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The 7 Best Chocolate Tastings You Have to Do in Brussels

Being in Brussels you are almost obliged to tour the most famous chocolate shops in the city. Take a stroll through the streets of the Grand Place and let yourself be seduced by the smells of chocolate and chocolates.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

8 min read

The 7 Best Chocolate Tastings You Have to Do in Brussels

Chocolate tasting tour in Brussels | ©Teresa Mills-Clark

The number of chocolate shops in Brussels is mind-boggling. Most people tend to head to the most famous Belgian chocolate stores in Brussels, such as Leonidas, Mary's, Godiva and Planete to opt for the best chocolate tastings. However, the historic is not always the best, so it also doesn't hurt to visit other chocolate shops in the city. I also recommend you to visit the best chocolate shops as well as the best breweries in Brussels, because in Brussels there is a lot of combination of sweet and bitter.

The chocolate tours have a price that does not go below 30€ (some cost up to 75€). Usually if you go with a family or group the cost per person is much lower. The tours usually last between 30 and 45 minutes. On these tours you will not only learn how chocolates are made, what ingredients are included and what varieties there are, but you will also have the opportunity to taste some of the best chocolates in Europe. Some also include the possibility of participating in the making of the chocolate, although it must be said that few of them allow this activity.

1. Tasting Tour + Chocolate Workshop in Brussels

Preparing Chocolate in Brussels| ©Everjean
Preparing Chocolate in Brussels| ©Everjean

One of the most famous chocolate-related tours in Brussels is known as the "Brussels Chocolate Workshop". On this tour you will not only get to taste treats, but also learn how to make your own gourmet cocoa delicacies with this fun activity. Starting from scratch, and thanks to the help of a professional instructor, you will make the two most typical types of Belgian chocolate, pralines and mendiants.

You will also learn some easy and authentic methods that you can imitate to create more than 30 handmade dark chocolate treats, ready to put in your box and take home. This activity lasts 2.5 hours and in this time you will also have the opportunity to have a cup of hot chocolate and taste different kinds of typical Brussels chocolates. Without a doubt this is one of the things you have to do during your visit to Brussels, the chocolate capital of the world.

The tour has a cost of 38,00 €, includes all the ingredients and equipment that will be needed for the activity itself, such as the help from professionals in the field, the teachings and techniques, the tasting and a box of 30 chocolates to take home.

  • Price: 38 €.
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Tour highlight: Learning

Book your chocolate workshop in Brussels

2. Walking tour through the chocolate shops of Brussels

Visiting chocolate shops like Godiva| ©Marina S
Visiting chocolate shops like Godiva| ©Marina S

With this tour you will learn about the culinary culture of Brussels and its love affair with chocolate on a walking tour led by a guide. You will pass by the Royal Palace, located near the best chocolate shops in the city, and you will be able to go into some chocolate boutiques to taste different chocolates and chocolates as the tour progresses. The idea of this tour is to visit the best chocolate shops in Brussels such as: Godiva, Pierre Marcolini, Chocolaterie Elisabeth, Wittamer, among others.

The tour will focus mainly on the areas near the Grand Palace, the Royal Palace and the Houses of New Art, will last 2 hours and will cost 50€. The tour includes small groups, expert Belgian guides, and a pleasant walk through the most important chocolate shops in Brussels.

  • Price:50 €.
  • Duration:2 hours
  • Highlights of the tour: Wide variety of chocolates to taste in a small group and the experience of visiting the best chocolate shops in Brussels.

3. Chocolate tasting tour for small groups in Brussels

Different pralines in chocolate shops in Brussels| ©Elizabeth V
Different pralines in chocolate shops in Brussels| ©Elizabeth V

With this small group tour you will have the opportunity to visit five of the best chocolate shops in the city of Brussels and taste the best Belgian pralines, truffles and chocolates. In addition, on this tour you will also learn some lessons about why Belgian chocolates are so tasty and appealing worldwide. Also, with this tour you will receive an extra 10% discount on any purchase you make in any of these 5 chocolate shops.

At all times you will be guided by an expert guide in Belgian chocolate and gastronomy . Take the opportunity to ask him all your questions! The tour costs 39€, lasts two hours and you will have the chance to taste at least 8 samples of praline/truffle from different chocolatiers and brands.

  • Price: 39 €.
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • The best of the tour: Tasting at least 8 samples of pralines from different brands.

4. Brussels waffles and chocolate crepes tour (small group)

Enjoying different Waffles in Brussels| ©Jotawi
Enjoying different Waffles in Brussels| ©Jotawi

Chocolate waffles are another of the great protagonists of Belgian gastronomy and that is so, in large part, thanks to its star ingredient, chocolate. This tour is designed to visit the best waffle shops in Brussels during a 2-hour tour. Thanks to this experience you will be able to delight yourself with some of the most exclusive waffles.

Of course, the ones you will taste the most are the Belgian waffles or Brussels waffles, these are famous all over the world and usually have a thick, crispy dough and larger holes. They also have the characteristic of having a very rectangular shape and are served hot to highlight the flavor of their chocolate chips or syrup.

