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10 Things to Do in Granada in October

The summer is over and the temperatures invite us to enjoy Granada in all its splendor. October is the perfect month for walks, cultural visits and "granaíno" flamenco.

Ana C.R.

Ana C.R.

9 min read

10 Things to Do in Granada in October

Grenada | ©Amamolina

October is one of the best times to travel to Granada. Yes, I know, it is true that you can go to this city at any time of the year, but this month is the perfect month to do it. Why? Very simple, the summer vacations are over and the fresh air relieves the streets, it is an invitation for a quiet walk and relaxed visits, without any doubt.

Granada lacks nothing, it is not only rich in architecture and music; it is also rich in sea and mountains... and, of course, in gastronomy. In this article, I explain three activities for you to add to your list of what to see and do in Granada.

1. Enjoy a visit to the Alhambra and its surroundings

The Alhambra of Granada at sunset| ©Leon LEE
The Alhambra of Granada at sunset| ©Leon LEE

It is true, this visit was predictable... but can anyone conceive of going to Granada without seeing everything that can be seen in the Alhambra? Without a doubt, it is a must if you don't know it yet.

Besides, the weather in October is fantastic for strolling around while an expert guide explains the curiosities of this architectural jewel. Besides, with the exception of the October long weekend (around the 12th), it is possible that there are not so many crowds in the monument, is there really a better plan?

The Alhambra, as you may already know, is a World Heritage Site and one of the most visited places in the world. But not only this fortress is worth to be observed, in the vicinity, there are places as beautiful as the gardens of the Generalife (here I leave you information about the entrances to the Generalife), where the kings used to retire.

If you fancy this plan, I recommend you to book your tickets to the Alhambra two months in advance, because people from all over the world come here throughout the year and there is usually a lot of demand.

Book your visit to the Alhambra

2. Do you like the noir genre? You will like Granada Noir

Beer Tasting| ©ELEVATE
Beer Tasting| ©ELEVATE

If you are a lover of detective stories and crimes to be solved, you are in luck. The Granada Noir festival is the only one in Andalusia dedicated to the noir genre and, precisely, you can enjoy it in the month of October.

In the days that are organized, all its different aspects are touched: comics, novels, cinema and even music. Granada Noir also offers activities such as book clubs, round tables and book presentations, among others.

Those who want to combine their passion for this genre with gastronomy are also in luck. A section of the festival, called Gastronomía Noir, organizes beer tastings and, in addition, several bars in the city offer a special tapa with this theme.

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Get your hands on the program now to select your must-sees and give your life a little more suspense.

Practical information

  • Where: various cultural spaces in the city
  • Price: free
  • When: usually at the end of October

3. Immerse yourself in the waters of a real Hammam

Arabic bath in Granada| ©James C
Arabic bath in Granada| ©James C

Between so much walking and so many activities, surely at the end of the day you will want to find a moment to rest a little. What better way to do it than in a Hammam? Oh, the Hammam! That place of peace and relaxation that transports you to... to some exotic country?

Although October is not one of the coldest months, at this time it is very common that it starts to cool off in the evenings, so it is a perfect plan that you can start to enjoy, in company or alone.

My recommendation is to go to the best hammam in Granada, the Hammam Al Andalus, open between 9 am and 8 pm. This hammam, or Arab bath, is the first one opened in Spain, after being closed for five centuries. Nothing more and nothing less.

In this place, in addition to taking a relaxing bath, you can purify yourself in the Andalusian style or treat yourself to a pleasant massage. And, best of all, it is located within walking distance of the Alhambra, so you can combine it perfectly with your visit.

Book your session at the Hammam Al Ándalus in Granada

4. Don't miss the tapas, not even in October

Tapas| ©Granada Inn
Tapas| ©Granada Inn

Yes, in October tapas are still tapas. Specifically, in Granada, they are an institution.

In some places, you get two at a time. In others, you can choose the ones you want; while in others, you will have to make do with the ones they choose for you. Of course, the tapa is always free and will be served with a drink, the price of which does not usually exceed 2.10 euros. Not bad, don't you think?

And where can you have these tapas? I suggest several areas. In the City Hall area, go to La Chicotá, a classic.

If you prefer, you can walk around the area of Darro and Camino de Ronda, I recommend the fried eggplants of La Blanca Paloma, they are exquisite. If you are doing a route through the Albaicín neighborhood, ask for Casa Rafa, the locals will know how to get to this emblematic place.

Another area for tapas is the Realejo and the Alhambra, in this old Jewish quarter, you will find many bars to choose from. Be careful, they are usually full and it would not be strange if you had to eat standing up.

Book a tapas tour in Granada

5. Halloween and nightlife in Granada

Celebrating Halloween| ©Kenny Eliason
Celebrating Halloween| ©Kenny Eliason

As you know, the celebration of Halloween night has been progressively incorporated into our culture and Granada is no exception. Moreover, with the return of its thousands of university students after the vacations, it could be said that it is a party that has gained a lot of strength.

If you are lucky enough to spend October 31 in Granada and want to celebrate this day, don't worry, you will never be short of events.

Theme nights are frequent in the bars and nightclubs of Granada. Generally, customers come to the bars and, in return, receive a free drink.

