Amsterdam Airport Transfers

I'll tell you everything you need to know to move between Amsterdam airport and the city: fast and cheap!

Vicky Del Moral

Vicky Del Moral

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Amsterdam Airport Transfers

KLM aircraft landing at Schiphol | ©Paul Jespers

If you travel to Amsterdam you will most likely do so by taking a flight to Schiphol, the most important airport in the Netherlands. As such, it is very well connected so I am going to tell you how to get between the airport and the city.

Transfers by private vehicle from Schiphol airport to Amsterdam city center and vice versa

Private transportation| ©Kārlis Dambrāns
Private transportation| ©Kārlis Dambrāns

There are many reasons that may motivate you to hire a private transfer service to move between Amsterdam airport and your destination, even if the price is higher than the train or bus. If you are traveling late at night, with your family or you do not speak English, hiring a private transfer service will make your trip easier and more comfortable.

This door-to-door service has private cars with professional drivers and capacity for up to 6 passengers with one suitcase each, and makes pick-ups throughout the day, making the journey in about 20 minutes.

How it works when arriving at the airport

To go from the airport to your accommodation the driver will wait for you for 45 minutes from the landing of your plane so you can pick up your luggage without haste and with an identification plate with your name so you can locate it. The pick-up point at the airport is one floor above the baggage claim area and is located at exit 3, gate D.

How it works on the way back, when leaving the hotel

Conversely, the system is very similar. You will have to provide your hotel details and pick-up time where the driver will wait for you punctually for up to 20 minutes. If you allow me to give you a piece of advice, be sure to allow enough time before your return to the airport so that traffic will not be a problem for you.

What is included in this private service

  • Private transportation for you and your companion(s) door to door between the airport and your accommodation.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Space for your luggage.
  • Waiting time, the driver will wait for your arrival at the airport and at the hotel.
  • Air-conditioned vehicle.
  • You will receive an immediate confirmation after making your reservation, which can be cancelled with 24 hours notice.

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Shuttle buses between Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport

Schiphol airport shuttle bus stop| ©Robert
Schiphol airport shuttle bus stop| ©Robert

With the Amsterdam Airport Express you can move between the center of Amsterdam and the city airport in about 40 minutes. Their buses, line 397, depart from bus stops B15-19 outside the airport every 7.5 minutes. They also have a night service, the Niteliner line N97, which runs the same route.

A single ticket for the bus between Amsterdam airport and the city center can be purchased online in advance.

When I recommend this option

This bus is recommended to get directly to a specific place in Amsterdam as it makes several strategically located stops. If your accommodation is in the center, for example, you can get off at the Leidseplein stop, while other stops of interest are at the Rijksmuseum, Museumplein and the Olympic Stadium, ending the journey at the Elandsgracht Bus Station.

The Amsterdam Airport Express can accommodate up to 20 people and bulky luggage and is fully equipped with free Wi-Fi, child seats and air conditioning, as well as being wheelchair, stroller and pet friendly.

Bus schedules are from Monday to Sunday from 00:00 to 23:30 hours.

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Private transfer between Amsterdam airport and cruise port

Amsterdam Cruise Port| ©a200/a77Wells
Amsterdam Cruise Port| ©a200/a77Wells

Another possibility that exists when you travel to Amsterdam is that you go to take one of the hundreds of cruises that depart from its port. To facilitate your arrival from the airport to the port there is this private transfer service to the port that will take you there in about 20 to 40 minutes.

How the service works

A professional bilingual driver, in English and Dutch, will wait for you at the arrivals terminal of the airport holding a sign with your name on it for up to one hour. After this time the driver will contact you to verify your location and arrival time. In case your delay is longer than one hour the company will schedule a new pick-up and extra fees may be charged.

These private vehicles are fully adapted to transport people in wheelchairs and children in need of safety seats with an extra child seat service.

  • Flight number
  • Pick-up time
  • Number of passengers
  • Destination address
  • You will receive an immediate confirmation after making your reservation, which is free to cancel 24 hours in advance
  • It is suitable for small children with child seats
  • It is wheelchair friendly

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Other options to move between Amsterdam and Schiphol airport

Schiphol airport sign| ©John van Weelden
Schiphol airport sign| ©John van Weelden

The train

The train is a very common way to move between the center of Amsterdam and Schiphol airport. Trains depart with great frequency, about 9 every hour and 24 hours a day, from the station located under the Schiphol Plaza building and arrive at Amsterdam Central Station in about 15 to 20 minutes.

If you buy tickets online or with an OV-Chipkaart card the price of the train ticket is cheaper and starts from 4 € per person in second class and from 7 € in first class. You can also buy them on arrival at the yellow machines at Schiphol Plaza or at the NS offices at the Meeting Point of the airport, but you will have to pay a supplement of 1€ for the Smart Card.

The main train company in the country is Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) and the journey from the airport to the center of the capital can be made with Intercity Direct and Sprinter trains (via Lelylaan and Sloterdijk). In addition, from Amsterdam Airport you can also take direct trains to Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam.

The Taxi

If you are traveling with several people or you have a lot of luggage, there is also the option of taking a cab between Amsterdam Airport and your accommodation, arriving in about half an hour to the city center.

Frequently asked questions

  • How big is Amsterdam airport?

    Amsterdam airport is a three-level building with a total of 165 gates. It has one terminal with 6 boarding areas.

  • Is Amsterdam airport open at night?

    Yes, Amsterdam airport is open during the night and sleeping is allowed in some areas, as long as there are no flights operating.

  • How far in advance should I arrive at Amsterdam airport before my flight?

    Amsterdam airport has fairly standard check-in times, so arriving 2 hours before departure for a European flight and 3 hours before an intercontinental flight should be more than enough.