These waffles are also served by some street vendors; what's more, one of the graces of this tour is to be able to compare the street flavors with the flavors of the great Brussels waffle shops.

The tour costs 55€ and includes tastings, learning in the waffle workshops, a guided tour by an expert, 10% discount on products purchased on your own in one of the visited waffle shops and two hours of gastronomic experience.

  • Price: 55 €.
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Tour highlights: Learning about Belgian waffles and a wide variety of different kinds of chocolate waffles to try.

5. Belgian chocolate making tour with a chocolate expert

Making Chocolate| ©
Making Chocolate| ©

To take a tour in the company of an acclaimed chef who is a connoisseur of the culinary art of making Belgian chocolates is more than an experience, it is a privilege. In this 2 and a half hour tour, costing 65€, you will visit some of the most famous workshops in Brussels where you will see with your own eyes how the elaboration of these delicious products is carried out. In these workshops almost the entire process is done manually, as creativity is key to stand out.

After this inspirational tour, it's time to get down to work. Generally, in small groups, you will start making simple Belgian chocolate derivatives following the chef's instructions. You will then take your handmade creations home as a gift for your family and/or friends; or simply to taste them at your leisure and savor the taste of triumph. Everything is included in the tour, both the chocolates and the material used to make them.

  • Price:65 €.
  • Duration:2,5 hours
  • The best of the tour: the fact of visiting different workshops for the creation of Belgian chocolates and entertaining activities in the company of an expert.

6. Private tour with a local guide through chocolate shops and workshops

With a guide on the Chocolate Tour| ©Photo Phiend
With a guide on the Chocolate Tour| ©Photo Phiend

On this private tour you will discover the city 's chocolate buying points and some historical sights related to the art of chocolate. All this without smartphones or maps coming into the picture: just let a local guide lead you past Brussels' medieval monuments and into the streets inhabited by luxury chocolatiers and chocolate workshops. The walking tour lasts 3 hours and costs 70€, includes the guide's company, treats and the chance to ask the chocolate artists any questions you may have.

On this walking tour you will taste the delicious treats, meet the makers in person and learn about the craft of chocolate making. In addition to the experience of finding yourself inundated with the rich flavors of the endless varieties of chocolates, you'll also be lucky enough to sample at least eight treats based on your judgment and the guide's recommendations. If you are going to Brussels at Christmas, this tour should be one of your top things to do; you will enjoy the experience even more.

After tasting truffles and pralines, you will attend a chocolate making workshop where you will learn the secrets behind the sweets. The delicacies that will be made in the workshop will be distributed among the members of the tour.

  • Price: 70 €.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • The best of the tour: private tour just for you and your group.

7. Self-guided tour at the Marcolini Chocolate Factory

Tour in the Marcolini Chocolate Factory| ©Lee McCoy
Tour in the Marcolini Chocolate Factory| ©Lee McCoy

If there is one chocolate shop that is complete enough for a self-guided tour, it would be the Marcolini chocolate shop. This chocolate shop includes a "menu" option where you will be lucky enough to sample a decent variety of creations, hot chocolate, chocolate coffee and mixes between drinks and truffles.

For this option you will not need any guide, you simply enter the chocolate shop and choose the "menu" you are most interested in tasting. I recommend this activity with children, as the chocolate shop is very spacious and serves both inside and outside.

Pierre Marcolini is perhaps the most famous Belgian chocolatier who is still around to innovate and shape his brand. Throughout Belgium, you will find a dozen locations of Marcolini outlets. At least four locations of this chocolatier are in Brussels. The main one is just 5 minutes from the Grand Place and is the one I recommend the most.

Inside you are going to find a tea room to have a Belgian tea and combine it with a selection of hot chocolates. Their hot chocolate is seriously spectacular, thick to the point that it sticks to your lips. The macarons are also quite good; however, I recommend you try the salted caramel. For more information on Marcolini's "menu" varieties visit the Pierre Marcolini website.

  • Marcolini chocolate shops opening hours: 12:30pm-7pm weekdays and 11am-7pm on weekends.
  • Price: 20-50 €.
  • Duration: not defined
  • Highlights of the tour: Enjoy a very complete tasting experience.

Extra information about the chocolate shop tours

Buying Chocolate in Brussels| ©Newsy Preservation Paris
Buying Chocolate in Brussels| ©Newsy Preservation Paris

Before I start, I want to mention some useful facts about the Brussels chocolate scene. The chocolates here are called pralines, and almost all of them are sold by weight, even in the most famous stores. But if you buy just a few, then the price is per chocolate; usually the limit is between 3 and 4 units.

There is a very famous alley near the Grand Place that is full of chocolate shops, ideal for not going too far from the center. In that area most of the owners and workers speak perfect English. They usually have the habit of giving away a free chocolate after ordering something, sometimes even when you come in.

You will see how friendly they are in explaining the variety of chocolates they offer. Remember that quality is not synonymous with a very high price, so look carefully and do not get carried away by appearances.yes, if you are looking for less hustle and bustle and more comfort when making chocolate tours and visiting chocolate shops, it would be best to opt for a trip to Bruges, or better yet, to the city of Ghent. Less choice, but more comfort.

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