The palm grove of Marrakech, the perfect place for camel rides

Located on the outskirts of Marrakech is the most impressive palm oasis in all of Morocco. In addition to fabulous camel rides at sunset discover other unique activities to enjoy in this paradisiacal destination.

Katherine Betances

Katherine Betances

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The palm grove of Marrakech, the perfect place for camel rides

Marrakech palm trees | ©Niel Taelman

It is known as the Beverly Hills of Marrakech since on its grounds you will find not only fabulous palm trees and breathtaking scenery but also some of the country's finest luxury hotels and spas. Made up of several hundred thousand trees, the grounds of the Marrakech Palm Grove extend over an area of approximately 8 square kilometers.

The cheapest option

Marrakech Palm Grove Camel Ride

Visit the palm grove by camel or dromedary.

Take a unique tour on the back of a camel, while observing the scenery up close at a leisurely pace and orchestrated by the camel guide leading the caravan.

Duration: 1 hour

Explore the impressive Marrakech Palm Grove on a guided tour on a camel and experience Moroccan culture at its best. You will meet local people and even get to dress up and try on typical Saharan clothing.

Camel rides in Marrakech usually last an hour on average and include a stop for tea in a Berber village composed of old and traditional houses.

Recommended if... you want to do something different, touring one of the most famous landscapes of Marrakech and living a cultural experience along the way.

The most complete option

Marrakech Majorelle Gardens and Palmeraie Tour

Tour the Majorelle gardens, the palm grove and take a camel ride.

Explore these attractions of the city in the same excursion. See art, landscapes and nature. Learn to ride a camel and get a complete experience of Moroccan culture.

Duration: 4 hours

The Majorelle Garden is considered one of the most attractive tourist spots in Marrakech. It is a botanical garden designed by the French artist Jacques Majorelle in 1924; when he acquired what was then an estate of palm trees and commissioned the architect Paul Sinoir to build an Art Deco style villa.

The Chalet is composed on the first level by the main house and the second floor is an artistic workshop of immense decorations. The architectural work and the garden had been abandoned since 1962 when, after an accident, Jacques was forced to return to Paris. The property was acquired, refurbished and reopened to the public in 1980 after the acquisition by Yves Saint-Laurent.

Two very interesting aspects to which you should pay attention during your visit to the Majorelle Garden:

  • The characteristic blue color of the villa created by the artist himself and named Majorelle blue.
  • The impressive botanical garden is composed of a central basin and several environments of lush vegetation. In its green leaves nest hundreds of birds which turn the property into an exotic living garden.

Recommended if... you want to tour this architectural and artistic luxury, while enjoying a camel ride in Berber attire.

Live the experience of a luxury Spa

Spa in Morocco| ©Philipp Bock
Spa in Morocco| ©Philipp Bock

To enjoy the Marrakech Palm Grove is to encounter one of the most impressive luxury destinations in Morocco. In it converge five-star hotels and spas with treatments and experiences that are a little out of what we are used to resembling the traditional Moroccan hammam.

The hammam is an oriental ritual that cleanses the body and mind. In the Moroccan spas located in the Palm Grove of Marrakech you will find the complete experience surrounded by a luxurious environment and with expert therapists available to ensure that your visit is as relaxing as possible. In most of these spaces you can enjoy a sauna, accompanied by additional treatments such as a full body black soap exfoliation followed by an argan oil massage.

  • Price of the experience: 50 to 100 €. Many of these packages can include transfer to and from your hotel in the city.

Desert quad tour and camel ride all in one afternoon

In Squad through the Moroccan palm grove| ©Laila Diaz
In Squad through the Moroccan palm grove| ©Laila Diaz

A quad tour in the desert will allow you to explore large tracts of land in a shorter period of time; accompanied by professional guides who know the area and will know how to stop at the points of greatest interest. If you want to take a break from the more typical tourist activities in the red city, this is an interesting option to do with children in Marrakech as long as they are above the age limit of 6 years old. Children from 6 to 16 years old can participate in the desert tour but always accompanied by an adult and as a secondary passenger of the vehicle.

After finishing the first part of the tour you can join a caravan of camels in the heart of the palm grove of Marrakech. This part of the adventure is much quieter and relaxed, allowing you to enjoy the Berber villages, the desert palms and the dreamlike landscape that makes up this oasis.

  • Price of the experience: about 80 €. It usually includes round trip transportation to a meeting point in the center of Marrakech and a half day Quad tour combined with a camel ride in the desert of Palm Grove.
  • Duration: 3 hours

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Sunset tea in the palm grove of Marrakesh

Sunset in the palm grove| ©Pablo S.O.
Sunset in the palm grove| ©Pablo S.O.

