10 Things to Do in Budapest in March

Budapest in March begins to give way to the first warm days, although it can still snow and be cold. Here I bring you some of the best keys to make the most of it.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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10 Things to Do in Budapest in March

Budapest | ©Kate Kasiutich

March is a month of great importance for Budapest, as it is the date on which Hungary Day is commemorated. If you like history, this will undoubtedly be one of the most important reasons to choose to visit the Hungarian capital in March. But, in addition, you will also enjoy many tourist attractions in one of the European capitals that you certainly cannot miss.

1. Take a relaxing cruise on the Danube to welcome spring

Buda Castle and a Cruise| ©Dennis Jarvis
Buda Castle and a Cruise| ©Dennis Jarvis

The Danube River is truly a spectacular sight, and if you book a cruise on it you will get to know its incredible travel spots.

In addition, you can choose from several options, as there are cruises for all tastes and needs: night cruises, day cruises, cruises with dinner and live music...

Book a cruise on the Danube

2. Enjoy the nature in the city and its surroundings

Margaret Island| ©Cristian K
Margaret Island| ©Cristian K

March is the month when spring begins in Budapest, which means that, as far as the local flora is concerned, it is an excellent time to visit the Paris of Eastern Europe.

In addition, the natural environment options in Budapest are not only ideal for lovers of outdoor physical activities, but for all those who want to add color and connection with the earth to their social networks. If you like photography, March will definitely be ideal for you. Just don't forget to bring a coat, because you never know.

You can take a bike tour around Budapest for the best outdoor experiences.

The best rides in the city

These are just some of the parks, walks and trails you can choose from:

  • Margaret Island: duration of 2 or 3 hours. Ideal to disconnect from the noise of the city.
  • Normafa Park: duration of 2 or 3 hours. One of the best places to enjoy the views of Budapest.
  • Füvészkert Botanical Garden - Botanical Garden of ELTE: duration 1 to 2 hours. Perfect for couples looking for a romantic walk in Budapest.
  • Sas Hill Nature Reserve: this is a protected area where you can enjoy a unique environment.
  • Hármashatárhegy: more than 3 hours. A beautiful area to enjoy a panoramic view. Of course: be prepared against the wind.

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3. Relax in the thermal waters of its spas

Széchenyi Hot Springs| ©Hindol Bhattacharya
Széchenyi Hot Springs| ©Hindol Bhattacharya

Hungary is a land of hot springs, and Budapest has more than 100 springs, for you to enjoy when the cold has not yet left, getting into hot waters that will relax you like nothing else.

Here is a selection of these hot springs, but first, a clarification: keep in mind that some of the pools are not mixed:

  • Széchenyi: its waters are hot all year round, so if you travel to Budapest in March you can still enjoy them. It is the largest spa in the whole continent, and even its building is an attraction in itself. In addition, you can go at night.
  • Gellert: it is one of the most photographed spas in history. Its indoor pool, the most famous, is cold all year round.
  • Rudas Baths: the aesthetics of this place is amazing. Its baths date from the time of the invasion of the Ottoman Empire and this can be seen in the architectural style.
  • Lukács: its entrance is included in the Budapest Card. While the baths are ideal for a day of relaxation, you can also go on a Saturday night to see the place partying.

By the way, if you finally decide to enjoy an experience at the Széchenyi Spa, you should know that the ticket includes a guided tour of the Palinka Museum and a tasting of palinka, a traditional Hungarian alcoholic beverage.

Széchenyi Spa ticket reservation

4. Tour the city with the best tours of Budapest

Holocaust Memorial Park| ©Yelkrokoyade
Holocaust Memorial Park| ©Yelkrokoyade

If you are thinking of traveling to Budapest in March and want to start getting to know the city, you can take advantage of the options of tours in Budapest:

Book the best tours in Budapest

5. Taste the Restaurant Week

Hungarian Goulash| ©Csaba Nagy
Hungarian Goulash| ©Csaba Nagy

You will surely want to know the best typical dishes of Budapest and the Restaurant Week is an ideal occasion. It is ten days in March in which approximately 100 restaurants will serve special menus at prices impossible to resist.

