Essaouira Day Trips from Marrakech

Why a day trip away from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech to visit this seaside village is a good idea.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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Essaouira Day Trips from Marrakech

Waves lapping the ramparts of Essaouira | ©Doug Knuth

Marrakech traps the traveler, but its chaos can be overwhelming. Marrakech also asks its visitors for a respite: that respite is on the Atlantic coast and is called Essaouira. Known as "The Pearl of the Atlantic", this fishing town is ideal to complement your trip.

The best option: a day trip from Marrakech

Mulay el Hassan square| ©Andy Wright
Mulay el Hassan square| ©Andy Wright

Strolling around Essaouira is like taking a vacation from the hustle and bustle of the capital, as well as an exquisite opportunity to taste its fish or seafood at very cheap prices. You can visit Essaouira in a comfortable and complete way with this round trip from Marrakech.

Walk along its promenade, the streets of the historic center and of course its medina, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. All this guided by a local guide who will tell you about the great cultural richness of this wonderful city on the shores of the Atlantic.

In addition, throughout the tour of Essaouira you will learn how argan oil, a typical product of the region, is worked, thanks to a visit to a cooperative.

Recommended if... You do not want to miss this small oasis of Morocco and visit it in a comfortable day trip at the best possible price.

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How is the day trip to Essaouira?

Strolling around Essaouira
Strolling around Essaouira

Essaouira is only three hours from Marrakech by road. This distance, coupled with the size of this fishing town, makes it possible to get to know the area well with a round trip in one day. I recommend this day trip to Essaouira because in addition to picking you up and dropping you off at your hotel, you will make several stops along the way to see points of interest. Once you arrive in Essaouira, you will have time to see the city at your leisure.

The price of this tour is quite affordable and you will be accompanied by a specialized guide; the tour is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic. Transportation is by air-conditioned minivan, something that is quite appreciated in this country and that will allow you to forget about discomfort and logistics.

The departure from Marrakech will be early in the morning, so you should get up early that day; the return will be late in the afternoon, so that day you better not make many other plans apart from this tour except maybe a dinner in a restaurant near your hotel in Marrakech.


Before arriving in Essaouira you will make some stops. Although these may change depending on the date on which the tour takes place, when I did it were:

  • Ounagha: it is a very small village where you will see goats climbing trees to reach what for them is a delicacy: argan nuts. This food is what makes goat meat in this region one of the best in Morocco.
  • Marjana Cooperative: it is an artisan cooperative founded by women. At this stop they will show you how the members of this cooperative manually weave garments on large looms or something even more interesting: how they dye the wool in bright colors.
  • Tilila Cooperative: it is dedicated to the production of argan oil and in addition to learning the properties of this cosmetic product you can buy it at an economical price and with the guarantee that it is handmade and not industrial.

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What you can't miss on a day trip to Essaouira

Strolling through charming places
Strolling through charming places

If you leave early in the morning, you will arrive in Essaouira at noon. You will have plenty of time to visit the city in depth, so the first thing I recommend is that you take a walk through the center to recognize the area.

If you go on an organized tour the guide will tell you without problem what are the sights to visit, but remember that in this type of excursions you will go at your own pace and the guide will not accompany you during the time you are in Essaouira, but you will meet him again at the meeting point at the time of return. The main points of interest to visit Essaouira in one day are:

The streets of the Medina

Thanks to them the town of Essaouira was declared a World Heritage Site. The white and blue make you go back in time as you stroll through the city center and get lost in its narrow streets quietly and without stress. Although in Essaouira they are used to tourists, they will not pressure you to buy as in Marrakech, which you will find a relief.

The square of Mulay el Hassan

It is the heart of Essaouira. In this square the streets converge on one side and the wall and the sea on the other. It is an ideal place to take a break and sit down for a coffee or tea on one of its terraces. It will also be a key location during your tour of the city.

The Skala de la Ville Wall

In front of the square you will find the city wall (a Berber construction of the eighteenth century) and walk it is the obligatory walk in Essaouira. You will be interested to know that this wall was one of the scenes of the famous series Game of Thrones, you will surely find some reference during your walk along it.

What you will also find if you are attentive is a hole in the wall from which you can see the island of Mogador. Get your camera ready and get in line to immortalize these views. Finally, if you are a fan of shopping and crafts, at the bottom of this wall you will find several stores to browse and, if you're lucky, find some different treasures than those in the souk of Marrakech.

The port

Essaouira is known for being a city of fishermen, so passing through the city's port is a must. In addition to beautiful views by the sea, what you will enjoy here is a fabulous seafood feast at a very affordable price. Lunchtime in Morocco is between two and three in the afternoon approximately, but it is possible that some of these restaurants, accustomed to tourists, will serve you out of hours especially if it is a weekend.

The beach

If you dare to take a dip, stroll along the sand or watch the sunset from the rocks, the beach of Essaouira will be waiting for you. It has a water temperature of 18 degrees all year round, something that in summer can be a relief if you flee from the sweltering heat of Morocco.

