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Where to Eat near the Granada Alhambra Palace

Surely after visiting the Alhambra and seeing so much art, you'll work up an appetite. So that you don't have to look for a table at the last minute, don't miss these proposals to eat well near the palatine city.

Isabel Catalán

Isabel Catalán

5 min read

Where to Eat near the Granada Alhambra Palace

Typical Spanish tapas | Agent J

If Granada is known for something, with permission of its mythical Alhambra, it is for the art of tapas and its delicious gastronomy. There is no doubt that one of the best experiences you can have here is to treat yourself to a meal after visiting the famous Nasrid fortress.

If you have already booked your tickets to the Alhambra, the next step is to do the same in a restaurant in the city so that when you leave the tour you don't have to live an odyssey with an empty stomach trying to find a free table in such a touristy area as this one. Discover some of the best places to eat near the Alhambra!

Morayma Restaurant

Taste the delicious Andalusian gazpacho.| ©Tim Sackton
Taste the delicious Andalusian gazpacho.| ©Tim Sackton

The Morayma Restaurant is the ideal place to recharge your batteries after a long walk through the Alhambra, as it is located just ten minutes from the monument. It has the best views of the Nasrid Palaces and legend has it that Princess Morayma lived within its walls during the captivity of Sultan Boabdil, the last king of Granada.

It is a very quiet restaurant with a neat decoration where you can taste the best dishes of traditional Granada cuisine. If you want to have some tapas, I recommend you to try the salmorejo, the croquettes or the goat cheese with quince jelly grown in the orchard of the restaurant. If you prefer to eat at tablecloth, you can't miss the Morayma salad and the Iberian secret with potatoes and mojo picón, delicious!

  • Where: Calle Pianista García Carrillo, 2.

  • Why I like this place: enjoying a nice meal in the garden overlooking the Alhambra is the finishing touch to a magical day. To ensure a good table, I recommend booking a week in advance.

  • Recommended if... you are looking to taste traditional Granadian food in a unique setting with a lot of history.

2. Alberto Gardens

Fried squid| ©juantiagues
Fried squid| ©juantiagues

Because of its excellent location, right at the gates of the Alhambra at the entrance of the Generalife, the Jardines Alberto restaurant is one of the perfect places to eat after a visit to the palatine city. You won't have to walk far, which is great if you are traveling with children.

The atmosphere in this nice place is relaxed and familiar. It also has a terrace overlooking the Alhambra where it is cool, which is ideal for hot days. As for its menu, the restaurant has dishes where the Mediterranean and Granadian gastronomy are the protagonists.

If you feel like tapas you can order an Andalusian gazpacho, fried squid, croquettes or an assortment of cheeses but I recommend you to try especially the dishes of the Nasrid cuisine, which is what the inhabitants of the Alhambra used to eat. The lamb al visir is delicious!

  • Where: Paseo de la Sabica, 1.

  • Why I like this place: The food is great and the prices are not expensive considering that the restaurant is just a few steps from the Alhambra, which gives it magnificent views from its terrace.

  • Recommended if... you feel like trying a different cuisine like the Nasrid cuisine while you are leaving the Alhambra.

3. Parador de Granada Restaurant

Enjoy the delicious croquettes of Granada.| ©Joselu Blanco
Enjoy the delicious croquettes of Granada.| ©Joselu Blanco

If budget is not a problem for you and during your trip to Granada you can spend a little more on meals, then I recommend you to book a table at the Parador de Granada restaurant, it is well worth it!

Located in a former 15th century convent built by the Catholic Monarchs, the views of the Alhambra, the Generalife or the Sacromonte and Albaicin neighborhoods are spectacular. It is a place with a lot of history and the kitchen prepares traditional dishes with innovative touches.

If you book a table for lunch at the Parador de Granada at the end of the guided tour of the Alhambra, I recommend you order "remojón granadino", beans with ham or a refreshing Andalusian gazpacho. And if you feel like trying a dish from the Nasrid cuisine, go for the monkfish in Mozarabic sauce or the kid Alpujarra style.

  • Where: Calle Real de la Alhambra, s/n,

  • Why I like this place: The Parador de Granada has a special charm and breathes history in its rooms. In addition, from the dining room and the terrace of the restaurant of the Parador de Granada there are spectacular views of the palatine city.

  • Recommended if... the visit to the Alhambra has been short and you would like to enjoy the scenery a while longer but in a relaxed way, while tasting the best traditional cuisine of Granada.

4.Saffron Route Restaurant

Cous-cous of lamb| ©stu_spivack
Cous-cous of lamb| ©stu_spivack

At the foot of the Alhambra, in the lower Albaicín and next to the Darro River, is located the restaurant Ruta del Azafrán. A modern place where you can taste the best fusion cuisine of Andalusian, Spanish and Arabic recipes at very reasonable prices.

If you are passionate about trying unique flavors, the Ruta de la Alhambra restaurant offers dishes inspired by the cultural heritage of Granada as a result of the mixture of cultures such as Moorish pastry, harira soup or lamb cous-cous that will transport you to the golden age of the Alhambra. However, its menu also includes traditional dishes such as croquettes, candied artichokes or grilled octopus.

  • Where: Paseo Padre Manjón, 1.

  • Why I like this place: From its terrace you can take beautiful pictures of the Alhambra, which rises imposingly among the lush vegetation that surrounds it. It is the ideal place to rest after a long walk around the monument, sipping some wine and enjoying the views.

  • Recommended if... you come out of a night visit to the Alhambra and want to enjoy the beautiful scenery while dining quietly on the Paseo de los Tristes.

5. La Mimbre Restaurant

Delicious oxtail| ©Javier Lastras
Delicious oxtail| ©Javier Lastras

Another place to eat well near the Alhambra is the restaurant La Mimbre, a charming space located in the woods of the Nasrid fortress, one of the most impressive places in Granada whose halls have been visited by artists such as Rafael Alberti, Antonio Gala and Miguel Rios.

In the restaurant La Mimbre you can taste the authentic Andalusian cuisine such as oxtail, kid with garlic, fried squid or picadillo soup.

  • Where: Paseo del Generalife s/n

  • Why I like this place: It has a terrace in a unique environment to eat quietly. The menu is good and the price is very reasonable for a restaurant so close to the most important monument of the city.

  • Recommended if... you are looking for a cozy place to enjoy the best traditional cuisine of the region in a dreamlike setting such as the woods of the Alhambra.