10 Things to Do in Phoenix in November

November is the prelude to winter in Phoenix, but it still offers pleasant weather and some of the best events of the season. Here's what you can do in this autumnal month in Arizona's capital city.

Matías Rodríguez

Matías Rodríguez

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10 Things to Do in Phoenix in November

Phoenix Zoo |©Jon Van Lew

If you plan to visit Phoenix and want to escape the sweltering temperatures, November is an ideal month to plan your tour. This time of year marks the point before winter in the city, although temperatures remain pleasant, the flow of tourists is moderate and the state capital's calendar includes some of the best events of the season.

Some of the best things to do in Phoenix in November include experiencing the Festival of Lights at the Phoenix Zoo, enjoying the interactive exhibits at Legoland Discovery Center, celebrating Day of the Dead at the Desert Botanical Garden, participating in the Thanksgiving Run, strolling the trails at Papago Park and touring the Grand Canyon by helicopter.

1. Experience the Festival of Lights at the Phoenix Zoo

zoo lights in the night|©Monty Jackson
zoo lights in the night|©Monty Jackson

If you want to immerse yourself in a magical world of lights and joy during your visit to the city, you can't miss exploring the Festival of Lights at the Phoenix Zoo. This special event, which begins in November and ends in January, transforms the site into a spectacle of dazzling colors and festive scenes that will leave you in awe.

During the festival you can walk the zoo's illuminated walkways while enjoying the light displays that adorn the trees, shrubs and buildings. Every nook and cranny becomes a luminous masterpiece, creating a visually captivating experience, especially if you plan to visit Phoenix at night.

In addition to the dazzling lights, the festival offers a variety of entertainment and activities for the whole family. You can enjoy live performances, such as holiday choirs and musical performances, that will get you in the holiday spirit. You'll also find food and drink stalls where you can enjoy delicious snacks and hot drinks to keep you warm during your visit.

One of the biggest attractions at the Festival of Lights is the opportunity to see and learn about the zoo's nocturnal animals. You can attend educational talks and meetings with the animals' keepers to learn more about their nocturnal behavior and adaptations for life in the dark.

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2. Enjoy the interactive exhibits at the Legoland Discovery Center.

Legoland Discovery Center Phoenix Arizona|©Michael
Legoland Discovery Center Phoenix Arizona|©Michael

If you plan to visit Phoenix with your family, one of the best alternatives for your trip is to enjoy an exciting day full of fun and creativity at Legoland Discovery Center. This entertainment center offers interactive exhibits in November that will immerse you in a world of building and playing with LEGO blocks.

At Legoland Discovery Center you can explore different themed areas, such as MINILAND, where famous Phoenix landscapes and monuments are recreated with thousands of LEGO pieces. In addition, you can enjoy exciting attractions such as Kingdom Quest and Merlin 's Apprentice, which will take you on exciting adventures.

One of the biggest attractions at Legoland Discovery Center is its LEGO building areas, where you can let your imagination run wild and create your own constructions. In addition, you can also participate in interactive workshops where you can learn building techniques and compete in building challenges with other visitors.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Legoland Discovery Center store, where you'll find a wide selection of LEGO sets and exclusive themed products. You'll be able to take home a special souvenir of your visit and still enjoy the LEGO fun, especially if you plan to visit Phoenix with children.

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3. Celebrate Day of the Dead at Desert Botanical Garden

Dark Desert Botanical Garden|©Tim Perdue
Dark Desert Botanical Garden|©Tim Perdue

Celebrating Day of the Dead in a unique and meaningful way at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. during the month of November is possible during your fall trip to Arizona's capital city. This special event invites you to soak up the rich tradition of Mexico in a destination that has a large Mexican immigrant community.

During the Day of the Dead celebration at the Desert Botanical Garden you can enjoy displays of altars decorated with marigold flowers, candles and photographs of the deceased. These altars, called ofrendas, offer a sacred space to remember and honor the deceased.

In addition to the altars, the event features traditional music and dance performances, which will transport you to the vibrant Mexican culture. You can also enjoy delicious traditional food and drink, such as tamales and pan de muerto, which are available at the event's food booths.

One of the most exciting parts of the celebration is the opportunity to participate in interactive activities. You can learn how to make papel picado, sugar skulls and calaca masks, all while immersing yourself in the creativity and symbolism of Dia de los Muertos.

4. Explore local culture at the Arizona Fall Festival

people at the festival|©Brett Sayles
people at the festival|©Brett Sayles

If you want to get a taste of Arizona's rich and diverse local culture, you can't miss exploring the Fall Festival in November. This annual traveling event celebrates the fall season and highlights the region' s traditions, art and music on a series of dates in different city parks.