If you want to experience the desert of Marrakech in one day like a real Moroccan, sign up for a sunset in the palm grove of Marrakech with a tasty and traditional mint tea. This unique experience can easily be complemented with a camel ride through the palm trees to watch the sun set over the desert landscape.

If you hire a private tour from Marrakech the company will pick you up in Marrakech and take you in a private vehicle to a typical Berber village to enjoy the tea as the locals do.

From this point you will go to the Palm grove where the camel ride will start among the lush palm trees while the sunset is on the horizon. This scenery is truly amazing so make sure your camera is the first thing you pack in your backpack before setting off.

This type of excursion is usually done in small groups which allows the guide to be attentive to each of the travelers. The only disadvantage is that during busy periods it can be difficult to find space for certain excursions, so if you can make your reservations in advance, don't think twice.

  • Price of the experience: around 45 €.

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Quad biking adventure through the Berber villages and the Palm Grove

Touring the palm grove| ©briDom
Touring the palm grove| ©briDom

If for some reason animal rides such as camel rides do not appeal to you, you have the option of exploring the palm grove of Marrakech on a quad bike. This is an exciting adventure that will take you out of your comfort zone to experience the tranquility of the desert in a completely different way, as driving a motorized vehicle will allow you to cover a larger area in a shorter period of time. Additionally the routes designed by the guides include stops in some traditional Berber villages to appreciate the local culture, have a mint tea or simply share with the locals.

Important aspects to consider...

If you are traveling to Morocco with children it is good to know that most of the companies that offer quad tours in the desert allowchildren over 6 years old tojoin the tour as second passengers. The excursions are organized in small groups that allow the guide to have more control.

  • Price of the experience: about 40€ per person (depending on the company and service you hire).

Horseback riding in the palm grove of Marrakech

Horseback riding in the Palm Grove| ©Antonia Corrado
Horseback riding in the Palm Grove| ©Antonia Corrado

Another interesting alternative to enjoy a tour of the Palm Grove of Marrakech and that does not involve the use of camels, is a quiet ride through palm trees. Totally recommended if you are a horse lover and the idea of meeting a beautiful Moroccan specimen seems exciting to you.

Many tour companies offer horseback riding activities in the Palm Grove of Marrakech that start with a talk by the instructor on basic safety measures. Then, a small group consisting of the guide, the horses and their respective riders depart for the incredible landscapes of arid hills, in many cases making a stop at the Tensift River to finally reach the Palm Grove.

  • Price of the experience: from 60 €.

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Play golf in the most exclusive golf courses in Morocco

Golf in the Palm Grove| ©Iain I
Golf in the Palm Grove| ©Iain I

Although it may come as a surprise to many, the Marrakech Palm Grove is one of the most exclusive and sought-after destinations in Morocco for golf lovers. If you love this practice and you are on vacation on Moroccan soil you should seriously consider a visit to some of the luxury hotels located in the palm grove and pay special attention to those who have on their property the luxurious courses.

The golf courses located here take advantage of the beauty of the Palm grove and the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains to offer their visitors the most breathtaking views and significantly enrich the experience of playing golf in the desert. The design of the courses promises the most experienced players a challenging and exciting test, while less experienced players will be able to take their first steps in this discipline with ease.

  • Price of the experience: the green fee is around 60 €.

Keep in mind that the price varies depending on many factors such as the course you choose, the number of holes and whether or not you choose to rent a cart.

How to get to the Palm Grove from the city of Marrakech?

Touring the Palm Grove at Sunset| ©EliBet.
Touring the Palm Grove at Sunset| ©EliBet.

Due to its proximity to the city, a short drive will allow you to reach the Palm Grove. Some of the best transportation options are:

On an organized tour

Many guided tours and excursions to the Palm Grove of Marrakech include the alternative of transportation to and from the hotel, possibly the most convenient option of all since it avoids the need to plan every little detail of the trip. In addition, the organizers of these types of excursions know where to take tourists who want to enjoy the best of the country.

By cab

From anywhere in Marrakech you can hire a cab service to take you directly to the Palm Grove. Due to the proximity you should not pay a very high rate but the best thing in Marrakech is always to negotiate the price in advance before getting into the car.

By private car

In Marrakech has rental options for vehicles of all types so if you prefer to move on your own and at your own time this is an interesting alternative. A small vehicle will cost about 8 € per day, to this rate you must add the cost of fuel.

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