Canterbury and Dover Day Trip from London

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Experience Highlights

Get to know the beautiful, small and classic villages of Canterbury and Dover in the East of England during this 1 day tour. On this 11-hour tour you will be accompanied at all times by a tour guide in a group of maximum 35 people.

This guide will explain the history of the towns, as well as the most important monuments such as Dover Castle and Canterbury Cathedral. The trip takes about 2 hours from London and therefore this tour includes air-conditioned coach travel.

  • Visit the countryside and small towns of Canterbury and Dover in just 1 day
  • Visit Canterbury Cathedral and Dover Castle, and visit the beautiful cliffs of Dover.
  • You will always be accompanied by a tour guide and all air-conditioned coach travel is included.

What’s included

  • 1 day tour to Canterbury and Dover
  • Local tour guide
  • Air-conditioned bus journeys
  • Entrance Canterbury Cathedral

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Step by Step

Canterbury and Dover are small villages in the East of England that you can explore on this 1 day trip from London. Over 11 hours, you'll get to know a more rural way of life and environment compared to the capital. To make getting to these villages as easy as possible, the tour includes all the necessary bus travel.

During this excursion, you will be accompanied by a tour guide, who will be in charge of showing you around and telling you everything interesting and relevant about the trip. You will visit different emblematic places such as the Cliffs of Dover. These will provide you with beautiful scenery as you walk along the top of the cliffs, or see them from the beach if the weather conditions are not suitable.

As well as the cliffs, Dover is also famous for its castle . This tour includes an entrance ticket to see its interesting interior. This castle contains the remains of a World War II underground hospital, what were once the royal court rooms of Henry II and tunnels from the medieval wars. As you can see, you will enjoy a journey through the history of different eras.

On the other hand, in Canterbury you will have access to the interior of its cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral being the residence of the religious leader of the Church of England. This way, you will be able to see its Gothic-Romanesque architecture. Although it is already spectacular from the outside, its interior offers a great spectacle of stained glass and colours.


· 263 Reviews
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    100% recommended.
  • F
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    The castle had a lot of old things and also has a very interesting history.
  • N
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    Very good excursion. I recommend that you choose a time when you can see a bit of the sunset because you have a very beautiful view from the cliffs.
  • A
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    The bus was in good condition and they used the air conditioning as mentioned in the reservation. We went to all the places mentioned and also passed by stores where you can buy souvenirs.
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