10 Things to Do in Malaga in November

For many people November is the best month to visit Malaga. During the month of November there are many fairs to taste good food and enjoy.

Andressa García

Andressa García

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10 Things to Do in Malaga in November

Camino del Rey | ©alejandrocuencac

Throughout the month you will have a lot of options to choose from to enjoy Malaga and its charms. In many places you will have the chance to see and learn about the most popular traditions, such as the famous "tostón" of Ojén.

Also in November you will have the chance to enjoy other fairs that are open to the public during this season. This month is characterized by being the time of the street markets in almost all of Spain, so one of the best things to see and do in Malaga during this season, is to stroll through some of them.

1. Fiesta del Mosto in Atajate

Wines in Malaga| ©Antonio
Wines in Malaga| ©Antonio

This is one of the festivals dedicated to the must and the tradition of growing grapes to make Spanish and Malaga wines. The tradition takes place in the village of Atajate, one of the best villages in Malaga and which is also on the route of the best white villages.

This is a party that you can not miss if you go to Malaga in November, much less if you like wine. In the place you will have the chance to try different kinds of wines that the locals themselves offer for tastings. In other words, this is a completely local and autochthonous tradition.

In the must tasting contest, the participants are the ones who decide which have been the best wines of the season, and to reward them, they give a trophy that is awarded in order of quality. The first place producer is awarded the gold grape, the second place the silver grape and the third place the bronze grape.

The event takes place during a single day, specifically, the last Saturday of November, from morning until late at night. If you want to taste wine for free this is the moment because in the celebration around 200 liters of wine are distributed, although it may vary according to the capacity year after year.

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2. Rabbit Festival in Parauta

Rabbit Festival in Parauta| ©MALAGAENELCORAZON
Rabbit Festival in Parauta| ©MALAGAENELCORAZON

This is one of the most exquisite gastronomic celebrations available in November in Malaga. If you are a meat lover, and above all you like to try new flavors, this is one of the festivities you can't miss. The rabbit festival is a time when the locals prepare their best meals based on this particular meat.

Rabbit meat is a food that has accompanied the locals for all their years of history. For this reason, the locals pay tribute to the preparations that can be made with rabbit. For this purpose, a great feast is organized in which the participants offer their best rabbit dishes, to be distributed free of charge to visitors.

This celebration aims to raise awareness of the traditions of the town of Parauta. I recommend that you go to this fair with a lot of desire to try new flavors. It takes place in the heart of the Serrania de Ronda, a place popular for its wineries and vineyards, so the dishes are accompanied with local sweet wines.

In addition, these festivities will be a propitious time for you to also try the traditional pastries of this place, because in addition to offering food dishes, the locals also organize verbenas in which they offer the traditional sweets for sale. Usually this gastronomic fair is also enlivened with music and the best flamenco shows in Malaga.

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3. Popular chestnut toast in Ojén

Chestnuts| ©Jose Antonio Martin
Chestnuts| ©Jose Antonio Martin

This is one of the festivities of tourist singularity of Malaga, and is recognized in this way by the city council and by the government in general. It is one of the best gastronomic traditions of the locality and of all Spain. In fact, the "tostón" takes place in different localities of Malaga.

In the case of Ojen, the traditional "toston" takes place the first Sunday after All Saints' Day, that is to say, starting the month of November. In this traditional celebration, locals and tourists gather around a bonfire to toast the traditional Spanish fruits. In addition, this tradition is accompanied by local liquors and traditional Spanish bacon.

With all these gastronomic options, this festival becomes one of those options that you can not miss if you go to Ojen in November. All this festive autumn atmosphere serves as a prelude to what will be the best winter activities in Malaga and the rest of the country. In addition, to offer more entertainment to those present, traditional games are played during the fairs.

During the gastronomic event you can also enjoy raisins, because they are considered one of the popular strawberries of this region. You can not miss the musical atmosphere from morning until late in the afternoon. It is definitely an activity that I would include among the best things to do with children in Malaga.

