10 Things to Do in Granada at Night

Located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, Granada shines with its own light. It is not for nothing that it is one of the favorite destinations for many travelers. I invite you to visit the city when the sun goes down. Are you ready?

Nicolas Reffray

Nicolas Reffray

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10 Things to Do in Granada at Night

View of Granada | ©Javier Morales

Granada is a truly magical place, the city has an indisputable charm, both day and night, and if you do not believe me come with me on a tour of its tapas bars, a very different and intimate Alhambra, the flamenco dances and its most picturesque neighborhoods. I assure you that you will not regret it.

In this article you will know the nightlife of Granada, its best corners, where to enjoy this other city so different from the daytime. Granada never rests, you will discover that it has something for everyone.

1. Visit the Alhambra at night

Alhambra by night| ©wingpix
Alhambra by night| ©wingpix

If you have been to Granada before, you know the majesty of its most characteristic monument. As you can imagine, planning a guided tour of the Alhambra is a must. This city-monument is one of the wonders made by man. Built on the site of an Andalusian palatine city, its architecture, fountains and gardens never cease to amaze. It is one of the most visited monuments in Spain and, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful.

Now, surely you think that at night this beauty closes its doors, well, you're wrong. For some time now, the Alhambra has been open at night for those who wish to reserve their place and make a different visit. Of course, book in advance your night visit to the Alhambra because it is the star plan in the city and the places are sold out very quickly.

I can assure you that after having seen it many times during the day, touring the Patio de los Leones, the illuminated Nasrid palaces and gardens, at night it is a completely different place. Being there without the hustle and bustle of the day and without the crowds, watching the columns cast their weary shadows on the calm of the night, is a truly unique experience not to be missed.


The night hours for visits to the Alhambra are:

  • From April to October 14: 10pm to 11:30pm.
  • From October 15 to March 31: from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

Book your night guided tour of the Alhambra

2. Enjoy a walk through the traditional neighborhood of El Albaicín

Albaicin by night| ©José Ruiz
Albaicin by night| ©José Ruiz

One of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Granada, and the oldest and, in fact, a must see and do in Granada. Do not pay attention to those who say that at night it is unsafe, I can assure you that you can walk until late at night without danger, and you will find many more people who also enjoy the night. The Albaicin has a reputation for being a bohemian and artistic neighborhood. Strolling through its little streets illuminated with its yellowish light and rediscovering the places you have seen during the day, is an adventure in itself.

One of the must-sees of this night walk through the Albaicin is to see the Alhambra and the Generalife illuminated from above, as well as much of the Sierra Nevada from the Mirador de San Nicolas. It is also essential to walk along Calderería Vieja, better known as La calle de las teterías.

You will see that El Albaicín has a lot to offer at night, although the best thing is the walk itself to see that other side of the city. Visiting the neighborhood of El Albaicin and Sacromonte is one of those things that we can not miss on our visit to Granada.

Book a tour of the Albaicin

3. Experience a flamenco show

Flamenco Show| ©Snuffy
Flamenco Show| ©Snuffy

To say Granada is to say flamenco. This musical style, so famous all over the world, was born in this city, more precisely in the caves of the Sacromonte neighborhood, where the gypsies lived for centuries. As a result of this profane mixture of Muslims, Gypsies and Christians, this very Spanish expression appeared, which was later popularized by artists such as Paco de Lucia, Tomatito, Camaron de la Isla and many others.

If you want to witness a real flamenco show, Granada is your city. Every night the flame is lit, the glasses are filled and the atmosphere becomes more and more intense. The Jardines de Zoraya or the Tablado de la Alborea are two excellent options, as well as of course any of the caves so typical of the city. In both the Sacromonte and Albaicín neighborhoods you can enjoy some of the best shows in Spain.

As you will see, flamenco is in the air, and it is not unusual to find singers or dancers in the street. Guitars, clapping, foot tapping and gypsy singing, it is impossible that something does not move inside you when witnessing a flamenco show, and it is not just another musical style, it brings with it in its very root all the suffering of a people.

The best options to enjoy flamenco in Granada

Book tickets for a flamenco show

4. Relax in an authentic Arab bath of the 15th century

Arab bath in Granada| ©James C
Arab bath in Granada| ©James C

If you want to live a different relaxing experience, visit the best hammam in Granada. No matter how many spas and relaxation places you have known, I can assure you that none compares to these Arab baths.

Although these baths can also be enjoyed during the day, at night you will be able to get rid of the tiredness of a whole day of walking around Granada. It is what I call an ideal plan. In 1998 they were reopened after no less than 5 centuries of being closed! Here you can enjoy an experience through water, with baths at different temperatures, massages and other incredible activities.

You can be sure that you will thank me, since this hammam located meters away from the Alhambra is something out of this world. Between the massages and baths, you will also be served a delicious tea that will help you relax both inside and out.

Practical Information

  • Hours: The evening hours of these relaxing sessions are not available every day, only on Fridays and Saturdays from 11:30 pm to 1:15 am.
  • Address: Calle Sta. Ana, 16

Book an Arab bath in a hammam

5. Go for tapas in the old town and El Realejo

Tapas in Granada| ©Vero Gallardo
Tapas in Granada| ©Vero Gallardo

Another must of Granada's nightlife is undoubtedly going out for tapas. For those who don't know it, going out for tapas in Granada is almost a must. You sit in one of the terraces and order a drink, and with it you get a tapa (yes, absolutely free!).

