Port Aventura Barcelona Tickets

Looking for tickets to the theme park on the Costa Dorada? Read on and find out how to plan your visit to Port Aventura.

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Matteo Gramegna

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Port Aventura Barcelona Tickets

Port Aventura | ©Pimkie

Port Aventura is a perfect destination for young and old alike. It is located in the heart of the Costa Dorada, about 100 kilometers from Barcelona and a few meters from the sea. Its magnificent attractions and Mediterranean climate attract thousands of tourists so much that it is among the 5 most visited theme parks in Europe.

There is a lot to see and do in Barcelona and if your stay is long enough, a trip to Port Aventura is highly recommended. Especially if you visit Barcelona with your children.

The most complete option

PortAventura and Ferrari Land Tickets with Transfer from Barcelona

Book your tickets for the two major parks and forget about how to get there.

You will travel to the amusement park in an air-conditioned bus. Includes entrance to Port Aventura and Ferrari Land.

How much do tickets to Port Aventura cost?

Port Aventura| ©Jeremy Thompson
Port Aventura| ©Jeremy Thompson

It depends on what you want to do. As you know, the amusement park is divided into three parts - Port Aventura Park, Ferrari Land and Caribe Aquatic Park - and each has a different cost. The table below brings together all the daily rates:

  • Port Aventura Park
  • Standard ticket: 48 €.
  • Reduced ticket: 42 €.
  • Ferrari Land
  • Standard ticket: 20 €.
  • Reduced ticket: 18 €.
  • Caribe Aquatic Park
  • Standard ticket: 29 €
  • Reduced ticket: 26 €.

Please note that reduced rates apply to both children (4 to 10 years old) and seniors over 60 years old. As for tickets for wheelchair users, you will have to pay 28 € (Port Aventura Park), 12 € (Ferrari Land) and 17 € (Caribe Aquatic Park). These tickets can only be purchased at the ticket office.

Reservation for PortAventura and Ferrari Land with transfers

Are there packages for more than one day?

Port Aventura Attractions| ©Jeremy Thompson
Port Aventura Attractions| ©Jeremy Thompson

Of course you can. If you are traveling to Barcelona for four or more days and it is not your first time in the city, I recommend you take the opportunity to stay one night at Port Aventura.

The most famous amusement park in Spain has several accommodation options and if you prefer you can choose a house or a hostel in the nearby towns.

There are three packages available and the table below shows the characteristics:

  • 2 days and 2 parks
  • Parks included: PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land
  • Standard ticket: 62 €.
  • Reduced ticket: 55 €
  • Wheelchair ticket: 37 €
  • 3 days and 2 parks
  • Parks included: PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land
  • Standard ticket: 82 €.
  • Reduced ticket: 72 €
  • Wheelchair ticket: 47 €
  • 3 days and 3 parks
  • Parks included: PortAventura Park, Ferrari Land and Caribe Aquatic Park
  • Standard ticket: 86 €.
  • Reduced ticket: 76 €
  • Wheelchair ticket: 49 €

Are tickets to Port Aventura included in any of the city's tourist passes?

Port Aventura, Barcelona| ©Infocatalonia.eu
Port Aventura, Barcelona| ©Infocatalonia.eu

Sorry, Barcelona tourist cards do not include tickets for the amusement park in Salou. Port Aventura is a very large park and is a separate destination. It is also located about 100 kilometers from the Catalan capital.

If you are interested in these tourist cards I recommend you to read the post about the Barcelona Museum Pass.

Buy your Barcelona Museum Pass

Can I get tickets at the ticket office?

Port Aventura| ©Pimkie
Port Aventura| ©Pimkie

Port Aventura ticket offices are located at the main entrance of each park and begin operating at 10:00 am. Please note that tickets purchased at the ticket office must be used on the same day.

In my opinion this is not the most advisable option since it is very likely that you will have to wait a long time. To avoid queues I recommend you to buy them on their official website.