Of course, you must make your reservation on the official website at least two days before.

But if, unfortunately, your stay does not coincide with the Restaurant Week, you can always take a 6-course dinner cruise where you will taste six traditional dishes of Hungarian cuisine while sailing on the Danube and enjoying a piano concert. Sounds good, doesn't it?

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6. Immerse yourself in the Spring Festival in Budapest

Spring Festival| ©Pedro Orrego
Spring Festival| ©Pedro Orrego

At the Budapest Spring Festival, the whole city turns into an open-air theater. It is a series of events that usually take place from about the last two weeks of March in Budapest, and continue in April.

I am talking about one of the most important events in Hungary, not only in March, but throughout the year. International artists converge in Budapest, with a wide program and a variety of offerings for all tastes.

It is a fun way to welcome spring, and celebrate the break in the cold that plagues the city during the winter months.

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7. Celebrate the Hungarian National Day Festival

Hungarian National Day Celebration| ©Marietta
Hungarian National Day Celebration| ©Marietta

March 15th is the Hungarian National Day, and there are many celebrations that you can be part of. It is a date that commemorates the uprising against the Habsburgs and whose celebrations take place in various parts of the city, such as squares and museums.

You can soak up the folklore of this culture, enjoy typical food fairs, and even have access to some handicraft workshops. Undoubtedly, a cultural experience that will be worthwhile.

By the way, booking a guided tour of Budapest can be the best way to learn about the history and culture of the city, as an expert guide will tell you all its secrets.

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8. Join the Budapest Photo Festival

Taking a picture| ©Alexey Demidov
Taking a picture| ©Alexey Demidov

The Budapest Photography Festival pursues the goal of making Budapest the City of Photography. For this, it uses a series of exhibitions throughout the year, which seeks to represent the contemporary and classic photography of the Hungarian scene and the rest of the world, as well as conferences, workshops, photo marathons or educational events in museums.

If you travel in March to Budapest and you are interested in art, photography and culture, you should take a look at this irresistible plan.

And, if this is the case, be sure to purchase the Budapest card, which gives you free access to cultural centers such as the Budapest History Museum or the Hungarian National Gallery.

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9. Do not miss the fish festival in Budapest

Enjoying the Fish Festival| ©Lóránt Dénes
Enjoying the Fish Festival| ©Lóránt Dénes

The Budapest Fish Festival comes to Hungary in March to celebrate the city's freshwater fish, and how it contributes to local culinary traditions.

At the festival you will find food stalls, workshops, tastings and other activities related to this culinary phenomenon. Whatever you do, be sure to try the spicy fisherman's soup!

And, you know, if you want to praise the river as it deserves, do not miss a sightseeing cruise on the Danube

Book a sightseeing cruise in Budapest

10. Visit the Ecseri Flea Market

Budapest Flea Market| ©Sebastian Muñoz
Budapest Flea Market| ©Sebastian Muñoz

A great option to visit if you travel to Budapest in March is the Ecseri flea market, where you can find all kinds of bargains.

Although you can go all year round, the truth is that, being March mid-season, you will find much better prices than if you went during the height of the tourist season.

If you want to return home with amazing souvenirs of Budapest, you should mark this point on the map and do not miss it for anything.

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Weather in Budapest in March

Budapest by night| ©Cristian Bortes
Budapest by night| ©Cristian Bortes

March is the beginning of spring in Budapest:

  • The chances of rain are about 5 days per month.
  • In addition, humidity increases, and cloudiness decreases, although it is still ever present, as usual in Hungary.
  • You can also expect winds.
  • Maximum temperatures are 14° and minimum temperatures are .

Ideally, you should bring warm clothes, but also warm clothes, an umbrella and a windbreaker, so that nothing tarnishes your well-deserved vacation in Budapest. In addition, I recommend you to visit our tips you should follow for traveling to Budapest.

Please note that, at this time, the days lengthen to begin to last approximately 13 hours. The hours of sunlight also increase, so it is an ideal time to take pictures, so don't forget to bring your camera!