Rome Capuchin Crypt and Museum Guided Tour with Choral Concert

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Experience Highlights

The Crypt of the Capuchins is one of Rome's hidden gems . Thanks to this guided tour you will be able to visit this crypt, observe its 4000 bones of monks decorating the wall, and also visit its museum. Throughout the tour you will be accompanied by an art historian to get the information from someone specialised in the subject for about 1 hour.

However, you will not only visit this crypt, you will also attend a concert. Specifically, you will listen to a concert of Gregorian and sacred chant. In addition, a traditional Roman dinner is also included if the option is selected.

  • Take a guided tour of the Crypt of the Capuchins and its museum with an art historian.
  • Enjoy a concert of Gregorian chant and polyphonic sacred music.
  • Includes a traditional Roman dinner and a taxi ride if you choose the option.

What’s included

  • Entrance to the Crypt of the Capuchins and its Museum
  • Guided tour
  • Professional art historian guide
  • Gregorian chant concert

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Step by Step

Thanks to this guided tour you will be able to visit both the Crypt of the Capuchins and the museum inside for approximately one hour. In addition, your guide will be an art historian, so you'll get official and reliable information from an expert in the field.

But that's not all, as you will also attend a Gregorian chant concert in the church above the crypt. You can also select an option which includes a traditional Roman dinner. You will be provided with a taxi ride to a typical restaurant to enjoy this evening in a comfortable and carefree manner. At this meal you will enjoy a closed menu with typical and local products of Rome. ACD of traditional music is alsoincluded with this option.

During the visit, the guide will explain the different theories about why the Capuchin monks decorated the walls of the crypt with 4000 bones and skulls of their companions. Some of his explanations may sound a little spooky, but it's up to you to decide which is the most plausible. During the visit you will also see the many secret tunnels that Christians used to hide in when their religion was forbidden.

On the other hand, a visit to the museum, which is located inside the church, will also help you learn more about the history of this underground crypt and the church above it. Not forgetting that this museum contains a painting by Caravaggio himself, entitled 'The Meditation of Saint Francis'.


· 81 Reviews
  • S
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    The tour activities were a lot of fun. Visiting the museum, learning more about the Capuchins, visiting the crypt, the concert and learning some details about Gregorian chant and its meaning. The price was pretty good, I chose not to eat in the restaurant because I didn't feel like it, but otherwise everything was fabulous.
  • M
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    Each part of the tour on its own was great, but together they make a flawless and exceptional tour!
  • M
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    The crypt was a bit small for the number of people on the tour, but it was manageable.
  • T
    (0 Reviews)
    Both the tour and the concert were incredible. The food was also exquisite, excellent pasta. I gave my compliments to the chef
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