During the festival you'll have the opportunity to explore a wide range of activities and exhibits that will introduce you to authentic local culture. From art and craft shows to live music and dance performances, every corner of the festival is full of surprises and excitement.

Admire the works of local artists at the art and craft exhibitions, where you can find everything from paintings and sculptures to unique jewelry and ceramics. In addition, you can learn about traditional handicraft techniques through demonstrations and interactive open-air workshops. In November, visits to the parks with exhibits are often included in the best tours of Phoenix, and some tours can even be done by bicycle or ATV.

Food also takes center stage at the Fall Festival. You'll be able to sample a variety of local and regional dishes, from delicious tamales and pozole to savory chiles and traditional sweets. The food stands will offer you an authentic and delicious culinary experience.

5. Participate in the Phoenix Thanksgiving Day Run


Thanksgiving Day is one of America's typical celebrations and is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of November. In Phoenix, this date is accompanied by the Thanksgiving Run, which is part of an annual tradition that brings together runners of all ages and fitness levels.

The Phoenix Thanksgiving Run offers different distances and categories, from a 5K run to a 1K family walk. You can choose the option that best suits your abilities and enjoy a scenic run through the city streets.

In addition to the excitement of the race itself, the festive atmosphere is contagious. Many participants dress in Thanksgiving-themed attire, from turkey costumes to harvest hats. The energy and camaraderie among the runners creates a festive and joyful atmosphere.

After crossing the finish line, you can enjoy a variety of activities and entertainment in the heart of Phoenix. There will be live music, food and beverage booths, and opportunities to socialize with other runners and their families.

6. Enjoy the Phoenix Pizza Festival

pizza on the table|©Taryn Elliott
pizza on the table|©Taryn Elliott

If you're planning to travel to Phoenix in November, get ready for a delicious culinary experience to be had at the Pizza Festival. This annual event brings pizza lovers together for a feast of flavors and varieties that will leave you speechless.

At the Phoenix Pizza Festival, you can sample a wide selection of pizzas from the best restaurants and pizzerias in the area. From classic margaritas to creative gourmet combinations, there' s something for everyone.

In addition to enjoying pizza, the festival offers a variety of activities and entertainment. You can participate in pizza eating contests, watch pizza stunt demonstrations and enjoy live music that creates a festive and lively atmosphere.

Not only will you be able to savor different styles of pizza, but you can also explore other culinary delights. Many pizza festivals in the city also feature additional food booths where you can sample Italian treats, sweet desserts and refreshing beverages to complement your dining experience on the go, even if you plan to visit Phoenix in 3 days or less.

7. Stroll through the trails of Papago Park to discover the fall colors.

Papago Park mountains in Phoenix, Arizona.|©Gage Skidmore
Papago Park mountains in Phoenix, Arizona.|©Gage Skidmore

If you're visiting Phoenix in November and want to discover the fall colors, you can't say you've done your job until you've discovered the fall colors offered by the trails at Papago Park. This iconic park offers breathtaking scenery and a variety of trails that immerse you in the beauty of autumn.

As you hike the trails at Papago Park, you'll enjoy the palette of warm, vibrant colors that adorn the trees and shrubs. The golden, reddish and orange hues create a stunning backdrop reflecting the transition of the seasons that you can walk or bike through.

In addition to the fall colors, the park is also home to a variety of wildlife and a wide range of desert vegetation. You'll be able to spot birds, rabbits and other native animals as you explore the trails. You will also find unique rock formations and panoramic views that allow you to appreciate the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Papago Park offers trails of varying difficulty and length, allowing you to tailor your hiking or biking to your preferences and level of experience. You can opt for a leisurely stroll around the lakes, a more challenging hike through the hills, explore the park's caves, or simply take a break between hikes or as a break from a tour of Phoenix's best museums.

8. Tour the Havasupai Indian Reservation

Havasu Falls|©Kajtek
Havasu Falls|©Kajtek

Exploring the wonderful Havasupai Indian Reservation in Phoenix during the month of November will allow you to discover a hidden treasure in the middle of the desert. This reservation, one of the most popular Grand Canyon tours, is home to the Havasupai tribe. A place that offers spectacular scenery and dreamlike waterfalls, especially during the fall, when the water flow is copious.

To get to Havasupai you will have to hike approximately 13 kilometers from the village of Supai. As you make your way along the trails, you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the canyon and breathtaking scenery. The trail winds through canyons, streams and forests, providing you with an unforgettable hiking experience, which you can also ride on ATV tours.

