Rome Catacombs and Appian Way Private Guided Tour

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The Appian Way contains much of the history of the Roman Empire, but is located on the southern outskirts of the city. However, this tour offers no problem getting there as this completely private tour also includes pick-up and drop-off at the hotel in an air-conditioned car. The tour lasts approximately 3 hours in total.

Along the way you will visit the Appian Way, but also included are guided tours to the underground Christian catacombs of your choice of St. Callixtus, St. Sebastian or St. Domitilla, and the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella.

  • Visit the Appian Way, the Christian catacombs and the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella accompanied by a professional guide.
  • Pick up and drop off from the hotel by car is included.
  • Enjoy a completely private experience, and at the end receive a blessing from the Pope on a parchment.

What’s included

  • Pick up and return to the hotel by air-conditioned car.
  • Local tour guide
  • Entrance to the catacombs
  • Visit to the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella (from outside)

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Step by Step

The Appian Way was Europe's first motorway and remains one of Rome's top attractions. Its location is a bit far from the city centre but that won't be a problem as this tour includes the return trip from your hotel to the Appian Way in an air-conditioned vehicle. Therefore, from the very beginning you will be able to experience this private experience with just you and your companions, and at the end you will receive a blessing from the Pope on a parchment.

The tour lasts about 3 hours, including all the routes. In addition to walking the Appian Way, you will also enter two of the most interesting places on the Via Appia. This includes entrance fees and guided visits to monuments such as the underground Christian catacombs, choosing one of St. Callixtus, St. Sebastian or St. Domitilla.

The difference between these is that each contains tombs and sarcophagi from different periods and with different characteristics. More than fifty martyrs and sixteen pontiffs are buried in San Callisto. In San Sebastiano there are whole and fragmented sarcophagi from the 4th century and in Santa Domitilla there are the oldest tombs in Rome.

On the other hand, a visit from the outside to the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella, a Roman lady, is also included. This mausoleum dates back to the 1st century BC and is one of the best known and best preserved monuments along the Appian Way.


· 36 Reviews
  • J
    Jean-Michel Cucchi
    (0 Reviews)
    Un guide ultra motivé et « investi », certains pourrait trouver presque trop car c’est vrai qu’il n’arrete pas de transmettre des informations et des explications. Pour ma part j’ai beaucoup apprécié.
  • M
    (0 Reviews)
    My last day in Rome I took the opportunity to do this tour and the truth is that I am more than happy, I could not miss something like this. It may be a little long for some but I assure you that you will learn a lot of history and culture that you did not know. A tour more than recommended for everyone.
  • S
    (0 Reviews)
    It was all great, we are very happy to have done this tour, it is full of amazing stories.
  • D
    (0 Reviews)
    I highly recommend the tour if you are in Rome.
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