4. International Jazz Festival

International Jazz Festival| ©Enzo Fornione
International Jazz Festival| ©Enzo Fornione

Leaving a little of the gastronomic meetings, and if you are one of those who enjoy a good jazz notes, then you will love the International Jazz Festival that takes place in Malaga every year in November. It is a musical meeting of height, where different national and international talents of this musical genre meet.

Generally this festival lasts about a week and takes place in the Cervantes Theater of Malaga, one of the most iconic places in the city, at least in terms of the presentation of multitudinous events. It is held the first week of November and is one of the best alternative dates to spend a pleasant time during the night in Malaga.

To know the updated schedule, I recommend you to visit the website of this event, where you will not only have information about the activity in question, but you can also find out which are the artists performing each day during the festival and how much is the cost of tickets.

Generically the ticket prices to see each artist each night, usually range between 15 and 45 euros, depending of course on the site you choose within the theater and the artist who plays each night. Attending a performance is one of the best things to do in Malaga at night in November.

5. Estepona Orchid Fair

Orchids| ©K.B.L. Luccia-1.000 pic
Orchids| ©K.B.L. Luccia-1.000 pic

This is a nice fair where you can see and learn about different species of orchids that are produced in Estepona. Also, if you are a plant lover, you will have the opportunity to participate in different workshops that aim to explain to locals and visitors the different characteristics of orchids.

In this type of workshops they explain how this plant should be cultivated to produce its best flowers. Every year an exhibition is organized in which the producers gather to show their best orchids and explain to the public present the techniques they used to achieve such plants.

In case you want to take orchids home, you will also be able to do so since, within the orchid festival, there are organized sales where you can buy different types of orchids, according to the type of climate and the care that each person can give them.

This fair takes place at the Estepona Orchidarium in November, and it is an activity where you can not only see orchids, but also other types of plants of all types of climate. To attend you must enter the website of the orchidarium and check the dates and ticket prices, which are usually between one and three euros per person.

6. La Merced Craft Market

La Merced Craft Market| ©José oliver
La Merced Craft Market| ©José oliver

It is true that this is one of the best activities to do in Malaga and that it happens every first Sunday of the month, but without a doubt November is the month in which I like to visit it the most because it is when you can visit it with tranquility and without a lot of tourists or locals.

On the first Sunday of November the market offers the same variety and quantity of handicrafts as in other months, so that is a great advantage. In addition, one of the defining characteristics of this market during this month is that they offer different crafts dedicated to autumn.

Also as Christmas is approaching, it is possible to see in the market of La Merced, different crafts dedicated to the Christmas season, so if you plan to start shopping for Christmas before the holiday season begins, this is a good place to do it.

But also, in the surroundings of the flea market there are different entertainment activities that you will surely enjoy. These activities, in fact, are the best attractions for both locals and tourists. Entering this flea market is free, but once you are inside you will want to take at least one piece.

7. Blues at Moonlight Music Festival in Benalmádena

Blues at Moonlight Music Festival in Benalmádena| ©Sergey Zayko
Blues at Moonlight Music Festival in Benalmádena| ©Sergey Zayko

Although the title of this festival talks about blues music, the truth is that this festival is about rockabilly and international music with American roots. It is a series of concerts to distract the public that prefers heavy music and strong notes. The best thing about this festival is that it is international.

During the concerts you will see the participation of both Spanish artists and artists from other latitudes of the European continent, such as French, Dutch, Swedish or English. All of them with a common goal and that is to pay tribute to the music of American origin such as rock'n'roll.

This festival has several years of history and each year presents different artists who come to activate and fill the afternoon and evening with music in the municipality of Benalmádena. Being so close to the city, it is a good option to include among the best excursions from Malaga, at least to enjoy at night.

You can enjoy this festival during the last week of November being one of the last activities that autumn leaves you, and to welcome winter. It usually takes place during four to five days, but to know the specific place, I recommend you to visit their website and find out the details.

