. That's why doing one of these ghostly tours through Edinburgh is always a good idea to discover the most mysterious side of the city and make a different and fun plan during your vacation. Especially in a city that is so famous for paranormal events.

Out there there are many types of ghost tours but the one I did and I recommend you is the Edinburgh Dark Side Walking Tour, where in a 2-hour walking route you will discover the most chilling stories of the Scottish capital told by a very friendly local guide who at all times was attentive to the questions of the group. I had a great time!

Interesting information

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Language: English
  • Professional guide

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What will you see on this Edinburgh ghost tour?

Views of Edinburgh| ©Adi Wahid
Views of Edinburgh| ©Adi Wahid

The adventure begins in **Edinburgh'**s Old Town at 6:30 PM, when the group meets the guide at the Royal Mile (the main street of the Old Town) to begin the walking tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Old Town of Edinburgh is characterized by its medieval street layout where there are many narrow streets and alleys that lead to some of the iconic sights of the capital such as the castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, St. Giles Cathedral or the Scottish Parliament building.

During the tour you will discover why the castle is said to be haunted and who is the troubled spirit of the Green Lady that inhabits it, which is the bloodiest bridge in the city, what was done with witches in Edinburgh during the 16th century or who was Mr. Chisley and why the Edinburghers were afraid of his right arm, among many other gruesome stories. You will freeze!


  • Royal Mile
  • North Bridge
  • Calton Hill
  • Old Calton Burial Ground
  • Canongate Kirk Cemetery

On the way to North Bridge, the "bridge of the dead"

North Bridge, Edinburgh| ©Robert Linsdell
North Bridge, Edinburgh| ©Robert Linsdell

Walking through the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh and through the occasional shadowy passageway we came to North Bridge, a bridge that connects Old Town (the old town) and New Town (the widening), which is nicknamed "The Bridge of the Dead".

The story has a somewhat disturbing background and is that many years ago, in the nineteenth century, to celebrate the opening of the bridge the oldest old woman in Edinburgh was chosen to cross it, with the misfortune that the day before the opening the woman died.

The authorities did not want this tragic event to tarnish the grand opening so it is said that they prepared the old woman's corpse and put it in a carriage to cross North Bridge anyway. This was considered a bad omen and fear quickly spread among the citizens, who viewed this bridge with some suspicion. From this anecdote came its peculiar nickname!

Although this anecdote may give some bad feeling, do not worry because today is one of the busiest places and during the afternoon offers beautiful views of the city and especially of Calton Hill.

Calton Hill, the cursed hill

Crossing North Bridge we arrived at Calton Hill, a hill where stand several neoclassical monuments such as the National Monument, the monument to Nelson and Dugald Stewart or the Observatory of the city, among others.

Considered a World Heritage Site, from the architectural complex of Calton Hill there are spectacular panoramic views of the city and you can take advantage to take lots of pictures. In addition, in this ghost tour of Edinburgh you will discover why this hill was considered cursed and how witch trials were held here.

In one way or another, Calton Hill is a site connected with the supernatural. For some people it was a cursed hill but for others it was a sacred place where even Celtic pagan rituals are still celebrated such as the "Beltane Fire Festival" in Edinburgh, which marks the beginning of summer.

Walking around Old Calton Burial Ground

Old Calton Burial Ground| ©Herbert Fran
Old Calton Burial Ground| ©Herbert Fran

This Edinburgh ghost tour continues to Old Calton Burial Ground, one of the most impressive cemeteries in the city located at the foot of Calton Hill.

It is a space surrounded by silence, where the melancholic tombstones of the deceased mingle with nature, which introduces us into that gloomy atmosphere so conducive to continue listening to mysterious and ghostly stories.

For example, you will see the tomb of the philosopher David Hume, who is said to have made a pact with the devil. You will learn his story and that of the infamous body snatchers Burke and Hare, who amassed a fortune by selling them to the Edinburgh medical school.

During the walk you can see some honorary monuments erected in this cemetery as the "monument to the Scottish and American Soldiers" related to the American Civil War or the "monument to the Political Martyrs" in memory of five men who were accused in the eighteenth century of wanting to expand the French revolutionary ideals.

Other famous people who are buried next to David Hume in this cemetery are the clergyman Dr Robert Candlish and the publisher William Blackwood.

Getting to know Canongate Kirkyard Cemetery

Another stop on this ghost tour of Edinburgh is the Canongate Kirkyard, which dates back to the 17th century and is one of the oldest cemeteries in the city.

This cemetery houses the tombs of some of the most prominent personalities of Scottish history as the poet Robert Fergusson, the economist Adam Smith, the philosopher Dugald Stewart or the grave that inspired Charles Dickens to create the protagonist of his novel "A Christmas Carol", which was the result of a curious confusion. Ask the guide! You will be surprised...

The end is here!

At the end of the walking tour through the dark side of Edinburgh we returned to the Old Town and before leaving several people in the group went into a Scottish pub to take a break and have some local food.

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Why I recommend this tour of the dark side of Edinburgh

Views from Calton Hill| ©Roman Akash
Views from Calton Hill| ©Roman Akash

As I said, there are many ghost tours in Edinburgh but if there is one thing I would highlight about this one is the excellent work of the local guide, who in an entertaining and dynamic way condenses a lot of legends and stories of mystery, witches, ghosts or vampires in great detail, in just 2 hours of tour of the capital of Scotland. It is super entertaining!

Walking through the narrow streets of the Old Town and New Town of Edinburgh, he was telling us several of these horror stories to put us in context before seeing some of the highlights such as North Bridge, Calton Hill or the cemeteries. I liked the perfect balance that the guide made between an informative and entertaining narration.

In addition, he told us about a lot of places of interest, we saw several monuments with which we were photographed and answered the doubts that we were arising on the subject, so we were very happy with the experience.

At the end of the tour we returned to the Old Town and went into a local pub near the Royal Mile to have a snack and rest after the walk. It is not included in the price of the tour but we felt like having a bite to eat and so we took the opportunity to see the photos we took during the tour remembering the best moments of the afternoon. I would definitely repeat!

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