Once you arrive in Havasupai, you will be greeted by the beautiful waterfalls of Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls and Navajo Falls. These natural wonders will take your breath away with their turquoise blue water and breathtaking falls. You can cool off in the natural pools and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the surroundings on one of the best desert tours from Phoenix.

In addition to the waterfalls, you can also explore the surrounding desert landscapes and unique rock formations. The Havasupai Indian Reservation is a sacred place with a rich history and culture, so you will also have the opportunity to learn about the traditions and life of the tribe through interactions with the local inhabitants.

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9. Explore the Grand Canyon on a helicopter tour

grand canyon helicopter tour|©Mike Brocklebank
grand canyon helicopter tour|©Mike Brocklebank

If you want to discover the majesty of the Grand Canyon, one of the best ways to do it is on an exciting helicopter tour. This month is ideal to enjoy the panoramic views and the weather is optimal because of the low wind, but also being part of the fall you can find better prices than if you visit Phoenix in the summer.

When exploring the Grand Canyon by helicopter, you will have the opportunity to admire the immensity and beauty of the canyon from a unique perspective. Fly over the towering cliffs, deep ravines and breathtaking landscapes that stretch the length of this natural wonderland.

The weather in November is perfect for this type of tour, as the temperatures are pleasant and the wind is usually calmer. This allows you to enjoy a smooth and safe flight while marveling at the geological formations and changing colors of the canyon.

In addition to the breathtaking views from the helicopter, many tours also include landings at strategic points in the Grand Canyon. There you can explore on foot, take amazing photographs and enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the place.

10. Join the Phoenix Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving Day Parade|©D'OtherPix
Thanksgiving Day Parade|©D'OtherPix

Phoenix is a vibrant city full of traditions, and one of the most anticipated festivities is the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Every year, thousands of people gather in the streets to be part of this special celebration. This parade is an event full of color, music and joy that truly captures the festive spirit of the season.

The parade begins with a large marching band setting the pace as it moves through the main streets of the city. Spectators line the route with folding chairs and blankets, eager to see the spectacularly decorated floats and groups of dancers filling the air with their infectious energy.

The floats are a central part of the parade and each year they become more creative and elaborate. From themed floats to depictions of iconic Thanksgiving Day characters, the creations are varied.

The Phoenix Thanksgiving Day Parade is also an opportunity to celebrate generosity and community spirit. Many local organizations participate in the parade to raise funds and awareness for different causes. From food banks to homeless shelters, the parade becomes a platform to do good and remember the importance of helping those who need it most.

Phoenix temperatures in November

Phoenix Northern Skyline|©Paul Martinez
Phoenix Northern Skyline|©Paul Martinez

In November, Phoenix enjoys pleasant, milder weather after the hot summer months. Daytime temperatures generally range between 20° and 25°, providing warm but not sweltering days.

The temperature in Phoenix in November is ideal for outdoor activities. You can explore the parks, hike in the surrounding mountains or simply stroll through the gardens.

The Phoenix November Tourist Season in November

people in Phoenix|©jkpolkrause
people in Phoenix|©jkpolkrause

November is a month when Phoenix experiences a significant tourist influx. Many visitors choose this month to explore the city due to the favorable weather conditions and the variety of events and festivities that take place at this time of year. It also includes domestic tourism due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

One of the main attractions for tourists in November is the opportunity to escape the cold in other parts of the country and enjoy the warm, pleasant weather in Phoenix. Mild temperatures and sunny days make it pleasant to explore the various attractions, such as the Desert Botanical Garden, the Heard Museum and the nearby mountain nature trails.

Prices in Phoenix in November

Market Square|©Sarah
Market Square|©Sarah

November is a favorable month to visit Phoenix in terms of prices. During this month, many hotels, restaurants and tourist activities offer lower rates and special promotions to attract visitors.

For lodging, it is possible to find lower prices in November, as it is considered low season in Phoenix. Many hotels offer discounts and special packages to attract tourists. This provides the opportunity to stay in comfortable accommodations at more affordable prices than you will find in Phoenix in December or during Christmas.

What to pack for a visit to Phoenix in November?

Man packing|©Vlada Karpovich
Man packing|©Vlada Karpovich

November is the prelude to winter in Phoenix, however the weather is pleasant, the winds are moderate and it is part of the dry season in Arizona, so I advise you to pack the following in your suitcase:

  • Safe hiking shoes
  • Mountain coat
  • Light jacket
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Wool sweaters
  • Light T-shirt
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Lightweight pants