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Best Tapas Tours in Granada

Ready to know the best tapas in Granada? Here I tell you in detail the most relevant aspects linked to this activity with everything you need to know about the available alternatives.

Katherine Betances

Katherine Betances

10 min read

Best Tapas Tours in Granada

Covers | ©Annabelle Orozco

Granada is an amazing city with hundreds of activities and places to see and enjoy; among the most fun, interesting and delicious is a tapas tour to enjoy Spain's culinary specialty.

But... Today I will tell you in detail the types of tours you can find in the city so you can choose the most suitable experience for you based on key factors such as your budget, the type of experience you want to live and if you would like to combine the tour with some other activity.

1. Traditional tapas bar tours in Granada.

Tapas in Granada| ©Vero Gallardo
Tapas in Granada| ©Vero Gallardo

A tour of tapas bars in Granada is the typical Granada experience that every traveler should always do when visiting the city.

This type of experience takes place both at lunch and dinner time, so it is easy to include it in short tours in the city, such as 2 days in Granada or even less.

What do these tours include?

As for the tapas tasting and bar tour included in the experience, be aware that this may change slightly depending on the company you hire. Generally speaking you can expect to visit 2 to 3 different bars, and try at least 2 different tapas with a drink included in each one.

However, the greatest value of this type of experience is, without a doubt, the accompaniment of an expert guide in Grenadian gastronomy who takes the group of travelers through some of the local tapas bars that are not always the most touristy bars.

The guide will be there to guide and accompany the group, putting his knowledge at your disposal and offering personalized recommendations based on your tastes or desire to experiment. If you have any food allergies or restrictions it is advisable to communicate them in advance to the company you choose for your excursion.

Most of the guides in Granada are fluent in several languages, with English and Spanish predominating. It is an experience highly valued by travelers touring the city, so I recommend booking in advance if you visit the city in times of high influx such as spring or summer in Granada.

Useful information

  • Price: This type of experience is available from 55€ per traveler, approximately.
  • Duration of the tour: You will need to book between 2 and 3 hours to complete the tour.
  • Recommended if... You are looking for the basic experience of a tapas tour in Granada and want to enjoy the local food without spending too much money on your trip; it is also ideal if you want to meet new people on your trip and share an enjoyable experience.

Book your tapas tour in Granada

2. Private tapas tour in Granada without tasting menu.

Tapas Diversity| ©M Huy
Tapas Diversity| ©M Huy

The private tour without tasting menu is quite interesting for those who want to go at their own pace and/or visit the city of Granada as a family. Not only will you be able to take your time to enjoy certain experiences, but you will also be able to adapt the dietary requirements of each member to their particular needs or tastes.

What do these tours include?

Normally, a local guide expert in Granada's gastronomy will pick you up at your hotel located in the center of the city to take you on a tour and taste some of the best local tapas. The experience has been rated as one of the best excursions to do in Granada.

Keep in mind that food is not included, the cost of which will depend on each participant; however, for the price you pay, you can join several people in private groups with a maximum of 6 to 8 participants depending on the company you hire.

Generally, this type of experience is offered at different times: at noon for lunch (around 1:00 pm) or at sunset (around 8:00 pm).

Both the time of the experience and the format make it a great alternative if you are going to Granada with children, as paying for an individual quota of drinks and food is not worth it for the young members of the family.

Useful information

  • Price: Available from 80€, the price is for the accompanying guide's fee without food.
  • Duration of tour: The traditional tapas experience usually takes about 3 hours.
  • Recommended if... You are going to the city in a group of friends and family; the accompanying guide is an added value that will make the bar crawl experience much more fun and interesting.

3. Private tapas tour of Granada with tasting menu.

Tapas and Wine| ©rob thompson
Tapas and Wine| ©rob thompson

An experience designed to enjoy a tour of some of the best tapas bars in a more intimate and intimate atmosphere. It offers the advantage of being able to make the tour at your own pace, making stops at the places you consider interesting in the company of an experienced guide.

What do these tours include?

Although some of the details associated with this type of experience vary depending on the company you hire for the excursion, a private tour with tasting included in the city of Granada will always start with the pick-up of the traveler and his companions (if any) directly at his hotel.

Unlike the traditional excursion, this is a customizable tour in which you can coordinate with your guide if you want to see a particular place. You can also just let yourself go as the organizers always have a program designed to entertain visitors.

This type of tour usually takes place at sunset, making it one of the best things to do in Granada at night. Your expert guide will take you through some famous local monuments and you will get a taste of Granada's nightlife by visiting the best tapas bars in the city.

The tapas tasting menu may include less or more dishes depending on the price you pay, but the basic packages include 3 tapas and 3 drinks in 3 different bars. If you have any dietary restrictions please let the organizer know in advance so that they can arrange a tour that takes into account this scenario.

Useful information

  • Price: It may vary greatly depending on the number of tastings included; the price range is between 100 € and 200 € approximately.
  • Duration of the excursion: You must reserve a minimum of 3 hours to carry out this experience.
  • Recommended if... You like to go on your own and design tailor-made experiences; with this type of tour you will be able to program with your guide the visit of different places that may be out of the more traditional tourist route.

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4. Tapas tour with Albaicín tour

Tour of the Albaicín| ©joquerollo
Tour of the Albaicín| ©joquerollo

This tour is one of the best experiences to do on a trip to Granada, combining a tour of the Arabic quarter of Granada's Albaicin, with the gastronomic experience of the best local food.