8. Chanfaina Festival

Chanfaina Festival| ©Aykut Aktas
Chanfaina Festival| ©Aykut Aktas

If you like to eat pork offal then this is the party for you. During this celebration tribute is paid to the typical dish of Malaga and other regions in Spain: the Chanfaina. It is a stew prepared from the offal of the pig. It is considered a festival of tourist interest, so it is also a unique celebration.

During the event everything revolves around the chanfaina, so during the last weekend of November, if you attend this festival, you will have the chance to try different styles and preparations of chanfaina in the town of Totalán, which is where this celebration takes place.

In addition to offal, potatoes, different spices and above all pork or blood sausage, all depending on who prepares the recipe. In these celebrations you will not only be able to taste the delicious typical dish of this region, but you will also learn how to prepare it and what is the history of this traditional food.

One of the things I like most about this tradition is the sharing between locals and locals, because part of the tradition is to distribute the dish for free to all attendees, so that everyone can taste the Malaga flavor. All this is accompanied by good music and a varied schedule of activities during the two days of celebration.

9. Mycological Days of Cortes de la Frontera

Malaga| ©Tony Makepeace
Malaga| ©Tony Makepeace

To begin with you have to know that the mycological days are about the study and recognition of the different types of mushrooms. This is a great event that takes place in the area of Cortes de la Frontera, where the public is offered a calendar of varied activities to learn all about mushrooms.

You can participate in exhibitions of species and photographs, mushroom recognition workshops and also in talks and conferences where they talk about the edible mushroom, its proliferation and the different ways to prepare them in Spanish cuisine.

But undoubtedly the activity that you will like the most of these mycological days is the search for mushrooms in the forest. This is one of the experiences that I most like to recommend because different walks are organized in the forest to look for and recognize mushrooms that will then be taken to the camps previously set up.

The mushrooms that are collected in these activities of search and collection go directly to the kitchens that are installed in these provisional tents. There the mushrooms are included in the different preparations and all participants have the opportunity to taste their own collection. This is a complete experience that will lead you to better understand the nature of mushrooms and their culinary benefits.

10. The Benaoján Mushroom Fair

Benaoján's Sausage Fair| ©J cuerpos
Benaoján's Sausage Fair| ©J cuerpos

During the last days of November, Benaoján prepares to give the prelude to Christmas with its famous Chacina Fair. This celebration is a tribute to all meat products from the pig. This is a fair that you will love if you are a lover of pork, ham and other pork products.

Generally the fair continues until well into the month of December, although it can last from two to three days. During the time this fair is in operation, you will be able to see different stands offering pork products of all kinds, where you will be able to buy the ones you prefer.

All this event is accompanied by the sale of local sweet wines, cheese tastings and also some tastings of traditional Malaga sweets. You can enjoy especially the children's performances and for all audiences, musical performances and all kinds of shows.

One of the things I like most about this place is that you can visit the factories where they make sausages and other pork products, to learn about the processes that these foods go through before they are suitable for human consumption.

11. Ham Fair in Campillos

Ham Fair in Campillos| ©H Campillos
Ham Fair in Campillos| ©H Campillos

If there is something traditional all over Spain, it is ham and the products derived from it. In the case of the ham fair in Campillos, it is one of the most famous fairs dedicated to this product. It takes place every November in the municipality of Campillos, one of the closest to the city of Malaga and part of the province of Andalusia.

It is one day a year dedicated to all Iberian products, so if you decide to go to Campillos during that day that the fair takes place, you will have the opportunity to taste much more than the local hams, you will also have to choose from a wide variety of Iberian products such as chorizo, sausages, salami, sausages, black pudding, among other pork products.

This gathering can easily be considered one of the best gastronomic tours in Malaga, because it usually presents the best of Malaga and Spanish cuisine in general, offering locals and visitors the chance to taste local wines, olive oil, cheeses and traditional sweets.

All this great tasting party happens in the middle of a traditional musical atmosphere, so if you are one of those die-hard foodies, this is an excellent plan to do in Malaga in November. The date varies from year to year, but it usually happens during one day in the first week of the month. For more information about it, I recommend you to visit the website of the Town Hall of Campillos.