10 Things to Do in Phoenix in April

April inaugurates the dry season in Phoenix and brings with it the ideal opportunity to get lost in the desert attractions. During this month you can also enjoy some of the city's best festivals.

Matías Rodríguez

Matías Rodríguez

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10 Things to Do in Phoenix in April

Papago Park |©kimmrhAZNC

Arizona is home to the most famous desert area in the United States as well as some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the country. If you plan to visit Phoenix in April, you can use the city as a base to see all the wonders of the region, while enjoying some of the highlights of the annual calendar of events and festivals in the state capital.

Some of the best things to do in Phoenix in April include touring Antelope Canyon, hiking the Apache Trail, experiencing the excitement of a Suns game at the NBA regular season finale, taking in the spring colors at Encanto Park and making the most of seasonal discounts at local outlets. Come discover the city in spring!

1. Hike Antelope Canyon in the dry season

Antelope Canyon|©agball99
Antelope Canyon|©agball99

Hiking Antelope Canyon during the dry season in Phoenix in April is a breathtaking experience that will immerse you in the natural majesty of the southwestern United States. Located on the Navajo Nation Reservation, this iconic slot canyon is known for its dazzling rock formations, which are especially impressive during the spring.

In April this canyon offers ideal conditions for exploring its narrow gorges and admiring the geological wonders that have been sculpted over the centuries. The dry season brings clear skies and pleasant temperatures, allowing you to enjoy the tour without worrying about inclement weather on one of the best desert tours in Phoenix.

As you walk through the narrow canyon passages, you will witness the incredible interplay of light with the sandstone walls. The sun's rays filter through the crevices, creating fascinating plays of shadows and reflections that bring the rock formations to life in shades of red, orange and yellow. Visits to Antelope Canyon, along with tours of the Grand Canyon and Hole in the Rock, are among the main attractions in arid Arizona.

In addition to the natural beauty, you can also learn about the culture and history of the Navajo tribe, as the canyon is sacred to them. Local guides, who are members of the tribe, will share with you stories and knowledge about the place, adding a cultural and educational aspect to your experience.

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2. Hike the Apache Trail in great weather

Apache Trail, Arizona|©Russell
Apache Trail, Arizona|©Russell

Hiking the Apache Trail in Phoenix during the month of April gives you the opportunity to explore one of Arizona's most breathtaking landscapes in the best weather. This historic trail takes you through the spectacular Tonto National Forest and offers panoramic views of mountains, canyons and lakes.

The weather in April is ideal for enjoying this adventure, as temperatures are mild and pleasant. The summer heat has not yet arrived, allowing you to comfortably explore the many points of interest along the Apache Trail. In addition, the risk of rain is lower at this time of year, making it easier to plan and enjoy the tour.

During your Apache Trail tour, you can visit the historic town of Goldfield, where you can immerse yourself in the history of the Old West and explore the old gold mines. You will also have the opportunity to admire the stunning Apache Lake, surrounded by majestic mountains and offering the possibility of water activities such as fishing and kayaking.

Another highlight of the Apache Trail is the stop at the famous Canyon Lake Canyon Lake, where you can enjoy a scenic cruise on the lake and delight in the impressive rock formations that surround it. In addition, the trail itself offers scenic views and opportunities for stops and photo opportunities.

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3. Catch a Phoenix Suns game as the NBA regular season comes to a close

Phoenix Suns vs. Warriors|©dr.coop
Phoenix Suns vs. Warriors|©dr.coop

Catching a Phoenix Suns game at the close of the NBA regular season is a thrilling experience for basketball fans. This team is the most popular team in the state and is usually the league's top dog, so if you visit the city in April you might be able to catch a game where the franchise is fighting for a chance to make the playoffs.

The atmosphere at Talking Stick Resort Arena during Suns games is mesmerizing. The Phoenix fans are passionate and loud, creating an electrifying atmosphere that drives the players to give their best effort. From the chants and cheers to the dancing cheerleaders and cheering on the big screen, every moment is a celebration of basketball.

In addition to the action on the court, Phoenix Suns games also offer a complete entertainment experience. From delicious food and beverage options in the arena to halftime performances and special promotions, every detail is designed to provide an unforgettable experience for attendees. Discover the NBA atmosphere during your visit to Phoenix!

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4. Discover the spring colors at Encanto Park

Encanto Park|©Hedgehogs Running Amuck
Encanto Park|©Hedgehogs Running Amuck

Discovering the spring colors at Encanto Park in Phoenix in April is an enchanting experience that will allow you to enjoy the natural beauty in full spring bloom. This park, located in the heart of the city, becomes an oasis of tranquility and serenity during spring.

Over the course of the month, Encanto Park is transformed into a vibrant colorful spectacle with the arrival of flowers and lush greenery. The trees are full of fresh green leaves and the areas are covered with beautiful flowers in striking hues, creating a magical and rejuvenating atmosphere. You can walk the trails in the daytime breeze, but also at night, so visiting this site offers one of the best nighttime plans in Phoenix.

At Encanto Park you can also enjoy a picnic in the designated areas or just relax by the lake and watch the wildlife that inhabits this site during a break between hikes.

In addition to the natural beauty, Encanto Park offers a variety of recreational activities for the whole family. You can rent paddleboats or kayaks to explore the lake, play golf on the nearby golf course, enjoy the children's playground, or take a bike tour of the area.

