10 Things to Do in Phoenix in March

March is the month of festivals in Phoenix and many visitors come to the city to experience the events. Here are the best plans for the month of spring.

Matías Rodríguez

Matías Rodríguez

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10 Things to Do in Phoenix in March

tres formaciones rocosas en el desierto |©Pixabay

Phoenix is famous for being one of the most important cities in Arizona, but also for being the epicenter of the best festivals and celebrations in the state and for the great amount of attractions it offers in its surroundings. If you plan to visit this destination in March, you can find the ideal month to combine the events with the natural wonders of the region.

Some of the best things to do in Phoenix in March include visiting the Sea Life Aquarium during the mating season, celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the city's bars, attending music festivals, discovering sunsets in the surrounding desert, experiencing the thrill of baseball at pre-season competitions and enjoying the eclectic Ostrich Festival.

1. Visit Sea Life Aquarium during mating season.

kids watching fish|©Phoenix Rescue Mission
kids watching fish|©Phoenix Rescue Mission

Visiting Sea Life Aquarium during mating season in Phoenix in March is a fascinating experience for marine life lovers. During this time of year, many marine species are in their reproductive stage, providing the opportunity to witness unique and exciting behaviors.

At the aquarium you will find an abundance of creatures preparing to reproduce. Corals display their colors and shapes, attracting potential mates. Tropical fish swim in harmony, displaying their best colors and exhibiting courtship behaviors.

From the mating ritual of seahorses to the courtship of sea turtles, every corner of the aquarium offers a unique glimpse of life in the ocean during this special time. In addition, you can also visit octopuses, sharks, jellyfish, stingrays, rays, otters and even clownfish in a recreation of their natural habitat that will catch everyone's attention, especially if you plan to visit Phoenix with children.

Sea Life Aquarium also offers educational programs and interactive activities so visitors can learn more about the reproduction and conservation of marine species.

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2. Enjoy the sunset from Hole in the Rock

Hole in the Rock|©Hugs The Great
Hole in the Rock|©Hugs The Great

Discovering the sunset from Hole in the Rock in Phoenix in March is a magical experience that combines the natural beauty of the desert with the spectacular colors of the evening sky. Hole in the Rock is an iconic rock formation located in Papago Park, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and the surrounding desert.

From the top of this rock formation you can watch the sun slowly sink behind the mountains, painting the sky with a dazzling palette of colors, so a visit is often included in the best desert tours in Phoenix.

The tranquil and serene setting of this site offers a perfect time to reflect and connect with nature. As you watch the sunset, you can enjoy the silence of the desert and the feeling of being in harmony with your surroundings. Along with the visit to the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon, Hole in the Rock is one of the best alternatives you will find in the arid zone of Arizona.

In addition to the panoramic view, there you will also find nature trails that allow you to explore the site and enjoy a relaxing walk in the warm March weather. It's a chance to connect with the local flora and fauna, as well as learn more about the geological history of the region on one of the best full-day tours from Phoenix.

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3. Participate in a rafting experience in Phoenix.

Rafting in Phoenix|©David Humbard
Rafting in Phoenix|©David Humbard

Participating in a rafting experience in Phoenix is a thrilling adventure that will allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of the region and feel the adrenaline rush as you navigate a rushing river. With the winter rains and snowmelt, Phoenix rivers are at their peak flow in March, providing ideal conditions for this activity.

The rushing river will take you through desert landscapes, where you can appreciate the majesty of canyons and rock formations. The fast current and challenging rapids will keep you alert and excited during the whole tour. It's a chance to test your boating skills and enjoy the thrill of conquering whitewater.

The Phoenix rafting experience in March will also give you the opportunity to connect with nature in a unique way. As you navigate the river, you'll be able to observe native flora and fauna in their natural habitat, from eagles and herons to cacti and desert shrubs. It's an immersive experience that will allow you to appreciate the diversity and fragility of aquatic ecosystems in the desert, especially in the Scottsdale and Sedona area.

For those looking for an even more challenging adventure, some rafting companies offer night rafting trips under the moonlight. This magical experience allows you to enjoy the tranquility of the waters at night as you glide down the river, creating unforgettable memories.

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4. Discover the thrill of baseball at Cactus League Spring Training

Cactus League Action|©Lockhart Steele
Cactus League Action|©Lockhart Steele

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the American West and discovering the excitement it generates at Cactus League Spring Training in March is a unique experience for those who enjoy sports activities. During this period, Major League Baseball teams gather in the Valley of the Sun region to prepare for the regular season.

