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Come on this tour of Wembley Stadium, the largest sporting venue in the UK. Accompanied by a professional guide, you'll gain access to the stadium where England's national team plays its home games. Walk through the players' tunnel, discover the changing rooms, the press room and much more.

For about an hour and a quarter, you will have the opportunity to explore the venue of the 1966 World Cup and the iconic 1948 and 2012 Olympic Games. This stadium has hosted various sporting competitions such as football, rugby, boxing and even various music events.

  • Enter Wembley Stadium and take this tour where you will walk around the pitch, visit the presidential box and walk through the players' tunnel.
  • You'll learn about the history and anecdotes of the England team from a professional guide who will accompany you.
  • You will see some of the treasures of this space such as the 1966 World Cup crossbar and the plaques commemorating the 1948 Olympic Games.

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  • Wembley Stadium Tour
  • Professional guide

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Step by Step

For football fans, this tour of Wembley Stadium is the ideal plan. The visit will last approximately an hour and a quarter. You will be accompanied by a guide, who will give you information about the stadium and the England team. Some important sporting events such as the 1966 World Cup and the 1948 Olympic Games were held here.

You will also have access to the most interesting parts of the stadium: the presidential box, the changing rooms and the tunnel that the players used to cross to access the pitch. You will not forget this experience in the stadium that was christened the "Cathedral of Football" by Pelé, one of the greatest footballers in history.

True football fans know that Wembley Stadium is one of the game's greatest temples. During your visit, you will be able to see a complete collection of football relics: trophies, shirts and photographs. You will also see sporting treasures such as the crossbar from the '66 World Cup and plaques commemorating the '48 Olympics.

It is the home of the FA Cup Final, one of the most important football leagues in England. Other sporting events such as rugby, American football, boxing and other competitions are held here. The stadium has also hosted musical events where world-renowned artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Queen, Guns N Roses and Michael Jackson have performed.

Although it was demolished in 2002, an even better stadium was subsequently built on its foundations. The aim of this new construction was to create the largest stadium in the UK.


· 8063 Reviews
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    A movie. My kids were fascinated, since they sat in the substitutes' chair they are more convinced than ever that they want to dedicate themselves to soccer.
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    The famous stadium where the best concert in history was played. I am a fan of Queen and Freddy Mercury and being at Wembley and imagining what it was like to hear Bohemian Rhapsody there just filled me with emotion.
  • J
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    It is real what it says in the description. The guide was just another fan, he was like a kid wanting to show you his toys, I loved him.
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    For 1 minute, when I was in the press conference area, I got close to the feeling of being the coach of a country. Very exciting
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