What do these tours include?

The tour is carried out with a small group of travelers, as the number of participants can vary between 3 and 10 people, depending on the company organizing the tour and the number of people interested.

They usually take place at the end of the day to enjoy the last rays of sun in strategic places of the city, such as the Mirador de San Nícolas, one of the best places to enjoy views of the Alhambra in Granada.

Some tours also include stops to admire some of the local architectural gems, such as the Cathedral of Granada and the Royal Chapel. My recommendation is to carefully read different itineraries to see which one best fits your expectations.

This type of experience generally includes the tasting menu. Although this may vary among different tour operators, most include the visit between 2 and 3 bars in each tour to enjoy a total of 3 to 4 tapas with drinks per traveler.

Keep in mind that the higher the number of tastings, the more expensive the price to pay for the experience.

Useful information

  • Price: This type of experience averages between €90 and €115 per person, approximately.
  • Duration of the excursion: Depending on the company you hire, you should reserve between 2 and 4 hours for the tour.
  • Recommended if... you want to combine two of the best experiences in Granada in one tour; it is especially interesting if you make short visits to the city such as a day in Granada and want to make the most of your exploration time.

5. Tapas tour and flamenco show in Granada

Flamenco Show| ©Snuffy
Flamenco Show| ©Snuffy

In the city of the Alhambra you will find combined tours to enjoy two iconic entertainments: traditional flamenco show and Spanish tapas tasting.

No visit to southern Spain is complete without a flamenco show experience included in the itinerary. While it is true that the flamenco shows in Seville are some of the most varied in the entire community, Granada can really surprise you!

What do these excursions include?

This type of experience usually takes place at the end of the day, starting around 6pm. The adventure is done in small groups, between 3 and 10 travelers. To start the tour you must meet your guide and the rest of the travelers at a meeting point in the center of Granada at the determined time.

The guide, an expert in local gastronomy and history, will take the participants through different bars to enjoy a tasting menu that can include between 3 and 6 tapas, with 3 and 4 drinks for each traveler. Generally a more abundant tasting menu implies a higher cost.

With both tapas and drinks you are presented with a selection to choose from and you can always ask your guide for personalized recommendations. Some experiences include an additional dessert.

The flamenco show in Granada includes tickets to see the performance of top local artists, the performance can be before or after the tasting depending on the company you choose for the experience.

Useful information about these tours

  • Price: You should expect to pay between 90€ and 120€ per traveler, generally young people under 17 can get a reduced rate.
  • Duration of the excursion: Depending on the company you hire, you should reserve 4 to 5 hours for this type of tour.
  • Recommended if... You are looking to have a night of typical Grenadian fun and get to know in one adventure the best that the city has to offer; walk the streets, taste the delicious food and enjoy the local talent all in one experience.

Book your flamenco show in Granada

6. Tapas and cocktails workshop in Granada

Cocktails for Tapas| ©Leonel Rojas
Cocktails for Tapas| ©Leonel Rojas

Although it is a less touristy experience, in the city of Granada you can enjoy workshops where you can learn all the secrets of the preparation of the traditional Spanish tapas.

Very appreciated by travelers who love gastronomic tourism and want to take a little bit of Granada in their hearts.

What do these tours include?

Although the details may vary slightly depending on the host offering the experience, this type of excursion is generally done in a small group of travelers ranging from 2 to 20 participants.

The group participates in a private cooking class on the intricate elaboration of the most famous typical tapas.

The program usually includes the preparation of the famous Andalusian Gazpacho, croquettes and of course the Spanish tortilla. Enjoyment of beverages including cocktails and Spanish wine is also included in the experience.

The activity usually takes place at the end of the day and is an ideal experience to enjoy the local culture and cuisine.

Useful information

  • Price: Around 90€ per participant.
  • Duration of the excursion: You should reserve 3 to 4 hours for the workshop.
  • Recommended if... You want to take the tapas experience to the next level and learn from a real Spaniard how to prepare this delicious appetizer. The experience is a lot of fun! And highly demanded by tourists visiting the city for several days, for example 4 days in Granada or more.

Why is it advisable to take a guided tapas tour in Granada?

Tapas in Granada| ©Ofer Deshe
Tapas in Granada| ©Ofer Deshe

Simple, a guided tour is the easiest and most hassle-free way to get to know the city and have a new experience, be it gastronomic or of any other nature.

When you book a tapas tour you hire the services of an expert local guide whose knowledge will make your experience of touring Granada even more memorable, not to mention the opportunity to ask for personalized advice on good places to eat or curious corners to visit off the beaten tourist track. From such an experience there can only be beautiful memories, I assure you!

Tapas culture in Granada... Enjoy like the locals!

Beer and Tapas| ©Samuel Lavoie
Beer and Tapas| ©Samuel Lavoie

If you take a tapas tour in Granada it is good to know that this beautiful city is famous not only for its imposing architecture, but also for the generosity of its traditional food establishments.

In Granada's tapas bars it is common practice to offer diners a free tapa as an accompaniment to their drinks. As a general rule, the complimentary dish is a surprise for the customer and they usually offer typical tapas from Granada that are simple to prepare, but equally delicious.

This generosity has gone from being a local tradition to become a cultural and tourist attraction that every day more and more travelers join, so if you travel to the city with friends for a few days of fun, do not hesitate for a second!

However, and due to the simplicity of the dishes, guided tours are still a great value idea, especially recommended for the most demanding palates.