However, it doesn't stop at the discotheques. In the stores of Almuñecar, for example, candies have been distributed under the slogan "Trick or treat" and in Soportújar "witches' nights" have been organized.

I recommend that, a couple of weeks before this magical night, you get a schedule of activities to decide what interests you most. Generally, it will be easy to find several options if you consult the Internet.

Ghost tour in Granada

Although these types of tours can be done at other times, my advice is to sign up if you are looking for activities in Granada in winteror, of course, at the end of October, around Halloween.
or, of course, at the end of October, close to Halloween.

There are numerous stories in Granada full of mystery and terror, some real and some legends. Several companies in the city offer guided tours with this theme that take participants through the streets and neighborhoods most famous for their paranormal myths.

Many of these tours are dramatized, so perhaps those who are more fearful should refrain.

6. Romantic autumn in the Mirador de San Nicolas

Viewpoint of San Nicolás| ©Serguei
Viewpoint of San Nicolás| ©Serguei

This is the most famous viewpoint in Granada and is located in the Albaicín area. And yes, it offers views that you can't miss: the Alhambra and the Generalife, with the city at its feet and Sierra Nevada in the background.

The Church of San Nicolas, built in the sixteenth century over a mosque, gives its name to the square and this viewpoint.

Why go to this viewpoint in October? Because in October the air is fresh, the days are cleaner and, above all, the green of the trees shines after the summer. A very romantic picture to enjoy with your loved ones, don't you think?

In addition, in this place there is usually quite lively, and you can find small stalls where they sell various objects and you can spend some time browsing.

7. Visit the Royal Chapel of Granada on the feast of October 12th

Facade of the Cathedral| ©José vargas.
Facade of the Cathedral| ©José vargas.

In this chapel, built between 1506 and 1517 at the request of Queen Isabella I of Castile, are the tombs of important historical figures such as the Catholic Monarchs, Juana the Mad and Philip the Handsome.

Anyway, do not believe, although its exterior is quite striking, the interior is austere, somewhat narrow and a "little" dark for the taste of some.

If you come here on October 12, you will be interested to know that it is the main point of the celebrations that take place on the occasion of Columbus Day, as the curious tremolation of the Standard of the city.

In addition, in the sacristy, you can see part of the legacy of the Catholic Monarchs: paintings, their crown, the scepter and some books and clothes.

8. Don't miss the Granada Vibra concerts

Granada Vibrates| ©SnippyHolloW
Granada Vibrates| ©SnippyHolloW

If you are a music lover and you are going to visit Granada in October you are in luck. In addition to the traditional flamenco shows that the city offers, there is a great festival with all kinds of styles, the Granada Vibra.

In fact, this event is composed of four major musical events, with a varied program in styles and with the presence of renowned artists. Normally, the performances take place in the Cortijo del Conde.

The first of these events, Granada Urbana, is dedicated to reggaeton and trap, while the next two, the Bull Days, usually feature a line-up of artists with a wide range of styles.
usually has a line-up that includes rock, pop and fusion music.

Finally, the day that closes the festival is usually dedicated to electronic music, in addition to hosting a farewell party.

Practical information about Granada

  • Where: Paseo Cortijo del Conde,
  • Price: each of the days has a different price.
  • When: every Saturday in October

Book your flamenco show in Granada

9. Beautiful nature, Sierra Nevada

Visiting the Sierra Nevada| ©Steve Slater
Visiting the Sierra Nevada| ©Steve Slater

Sierra Nevada is a mountain range located between Granada and Almeria. It is the highest in Western Europe, after the Alps, and its botanical, scenic and natural value is enormous.
Normally, the ski season starts in November, but I propose you to enjoy the sierra in a different way.

In October, you can do many other activities: trekking, mountain races, cycling circuits and even astronomy observations. Getting to Sierra Nevada from Granada is easy, as you can go with an organized excursion or by bus.

All this, among many other things that you can know in detail if you enter the website of the ski resort.

10. FICH - La Chana Independent Festival

Alquerías Park| ©Ronie
Alquerías Park| ©Ronie

It is possible that you are one of those who seek to know a city beyond its most touristic places. For this, there is nothing better than strolling through its less central neighborhoods. If, as happens in Granada in October, a festival takes place, the chances of getting to know the place better increase.

In the neighborhood of La Chana, in early October, the FICH takes place, specifically in the Parque de las Alquerías. The event starts early and does not end until approximately 00:00 hours.

That day is a festive day in which you can not miss the music concerts (with special dedication to small groups in the area), exhibition, children's activities and creative workshops. If you go there you will also find places to taste the best homemade food in town.

Practical information about Granada

  • Where: Alquerías Park, La Chana neighborhood,
  • Price: free
  • When: usually the first weekend of October.

Temperatures in Granada during October

Streets of Granada| ©SnippyHolloW
Streets of Granada| ©SnippyHolloW

The weather in Granda in October is quite pleasant. The maximum temperature usually hovers around 15 degrees, the minimum rarely drops below 10.

For these reasons, it is an ideal time to visit the area, especially if you intend to do long sightseeing tours or spend a lot of time walking. In any case, it is always advisable to check the weather shortly before starting your trip.