There are many different areas to enjoy this tradition, and of course, many bars. In some you can choose the tapa, in others you can't, but I assure you that if you know where to go there won't be a single one you won't like.

  • La Bella y La Bestia: It is famous for its XXL tapas. The place is quite small but cozy. I recommend you not to go too late or you won't find a table.
  • Bar Los Diamantes: ideal if you like fried fish and other delicacies from the sea. Here everything, absolutely everything is delicious.
  • Bar and Restaurant Los Manueles: Just around the corner from La Capilla Real and La Madraza and open since the beginning of the last century (since 1917 to be more precise) is another of those that can not be missed in our tapas night in Granada. It is very common that as you go ordering drinks (and leaving your good euros, of course) the importance and size of the tapas is also growing.
  • La Esquinita: famous for its fried prawns and other delicacies.

If gastronomic tourism is your thing, I recommend you to take the tour of the best tapas bars in Granada, and put yourself in the hands of a guide specialized in the subject, who will take you to visit those places that you can not miss for anything in the world.

6. Experience Granada's nightlife in a disco or pub

At Mae West| ©ilicitano
At Mae West| ©ilicitano

Granada's nightlife is not only flamenco and tapas, as there is a wide range of discos and pubs with live music if you want to dance until dawn. Granada is a city full of students, many Erasmus students come to study here every year, so you will never be short of places to have fun.

The most incredible nightclubs in Granada are:

  • Mae West: With three rooms and two floors with music and styles very different from each other, this disco is located in the center of the city and is one of the essential of the night in Granada, where you can always find good dj's playing live.
  • Forum Plaza: Another discotheque with great atmosphere, although a little far from the center. Located next to the incredible Parque de las Ciencias of Granada, it is one of the most sophisticated and elegant of Granada, with sets of renowned DJ's and theme nights. You simply can not miss it if you like to dance and spend an intense night of pure dance.

There are also many bars with live music shows, where you can dance and mingle with the locals. Some of them are Lemon Rock Granada, La Tertulia or, for jazz lovers, Bohemia Jazz Café.

7. Enjoy the cultural offer, cinema and theater

Inside the Isabel la Católica Theater| ©PhotoLanda
Inside the Isabel la Católica Theater| ©PhotoLanda

If you are one of those who prefer theater or concerts, Granada also has a night for that. With a large number of theaters in the city center and historic center, you can see award-winning, independent plays, concerts and international musicals.

Theaters such as the Alhambra or the Isabel la Católica theater renew their billboard every month, so you can enjoy different shows.

The city always has an important influx of renowned artists, so I advise you to try to buy your tickets in advance.

8. Enjoy a drink with 360-degree views at the B-heaven rooftop

At the B-heaven rooftop| ©Claudia F
At the B-heaven rooftop| ©Claudia F

To enjoy the best signature drinks, with all the chill atmosphere of Granada's nightlife, and with the attraction of having one of the best views of the whole city, you must get to 62 Acera del Darro street, and go up to the most incredible rooftop in the city.

B-Heaven, located on the rooftop of the Hotel Barceló Carmen Granada, is definitely a must on your nighttime visit to the city of Granada. With live music shows, some gourmet snacks and the view of the illuminated Alhambra, this rooftop takes all the plaudits. The view of the city alone is worth it, but if you add to that the incredible service and a great atmosphere, there's not much more to think about.

To end the day in luxury, B-Heaven Granada is not just a bar, but an experience in itself. Wear your best, because this is where your night begins.

9. Take an unconventional excursion through Granada by night

Walking around Granada| ©Juanjo Alonso García
Walking around Granada| ©Juanjo Alonso García

In addition to the free tours that you can take around the city, you can also take a night tour of Granada. These tours are quite atypical and very fun, as the guides usually put special effort in making the tour original in every way.

If you want to live a night tour-adventure in Granada and go through the city with maps and flashlights on your forehead discovering the secrets of this beautiful city, do not hesitate, you will know its other side and you will not stop having fun with the most extravagant guides of Andalusia. 100% recommended.

10. Dramatized visit at night to the San José Cemetery in Granada.

San José Cemetery| ©PhotoLanda
San José Cemetery| ©PhotoLanda

I have left this tour for the end because it is the most curious. In this guided tour through the necropolis of Granada you will meet some of the most important personalities of the history of Granada, who will take you to incredible places full of history such as the garden of the Alixares, while you learn a little about the city and its past.

The San José Cemetery in Granada is one of the oldest cemeteries in the country, so it has plenty of stories to tell. I know what you are probably thinking: "this is not for me". Visiting a cemetery is not something you usually do at night, it is true, but I assure you that this dramatized visit to the San José Cemetery in Granada has nothing gloomy about it, quite the contrary.

Thanks to the performances of the actors and actresses you will discover the powerful attraction of the place and you will be surprised how many secrets it can keep. If you ask me, this is a highly recommended excursion.