The Cactus League Spring Training brings together renowned teams from around the country, such as the Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants. Fans will have the opportunity to see their favorite players in action, watch practices and enjoy friendly games at ballparks in and around Phoenix.

The atmosphere at Cactus League Spring Training is festive and lively. Fans wear their team colors and jerseys, gather to enjoy food and drink at the stadiums and share the excitement of baseball with other fans. You can also watch live the local team, the Arizona Diamondbacks, which also participates in MLB.

In addition to the games, Cactus League Spring Training offers additional activities for fans, such as autograph sessions, interactive games and opportunities to meet the players and coaches. It's an immersive experience that allows you to get up close and personal with your baseball idols and feel the passion and excitement of the game up close.

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5. Attend the McDowell Mountain Music Festival

McDowell Mountain Music Festival|©Festival Snob
McDowell Mountain Music Festival|©Festival Snob

If you want a musical experience that combines live performances with a great charitable cause, then you can't miss the McDowell Mountain Music Festival. This three-day festival takes place at Margaret T. Hance Park during the first weekend in March and attendees can enjoy a range of musical genres, from rock to electronic music.

The festival's vibrant and festive atmosphere creates an infectious energy as artists perform on multiple stages. From renowned international artists to talented local musicians, the McDowell Mountain Music Festival offers a variety of performances that cater to all musical tastes.

In addition to quality music, the festival has a strong focus on philanthropy. Each year, the McDowell Mountain Music Festival raises funds for local charities, which means that by attending, visitors are contributing to a good cause while enjoying their favorite music at one of the best things to do in Phoenix at night.

The festival also offers a wide variety of dining options, from local delicacies to international dishes, as well as a selection of arts and crafts booths and interactive activities for all ages. It's an opportunity to connect with the community, discover new musical talent and enjoy a festive and welcoming atmosphere.

6. Enjoy the Arizona Aloha Festival

Arizona Aloha Festival|©Nick Bastian
Arizona Aloha Festival|©Nick Bastian

Enjoying the Arizona Aloha Festival in Phoenix in March will allow you to soak in the rich Hawaiian culture and experience the essence of the aloha spirit. This annual festival is a celebration of Hawaiian culture and traditions, and offers attendees the opportunity to enjoy authentic Pacific Island music, dance, food and crafts.

During the event, visitors will be treated to the melodies and rhythms of live Hawaiian music performed by local artists and bands. In addition, colorful hula dance performances capture everyone's attention as the dancers tell stories through their graceful and elegant movements.

Hawaiian cuisine is another highlight of the festival. Attendees can sample traditional dishes such as poke, kalua pig and the famous fried rice dish known as loco moco. In addition, the festival offers a wide variety of food and beverage options, including delicious tropical desserts such as haupia and malasada.

The festive atmosphere of the Arizona Aloha Festival is contagious, and the hospitality and warmth of Hawaiian culture is felt in every corner. In addition to artistic performances, attendees can explore the craft booths and purchase authentic Hawaiian products such as jewelry, clothing and home decorations.

7. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day


Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in March in Phoenix is a fun-filled and joyous experience. This holiday, which commemorates the patron saint of Ireland, has become a popular celebration in the city. From parades to themed parties, you'll find plenty of options to immerse yourself in Irish culture and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

The highlight of the celebrations is the St. Patrick's Day parade held downtown. This colorful and lively parade features decorated floats, marching bands, dancers and people dressed in festive green attire. This event is usually included in the tours of Phoenix's best tours during each March 17.

In addition to the parade, many Phoenix bars and restaurants join in the celebration by offering special Irish-inspired food and drink promotions. You can enjoy the popular Guinness beer, traditional dishes such as Irish stew or meat and potato pie, and live music with bands performing Irish folk songs.

The festive atmosphere spreads throughout the city, and many venues host themed parties with live music, dancing and fun games.

8. Experience Phoenix Pride Festival

Phoenix Pride Parade|©hylandr
Phoenix Pride Parade|©hylandr

Experiencing the Phoenix Pride Festival in March is an experience that promotes cultural diversity. This annual festival celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and highlights the flags of equality and inclusion. During the event, the streets are filled with vibrant colors, energetic music and a spirit of authenticity and acceptance.

Phoenix Pride Festival offers a variety of activities to enjoy. From colorful parades to live concerts, drag queen shows, food booths and art exhibits, you'll find something for every taste and interest.

In addition to the festive celebration, this festival also has a strong focus on awareness and education. Panel discussions, informative talks and educational programs are organized to promote equal rights and address the challenges facing the LGBTQ+ community.