What you can't miss in Port Aventura

Tutuki Splash, Port Aventura| ©thecrypt
Tutuki Splash, Port Aventura| ©thecrypt

Since 1995, the year of its opening, Port Aventura has become a sought-after destination for both Spanish and foreign tourists.

Choosing the best attractions is complicated as there are many and they are designed for different audiences. Even so, we can highlight our top five:

  • Tutuki Splash (Polynesia zone), simulates a wooden boat going down a river. It is perfect if you have traveled to Barcelona in summer.
  • Dragon Kahn, the first new generation roller coaster in our country. It is the icon of the park and for many years hosted the highest vertical loop in the world (China zone).
  • Imperial Cobra, a colorful snake that is very popular with the kids (China zone).
  • Angkor, a unique water attraction. The little boats follow the current in an environment reminiscent of Cambodian landscapes (China zone). Each boat has a water gun that you can use to wet the other participants.
  • El Diablo, the mine train. It is the most recommended if you travel to Barcelona with children as it is not as extreme as other roller coasters in Port Aventura.

How much time do you need to visit Port Aventura?

Port Aventura| ©Pimkie
Port Aventura| ©Pimkie

It depends on your tastes. The amusement park is very extensive - it occupies 119 hectares of surface - and has an endless number of attractions. If you are interested in something specific like the roller coasters or the Sesame Street area, you can dedicate just one day to it.

However, if you love theme parks and it's your first time in Port Aventura, I recommend staying overnight to dedicate two days to the experience.

Port Aventura opening hours

Dragon Khan, Port Aventura| ©Olivier Bruchez
Dragon Khan, Port Aventura| ©Olivier Bruchez

It depends on the day and the season. In the summer months it is usually open from 10:00 to 23:00. In winter and spring the opening hours are somewhat shorter: from 10:00 to 18:00, from 10:00 to 19:00 or from 10:00 to 22:00.

If you travel to Barcelona in autumn, keep in mind that on Halloween the amusement park opens as during the summer season: from 10:00 to 23:00.

Tips for visiting Port Aventura

Port Aventura| ©Pimkie
Port Aventura| ©Pimkie

Are you traveling with your family and want to make the most of your day at Port Aventura? No problem! We have prepared a decalogue with the best tips:

  • Arrive early to avoid crowds and try the busiest carousels right away.
  • Save on parking. With a little luck you can park for free on Avenida Alcalde Pere Molas.
  • Read the height requirements in advance. Like other amusement parks, also the one in Salou has some limitations linked to height. As a general rule, you only need to be at least 140 cm tall to go up. In case you go up with an adult, the minimum height is 120 cm.
  • If you visit Port Aventura from Barcelona in winter or autumn, I recommend you to bring a raincoat to mitigate the rain or simply to avoid getting wet on the roller coasters. In case you arrive in summer, remember that some attractions do not allow access with a swimsuit.
  • Do not eat at the usual times. After all, you didn't come for lunch.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. You will have to walk a lot during the day. Remember that flip-flops cannot be worn on all attractions and must be left in dedicated areas.
  • Port Aventura has a wide range of fast food restaurants. However, if you feel like eating a la carte you have four options: Iron Horse (Far West), La Hacienda (Mexico), Ristorante Cavallino (Ferrari Land) and Racó de Mar (Mediterranean).
  • Take the internal train to move around the park quickly.
  • Use the shopping pick-up service. Otherwise you will have to carry them all day long.
  • Last but not least, don't buy your tickets at the last minute! You will avoid queues and save some money.

How to get to Port Aventura

Mediterranean Highway| ©Derek Rankine
Mediterranean Highway| ©Derek Rankine

The theme park occupies a large area spread over two municipalities of the Costa Dorada: Vila-Seca and Salou. As it is located in the heart of a tourist area, it is very easy to reach by public transport as well as by private means of transport.

The A-7, the Mediterranean Motorway and the R-16 line of the Rodalies de Catalunya guarantee quick and easy transfers.

For more info I recommend you to read the article on how to get to Port Aventura.