10 Things to Do in Phoenix in February

February ushers in one of the peak season months in Phoenix, with a festival season and ideal weather for outdoor activities. Plus, it's the perfect time for adventure hiking - are you up for the challenge?

Matías Rodríguez

Matías Rodríguez

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10 Things to Do in Phoenix in February

Vista de noche de Phoenix |©Maximilian Brand

If you prefer outdoor activities, adventure tours and more physically demanding attractions, then February may be the ideal time for you to visit Phoenix. During the second month of the year, the city, because of its weather and tourist offerings, becomes the epicenter of adventure tours and Arizona desert experiences, in addition to offering a full calendar of events and festivals.

Some of the best things to do in Phoenix in February include visiting the city zoo and interacting with the animals, experiencing the opening of the season at the popular Musical Instrument Museum, exploring the natural parks, discovering the excitement of the Super Bowl at a local bar, celebrating Chinese New Year and taking an ATV tour of the desert.

1. Visit the Phoenix Zoo and interact with the animals.

Phoenix Zoo|©gwennicholls
Phoenix Zoo|©gwennicholls

Visiting the Phoenix Zoo in February is a perfect option for a unique and memorable experience. This month is considered the best time for this tour because the temperatures are pleasant, allowing you to explore the zoo without the oppressive heat of summer, allowing you to comfortably explore the interactive activities.

Another advantage of visiting the zoo in February is the smaller number of tourists compared to other months. Although it is a high season month, you will be able to enjoy a quiet atmosphere, avoiding the crowds that tend to focus on the adventure attractions around the city. This will allow you to have an intimate experience with the animals and enjoy the tour, especially if you plan to visit Phoenix with children.

During your visit to the zoo, you will have the opportunity to interact with a variety of fascinating animals. You will be able to observe lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants and other exotic species up close. In addition, the zoo offers interactive activities such as up-close animal encounters and educational programs that will provide an enriching and fun experience.

Another highlight of visiting the zoo in February is that many animals will be more active due to the non-sweltering weather. You will be able to observe their natural behavior and enjoy unique moments while exploring the different areas of the zoo.

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2. Experience season opening evenings at the Musical Instrument Museum.

Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix, Arizona|©Leo Boudreau
Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix, Arizona|©Leo Boudreau

Experience the season opening evenings at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix in February is an enriching experience for music and culture lovers. This museum, located in the heart of the city, houses a large collection of musical instruments from different eras and regions of the world.

During the seasonal opening evenings, the museum offers a series of concerts and special performances to celebrate the beginning of the exhibitions. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience live performances by talented local and international artists, often performing a wide variety of musical genres and styles.

These evenings are a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of music while exploring the museum's various galleries. You can admire the instruments on display, learn about their history and enjoy the performances in an intimate and welcoming environment.

In addition, the exhibition also offers educational programs and interactive activities for visitors. You will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, lectures and demonstrations that will allow you to deepen your knowledge of music and instruments at one of Phoenix's finest museums.

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3. Discover the excitement of the Super Bowl in Phoenix's sports bars.

group of people watching the super bowl|©Tremaine Jasper
group of people watching the super bowl|©Tremaine Jasper

Discovering the excitement of the Super Bowl at Phoenix sports bars in February is an experience no soccer lover should miss. The city fills with energy and excitement as the day of the annual soccer final approaches, and sports bars become the ideal place to enjoy the game surrounded by passionate fans, especially if the Arizona Cardinals, the local team, is one of the protagonists.

At these sports bars, you can immerse yourself in the festive and vibrant atmosphere of the most popular sporting event of the year in the United States. Many of them offer large high-definition screens where the game is projected, creating an exciting and immersive atmosphere.

In addition to the excitement of the Super Bowl, Phoenix sports bars often offer a wide variety of dining and beverage options to complement your experience. You can enjoy delicious American fare, such as chicken wings, burgers and nachos, while enjoying the game. They also usually have a wide selection of beers and cocktails to accompany your meal.

Whether you are a fan of the team competing in the Super Bowl or just enjoy the festive and competitive atmosphere, sports bars are the perfect place to immerse yourself in the excitement of American soccer and experience it at its best. Plus, if you're a fan of the sport and plan to visit Phoenix in January, you'll also be able to catch a home team game at the close of the regular season.

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4. Go on an ATV tour in the desert in the best weather

ATV Man|©Jordan Mitchell
ATV Man|©Jordan Mitchell

ATVing in the Arizona desert in February is an exciting and adventurous option, as you can enjoy the best weather for this activity. With mild and pleasant temperatures, February is the ideal time to explore the desert and experience the adrenaline rush of ATV riding.