Each festival event offers a time to learn, share experiences and unite in the fight for equality and respect at Phoenix's finest museums, which offer their rooms for debate and discussions.

9. Enjoy the Phoenix Film Festival

Phoenix Film Festival|©Geek News
Phoenix Film Festival|©Geek News

Enjoying the Phoenix Film Festival in March is an exciting experience for film and culture lovers. This annual festival offers a diverse selection of independent films, documentaries and short films from around the world. It's a unique opportunity to discover new perspectives, explore different genres and immerse yourself in the magic of the seventh art.

During the festival, which takes place during the last week of March, you'll have the opportunity to see exclusive screenings of films that don't usually make it to commercial the aters. From heartwarming dramas to witty comedies and inspiring documentaries, you'll find options for all tastes and interests.

In addition to screenings, the festival also offers panel discussions and conversations with filmmakers, providing a unique opportunity to interact with the films' creators and delve into the creative process. It is an occasion to learn more about the film industry and discover new perspectives on cinematic storytelling.

This Phoenix festival brings together the film community, who come together to celebrate creativity and a passion for film. It also offers social events and themed parties where attendees can enjoy a festive atmosphere and connect with other film lovers.

10. Attend the Ostrich Festival at Tumbleweed Park

Ostrich Festival|©Techjunkie00
Ostrich Festival|©Techjunkie00

Attending the Ostrich Festival at Tumbleweed Park in Phoenix during the last week of March is a fun and unique experience that combines entertainment, food and the opportunity to interact with one of the most curious birds: the ostrich. This annual festival celebrates the history and presence of ostrich farms in the region, providing attendees with a fun-filled, learning experience.

During the Ostrich Festival, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of activities for all ages. From ostrich riding to ostrich chariot races, there are exciting attractions that allow attendees to get up close and learn about these magnificent birds. In addition, educational exhibits are offered, making it one of the most fun activities to do with kids in Phoenix.

The festival also offers a wide selection of food and drink, including unique dishes featuring ostrich meat. There you can sample everything from ostrich burgers and tacos to delicious snacks and desserts inspired by this unique bird. It's a chance to enjoy unique flavors and explore local cuisine in a different way.

In addition to the attractions and food, the Ostrich Festival features live entertainment, including concerts, magic shows, art performances and more.

Phoenix temperatures in March

Two men on top|©kdm617b
Two men on top|©kdm617b

In March, temperatures in Phoenix begin to rise and the weather becomes warmer and more pleasant, in keeping with the arrival of spring. During this month, the average high temperature hovers around 27°, while minimum temperatures usually hover around 11°. As the month progresses, it is common for highs to exceed 30°.

March is also characterized by sunny days and clear skies, which resembles summer weather in Phoenix. However, it is important to note that mornings and evenings can be cooler, so it is advisable to bring a light jacket or sweater for those times of the day.

Tourist flow in Phoenix in March

May Day March, Phoenix|©Anthony Rodriguez
May Day March, Phoenix|©Anthony Rodriguez

In March, Phoenix experiences a significant tourist influx due to its pleasant weather and the various activities and events that take place during this month. With warm, sunny temperatures, many visitors choose Phoenix as a destination to escape the cold winter in other parts of the country.

The influx of tourists in March is reflected in hotel occupancy and the presence of visitors at tourist sites, restaurants and stores. It is an ideal month to explore the area's natural attractions, such as national parks, hiking trails and water activities in nearby lakes and rivers, so I advise you to organize an itinerary and book activities in advance to secure your spot.

Prices in Phoenix in March

Downtown Phoenix campus|©Dan Haneckow
Downtown Phoenix campus|©Dan Haneckow

Prices in March in the city can vary depending on several factors, such as the dates of special events. It is important to note that due to the influx of tourists, some prices may tend to be higher than what you will find in Phoenix in December or during the winter months.

For lodging, hotel and vacation rental prices may be higher in March due to high demand. In addition, flight and car rental prices may also be higher during this period.

What to pack for a visit to Phoenix in March?

person packing a travel suitcase|©Vlada Karpovich
person packing a travel suitcase|©Vlada Karpovich

March kicks off the spring season and also the warm weather in the prelude to summer, although mornings and evenings can be chilly, so I recommend that you pack the following in your suitcase:

  • Waterproof jacket
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Mountain shoes
  • Mountain coat
  • Light jacket
  • Wool sweaters
  • Light T-shirt
  • Light pants
  • Thermal gloves
  • Wool scarf