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Eating in Essaouira

Typical Moroccan food| ©Annie Spratt
Typical Moroccan food| ©Annie Spratt

Eating in this fishing town deserves a special mention. The fish and seafood served in the port delights all visitors, especially for its value for money. For about 8 or 10 euros you can eat fish of excellent quality and for about 15 euros you can feast. Take advantage of the opportunity.

The guide of your excursion or any of the locals with whom you strike up a conversation can recommend places, but you can sit down with peace of mind in any restaurant of the port since the quality and prices are similar in all of them.

Forget about the menu; here everything is cooked on the grill. Choosing a dish in the restaurants of the port will be easy; they usually have the catch of the day on display and the price is paid by weight. If you see that they want to charge you a figure higher than the local prices that seems "very European" refuse the offer directly and go to another stall; they may be trying to take advantage.

When to go to Essaouira

Sunsets from the coast
Sunsets from the coast

The weather

The climate in Essaouira allows you to visit at any time of the year. August is the hottest month with an average of 28 degrees Celsius and January is the coldest month with about 10 degrees Celsius.

Anyway, I advise you, especially in the summer, do not get carried away by the thermometer because, due to the humidity, the wind chill will be much higher than the thermometer. As for rainfall, from December to March you will find more rainy days, but the rest of the year practically no rain is seen in Essaouira.

Tourist inflow

In terms of tourist influx, the best time to visit Essaouira will depend a bit on your travel plans. The city, in general terms is not usually crowded, but usually receives more tourists in the spring months which is the high season for travel to Morocco or in the autumn months as Essaouira is very windy and this is the best time for surfing and similar sports.

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Tips for an excursion to Essaouira

Essaouira beach| ©Peter Schulz
Essaouira beach| ©Peter Schulz

If you have already been to Marrakech you will know that, when packing your suitcase to travel to Morocco there are certain rules that should be observed in terms of clothing. The ideal is not to wear anything transparent or too tight, but here, as in Marrakech, they are used to tourists, so it is not necessary to cover yourself, although you should dress with some restraint if you want to avoid uncomfortable situations. Remember that this is their culture and not yours.

What to bring on the excursion

For this particular excursion to Essaouira from Marrakech, I recommend comfortable shoes (although you will not be walking long distances either; it is more for comfort during the trip), light clothing and, if you go in winter, a sleeve in case it cools down in the late afternoon. If you go in an air-conditioned vehicle, take something to cover yourself during the trip.

It would not be superfluous (at least in my case not only was not, but I missed it) something to eat and drink during the trip because, even if you count on arriving an hour back to Marrakech, unforeseen events may arise and on the way back you will not have any stop where you can eat something.

Learn about the local culture

If you take a guide with you during the excursion to Essaouira do not hesitate to ask him, not only about the history and the corners of the place but also about places to buy handicrafts, places to eat according to your tastes or less known corners of the city to take nice pictures.

As for the latter, think twice before photographing locals without asking permission; some may get annoyed or the artisans may think you are copying their work. If you ask them politely by showing them your camera if you can take a picture of them they will either give you permission themselves or back off if they don't want to go out.

Shopping in Essaouira

As for shopping, be aware that at many of the stops you make along the Marrakech-Essaouira route you will encounter local artisans. Some will probably urge you to shop a little more discreetly than in Marrakech, but don't let yourself be carried away by the impulse.

Moroccans are used to dealing and bargaining with tourists so they will always start from a higher price than what they are actually willing to sell you the particular piece for. What you should buy in Essaouira is argan oil, but if the prices they give you are similar to European prices, discard them.

Ana's Traveller Tip

Beware of "unofficial cabs" in Marrakech that approach you to take you to places like Essaouira. In addition to not being professional drivers, they may not comply with safety measures.

How to get to Essaouira on your own

The Skala de la Ville Wall| ©Jean-Marc Astesana
The Skala de la Ville Wall| ©Jean-Marc Astesana

The easiest option to get to Essaouira from Marrakech is to do it with an organized tour; besides the fact that the price is very affordable, private transportation allows you to save on logistics and waiting time (something that in a country like Morocco can be an important plus). However, there are also other transportation alternatives from Marrakech:


It leaves from the bus station in Marrakech and there are several companies (highlighting the CTM) that take you there in two and a half hours of travel. The round trip ticket will cost you about 70 dirhams (6.40 euros). If you are taking the bus, remember three things: get to the station early on the way out, don't arrive too late on the way back from Essaouira and be patient if, instead of keeping to the timetable, the buses simply leave when they are full.

Hiring a cab

In Marrakech it is common to negotiate with some cab drivers a price per day and during the day the cab is at your disposal to go wherever you want. It can be an option if you want to visit more places besides Essaouira, but it will not be cheap (although you can always negotiate the price) and it will not be the most comfortable since most cabs in Morocco are not exactly luxury and driving is not the safest in general terms.

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