The Arizona desert offers a variety of challenging and exciting terrain to ride your ATV. You can traverse sand dunes, hike rocky trails, and explore canyons and ravines. The beauty and diversity of the desert landscape will amaze you. And if you prefer risky activities, you can also visit the Grand Canyon from Phoenix by hiring an adventure tour.

Keep in mind that an ATV tour requires physical fitness, so it is not recommended for people with physical limitations. Be sure to wear the proper protective gear, follow the guide's instructions, and respect the rules of the park or area where you will be touring.

The desert can be a challenging environment, but with caution and respect for the environment, you can enjoy an exciting and safe experience.

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5. Explore Phoenix's natural parks

South Mountain Park|©Jasperdo
South Mountain Park|©Jasperdo

Exploring Phoenix's natural parks in February is a fascinating experience for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The city boasts a wide variety of natural settings that offer breathtaking scenery and exciting activities to enjoy during this month of cool, pleasant weather.

One of the most outstanding nature parks to explore in February is South Mountain Park. This park offers a network of trails for hiking, exercising or biking. There you can discover panoramic views of the city and enjoy some of the best desert tours in Phoenix.

Another alternative is Camelback Mountain Park, known for its challenging mountain trails that offer scenic views. In February, milder temperatures make it an ideal time to climb this iconic mountain and enjoy the beauty of the desert landscape.

In addition, Papago Park is another excellent option to explore in February. This park features beautiful desert scenery, unique rock formations and trails that will take you through scenic areas.

6. Attend the Arizona Renaissance Festival

Arizona Renaissance Festival|©zarquon7
Arizona Renaissance Festival|©zarquon7

Attending the Arizona Renaissance Festival will allow you to step into a magical and enchanting world. This festival, which takes place throughout the month of February just outside of Phoenix, will transport you back to the Renaissance era with its elaborate costumes, live music and theatrical performances.

The Arizona Renaissance Festival offers an immersive and authentic experience. Stroll through the streets of the Renaissance village, lined with colorful stores and food stalls, where you can enjoy a variety of period-inspired dishes and beverages. In addition, there are juggling shows, medieval music, theatrical performances and demonstrations of traditional crafts.

One of the highlights of the festival are the jousting tournaments, where knights engage in thrilling horseback combat. You can also witness parades, dances and interactive games that will immerse you completely in the atmosphere of the Renaissance.

This eclectic festival is a unique opportunity to enjoy with family or friends. You can dress up in period costumes, participate in contests and games, and even learn about Renaissance history and culture through educational demonstrations and exhibits, which you can also enjoy with children in Phoenix.

7. Celebrate Chinese New Year at a festival of culture and gastronomy

RED DRAGON|©aledelcerro
RED DRAGON|©aledelcerro

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Phoenix during the month of February is an enriching experience not to be missed. You will participate in a festival full of culture and gastronomy, in one of the cities with the largest number of Chinese immigrants in the world. This event offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich Chinese tradition and culture while enjoying delicious food and participating in exciting activities.

During the festival you can enjoy a variety of cultural activities including traditional dances, martial arts performances, Chinese calligraphy and painting exhibitions, and musical performances. You can also learn about the history and meanings behind the Chinese New Year festivities through educational talks and workshops.

One of the highlights of the festival is the Chinese cuisine. You can feast on a wide variety of authentic dishes, from dumplings and spring rolls to sweet and sour dishes and traditional desserts. You will also find street food stalls where you can sample different flavors and explore the culinary diversity of Chinese culture.

The festival also offers interactive activities for all ages. Children can participate in traditional Chinese games, such as coin tossing and lantern making. There are usually also booths where you can learn to write Chinese characters or do New Year-related crafts throughout the day and night, making it one of Phoenix's best nighttime activities as well.

8. Experience the Strong Beer Festival in Scottdale

Strong Beer Festival|©Kevin Foy
Strong Beer Festival|©Kevin Foy

For a local experience, you can't miss the Strong Beer Festival in Scottsdale in February. Held annually during the last week of the month, this festival brings together beer lovers from around the country to enjoy a wide selection of high-alcohol craft beers.

The Strong Beer Festival is known for featuring a variety of bold and potent beers with intense and complex flavors. Attendees will have the opportunity to sample a wide range of beers, from imperial stouts to Belgian ales and IPAs, all with above average alcohol content.

In addition to beer, the festival also features live music, delicious food and a lively atmosphere. You'll be able to explore the various brewery booths and chat with producers to learn more about their brewing processes and discover new flavors and styles.

