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Prices of the Rome Capitoline Museums

Would you like to visit the Capitoline Museums during your stay in Rome? In this post I'll tell you how much tickets cost, if there are reduced tickets and even if you can visit for free. Don't miss it!

Isabel Catalán

Isabel Catalán

6 min read

Prices of the Rome Capitoline Museums

Capitoline Museums | ©Edoardo Romiti

The Capitoline Museums are one of the essential things to see in Rome during a trip. They are located in Piazza del Campidoglio and were created by Pope Sixtus IV in the 15th century through the donation of a collection of bronzes. Gradually they were hosting the works of art that were found in the excavations of the city and donated by the Popes.

Some of the best works of the Capitoline Museums are the Capitoline She-wolf, the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius or the bust of Medusa. To see these and many others you will need to get your tickets to the Capitoline Museums. Below, let's see how much they cost so you can organize your budget in detail.

1. How much do tickets to the Capitoline Museums cost?

Facade of the Capitoline Museums| ©Erik Drost
Facade of the Capitoline Museums| ©Erik Drost

From 25 ¤ you can get a skip the line ticket to the Capitoline Museums at Hellotickets with which you can visit the collections of the main municipal museum of Rome which is also the oldest museum in the world.

This is one of the most famous museums in the city, where there are always long queues. If you buy online and in advance the tickets to the Capitoline Museums, you will not only save this waiting time at the ticket office (which can sometimes take forever) but you will be sure to visit the museum.

The opening hours of the Capitoline Museums are somewhat particular. Given the large influx of visitors to this tourist attraction, the museum distributes tickets to visitors in different time slots so you will be assigned a fixed time of access. If you wait to buy tickets at the ticket office until the last minute, nothing assures you get them for the time you want and you will lose a lot of time waiting in line.

Why buy tickets for the Capitoline Museums?

This type of skip the line tickets to the Capitoline Museums is perfect if you know well the history of Rome and you like to do the cultural visits on your own so you can move from one room to another at your own pace or stay as long as you want in the buildings of the Capitoline Museums.

What does this ticket include?

  • Admission to the Capitoline Museums (entrance ticket with reservation).
  • Access without queues guaranteed.
  • Access to temporary exhibitions (if available).
  • Digital map of the city included.
  • Possibility of cancellation at least 24 hours before the start date of the activity.

Book tickets for the Capitoline Museums

2. And how much do guided tours of the Capitoline Museums cost?

Capitoline Museums Room| ©Mike Steele
Capitoline Museums Room| ©Mike Steele

From 40 € you can get a ticket at Hellotickets for a guided tour of the Capitoline Museums, where you will walk through the different rooms accompanied by a professional guide who will give you the necessary context on the history of Ancient Rome to help you understand the background of the works of art exhibited there.

In addition, after the activity you will have time to explore the museum at your leisure if you would like to take a closer look at any of the collections of the Capitoline Museums.

Why book a guided tour?

Another advantage of this ticket for a guided tour of the Capitoline Museums is that it guarantees you to skip the queues and as it is done in a small group you will have a closer contact with the guide to ask your questions, if you have any during the activity. In addition, it is much more comfortable since you will not have a crowd of tourists around you.

What does this ticket include?

  • Guaranteed access without queues
  • Licensed professional guide with blue badge
  • 3-hour guided tour for small groups

Book a guided tour with entrance to the Capitoline Museums

3. How much do tickets to the Capitoline Museums cost at the ticket office?

Museum Entrance Fountain| ©Marco Verch
Museum Entrance Fountain| ©Marco Verch

The general admission ticket costs 15 € at the box office while the reduced ticket for seniors (over 65 years) or young people (6 to 25 years) costs 13 €.

You will find the Capitoline Museums ticket office on the first floor of the Palazzo dei Conservatori. As I mentioned, the exhibitions of these museums attract many tourists so to ensure you get your ticket on the day you want and save time waiting at the ticket office, I recommend you to buy them online and in advance.

The only advantage of buying tickets at the box office is that you can play improvisation and leave this visit for the time of your trip that you feel like. But again, nothing assures you get them for the time you want.

4. How much does it cost to see the Capitoline Museums with a tourist card?

Roma Pass| ©Hellotickets
Roma Pass| ©Hellotickets

From 130 € you can get the 72-hour Omnia Card that also includes the Roma Pass, two tourist cards in one with which you can make the most of your stay in Rome and see the Capitoline Museums, among many other tourist attractions.

Both tourist passes exist separately with their respective advantages that you can read in the posts about the Roma Pass and the Omnia Card but my advice is to combine both cards as you will get more out of your routes around the city, it gives you queue-free access to several points of interest, you can use it for 3 days on the Rome tourist bus and also take advantage of the free transportation it provides.

How do I use the Rome tourist cards?

Upon purchase you will receive a code in your email which you will have to redeem for the card at one of the Omnia Card collection points distributed throughout Rome (at the ticket offices of the tourist attractions included in the Omnia Card and at the metro stations).

As there are two cards in one , you can activate them separately. That is, first use the Omnia Card to see the Vatican City and then the Roma Pass to see Rome.

Book the Roma Pass and Omnia Card

5. Are there reduced tickets to visit the Capitoline Museums?

Some works of the Capitoline Museum| ©Richard Mortel
Some works of the Capitoline Museum| ©Richard Mortel

That's right! You can visit the Capitoline Museums by taking advantage of the institution's reduced admission, for which you will need to obtain a special ticket on presentation of the relevant official documentation at the museum's ticket offices. Some of the groups that can benefit from reduced tickets are:

  • Non-resident citizens between the ages of 6 and 25.
  • Holders of the annual ATAC bus pass and the annual Metrebus Card.
  • Visitor groups of at least 20 people.
  • Every Wednesday, non-residents can enjoy a reduced rate of 50% during the last two hours of museum opening.

6. Can I enter the Capitoline Museums for free and do children pay admission?

Touring the Museum| ©Ana Rey
Touring the Museum| ©Ana Rey

Yes, it is possible! It is free on the first Sunday of every month for all visitors.

The rest of the time some groups such as tourist guides from the European Union, teachers or students of Fine Arts, people with disabilities and their companion or journalists, among some others, can enter the Capitoline Museums free of charge to enjoy its spectacular art collections if at the ticket offices they present the appropriate official documentation to obtain a special ticket with which to enter without paying.

On the other hand, children under 6 years of age can enter the Capitoline Museums for free, but children over that age will have to buy a ticket, although they can benefit from the reduced rates for young people up to 25 years of age.

7. How much does it cost to get to the Capitoline Museums?

Waiting for the Rome subway| ©Mauricio Artieda
Waiting for the Rome subway| ©Mauricio Artieda

If you want to take public transport to get to the Capitoline Museums, a single ticket on the metro or bus in Rome costs only about 1,50€. Super cheap!

However, if you plan to stay several days in the Eternal City sightseeing, then I recommend buying a one-week transport pass worth about 24€ that you can use on both Rome's metro and bus networks. Children under 10 years old can use public transport for free if accompanied by an adult.

However, the most economical option to get to Piazza del Campidoglio, where these museums are located, is to take a pleasant walk through the city center while observing the beautiful monuments and squares that have made Rome famous throughout the world.