An added bonus of attending the Strong Beer Festival in February is Scottsdale's pleasant weather. Mild temperatures allow you to enjoy the festival outdoors without the sweltering heat of summer in Phoenix.

9. Tour the Desert Botanical Gardens

Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden|©BellaEatsBooks
Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden|©BellaEatsBooks

Touring the Arizona Desert Botanical Gardens from Phoenix in February is a fascinating experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the region. These gardens, located just a short drive from the city, offer a wide variety of native desert plants and cacti, as well as breathtaking scenery and trails to explore.

February is an ideal month to visit the Desert Botanical Gardens, as temperatures are mild and pleasant, allowing you to fully enjoy your tour without the sweltering heat of summer. You can enjoy the pleasant weather while exploring the trails and admiring the diversity of flora and fauna found in the Arizona desert.

One of the highlights of the Desert Botanical Gardens is the opportunity to see a wide range of cacti in full bloom. In February, many cacti begin to bloom, creating a spectacle of vibrant colors and unique shapes. You can do this tour on your own or opt for some of Phoenix's best tours.

In addition to cacti, the Desert Botanical Gardens are home to a wide variety of native plants and endangered species. You can learn about desert flora through interactive exhibits, guided hikes and educational activities. You can also enjoy panoramic views of the desert landscape and relax in rest areas surrounded by natural beauty.

10. Discover Japanese culture at the Arizona Matsuri

Arizona Matsuri|©rmarvin4095
Arizona Matsuri|©rmarvin4095

Discover Japanese culture at the Arizona Matsuri during the last week of February is a fascinating experience that will immerse you in the rich tradition and heritage of the land of the rising sun. This annual festival is held in Phoenix and offers a wide variety of activities for visitors to enjoy and learn about Japanese culture.

During Arizona Matsuri, you can enjoy exhibits of traditional Japanese art, such as calligraphy and painting. There will also be demonstrations of martial arts, such as kendo and karate, which will allow you to appreciate the discipline and technique behind these age-old practices.

In addition, the festival will feature performances of Japanese music and dance, such as taiko, which is highlighted by Japanese drumming, and traditional bon festival dancing. These performances will transport you into Japanese culture and allow you to experience the beauty and grace of these arts.

One of the main attractions of the Arizona Matsuri is Japanese cuisine. You will be able to sample a variety of authentic dishes such as sushi, ramen, takoyaki and tempura. There will also be street food stalls where you can sample Japanese delicacies and savor authentic Japanese cuisine. In addition, if you plan to visit Phoenix in March, you can also experience Japanese Week in the city.

Temperatures in Phoenix in February

view of the desert|©tedd okano
view of the desert|©tedd okano

Temperatures in Phoenix during the month of February are mild and pleasant, making it an ideal time to visit the city. During the day, temperatures usually range from 18° to 24°, providing pleasant weather for outdoor activities.

In the evenings, temperatures may drop slightly, averaging 7° to 10°. It is advisable to bring a light jacket for the cooler hours, but in general, February weather in Phoenix is mild.

Tourist flow in Phoenix in February

Phoenix Convention Center|©Gage Skidmore
Phoenix Convention Center|©Gage Skidmore

Phoenix tourism in February tends to be moderate. While this month is considered part of the peak season, it does not generate a tourist invasion, although there is still a steady stream of visitors who choose this time of year to explore the city and enjoy its pleasant weather and, primarily, Phoenix desert excursions.

February offers an ideal opportunity to visit Phoenix without the crowds that tend to fill the city during the summer months. Major attractions, such as nature parks, museums and gardens, however, tend to be crowded.

Prices in Phoenix in February

Phoenix Public Market Cafe|©Eileen Kane
Phoenix Public Market Cafe|©Eileen Kane

Prices in the city during the month of February are usually moderate and affordable compared to summer in Phoenix. Despite being considered part of the peak season, it is possible to find deals and discounts on accommodations, restaurants and tourist activities.

As for accommodations, many hotels and resorts offer more affordable rates in February, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable stay at more economical prices. In addition, it is possible to find special promotions and packages that include additional activities or complementary services.

What to pack for your visit to Phoenix in February?

woman packing her suitcase|©Ketut Subiyanto
woman packing her suitcase|©Ketut Subiyanto

The temperature in Phoenix in February is moderate and pleasant, but the thermal amplitude of the desert can include some cold days, so I recommend that you include the following in your suitcase for your trip:

  • Hiking shoes
  • Mountain coat
  • Light jacket
  • Wool sweaters
  • Light T-shirt
  • Light pants
  • Sunscreen
  • Thermal gloves
  • Wool scarf