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5. Taste the flavors of the region at the Scottsdale Culinary Festival

Scottsdale Culinary Festival|©runningdog
Scottsdale Culinary Festival|©runningdog

Tasting the flavors of the region at the Scottsdale Cul inary Festival in April is a real treat for foodies. This annual festival brings together some of the best local chefs, restaurants and producers for a culinary event full of unique flavors and dining experiences held during the second week of the month.

During the event, attendees will have the opportunity to sample a wide variety of dishes and beverages, from regional cuisine to innovative creations from top chefs. Food samples of different styles are offered, such as Southwestern cuisine, international fusion and local Arizona flavors.

In addition to tastings, the festival also features live cooking demonstrations, where chefs share their techniques and culinary secrets with the public. There are also food competitions, wine and craft beer tastings, and special events where you can explore new trends and flavors in the food and beverage industry in an alternative plan to the best Phoenix tours.

The atmosphere at the Scottsdale Culinary Festival is vibrant and festive, with live music, lounge areas and outdoor spaces to enjoy culinary delights in a relaxed setting. It's a perfect opportunity to discover new flavors, connect with the local culinary community and enjoy a memorable dining experience.

6. Discover the best electronic music DJs at the Phoenix Lights Festival

Phoenix Lights Festival|©Isaias Hernandez
Phoenix Lights Festival|©Isaias Hernandez

Discovering the best electronic music DJs at the Phoenix Lights Festival in Phoenix in April is a mind-blowing experience for electronic music lovers. This annual festival brings together renowned artists and a passionate crowd for a high-energy, up-tempo show.

During the Phoenix Lights Festival, attendees can immerse themselves in a world of cutting-edge electronic music, where the industry's best DJs perform live sets. From house and techno to trance and bass, every genre has its place at this festival, creating a variety of musical experiences for all tastes.

The festival features large stages, visual effects and high-quality sound systems that make the experience immersive and exciting. In addition to the big names on the scene, opportunities are also given to emerging talent, allowing new offerings and fresh sounds to be discovered.

The atmosphere at Phoenix Lights Festival is electric, with crowds of fans dancing and celebrating to the beat of electronic music. The bright lights, visual effects and the passion of the attendees combine to create a unique experience that transports you to another world.

7. Attend the Arizona Science Center's Season Opener

Arizona Science Center|©Monte Mendoza
Arizona Science Center|©Monte Mendoza

Attending the Arizona Science Center' s season opening in April in Phoenix is a fascinating experience for science and technology lovers. This renowned science center offers a wide range of interactive exhibits and educational activities designed to inspire curiosity and learning.

During the seasonal opening, attendees have the opportunity to explore new exhibits and discover the latest scientific innovations. From biology and physics to astronomy and robotics, every area of knowledge is represented at the Arizona Science Center, providing an immersive experience into the world of science.

In addition to the permanent exhibits, the season opening often features temporary exhibits and special events. This provides an opportunity to discover current science topics and participate in exciting interactive activities.

The Arizona Science Center also offers educational programs for all ages, from workshops and lectures to live demonstrations and science shows, making it one of the best things to do with kids in Phoenix. These enriching programs provide hands-on learning opportunities and stimulate interest in science among visitors of all ages.

8. Visit the Maricopa County Fair

Maricopa County Fair|©pas112
Maricopa County Fair|©pas112

Visiting the Maricopa County Fair in Phoenix in April is an annual tradition that offers fun, entertainment and treats for the whole family. This multi-day event in the middle of the month is a celebration of Maricopa County's culture, agriculture and community.

During the fair, visitors can enjoy a variety of exciting attractions, from roller coasters and rides to live shows and agricultural exhibits. There's something for everyone, from young children to adults, with a wide range of activities and entertainment.

One of the highlights of the Maricopa County Fair is the food. Visitors can indulge in a wide selection of traditional fair foods and treats, such as cotton candy, popcorn, hamburgers and ice cream.

In addition to the rides and food, the Maricopa County Fair also offers educational exhibits that highlight the importance of agriculture and rural life. Attendees can learn about animal husbandry, sustainable agriculture and participate in interactive activities related to life in the country.

9. Enjoy the Arizona Bike Week festival

Arizona Bike Week|©jason shultz
Arizona Bike Week|©jason shultz

If you're a motorcycle enthusiast, you can experience Arizona Bike Week in Phoenix in April. This annual event brings together thousands of two-wheel enthusiasts from all over the country for a week full of excitement and fun.

During this event you can find a variety of exciting activities. From incredible motorcycle rides along scenic routes to custom bike shows and skills competitions, the festival offers something for everyone. You'll also find live concerts, stunt shows and manufacturer demonstrations.

In addition to the activities, the event features a vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie and biker spirit. Participants can interact with other motorcycle enthusiasts, share stories and enjoy the biker community in a festive atmosphere. You'll also find a variety of food and beverage booths.

The weather in April is ideal for enjoying Arizona Bike Week, with warm temperatures and clear skies allowing for carefree rides and outdoor activities. It's an unmissable opportunity to breathe in the scenery of the southwestern United States while enjoying the thrill of biker culture in true Easy Rider style.

10. Enjoy seasonal discounts at the Outlets at Anthem.

Anthem Arizona Outlet mall|©Felix Rivera
Anthem Arizona Outlet mall|©Felix Rivera

If you're someone who likes to go on shopping tours when visiting a tourist destination, and if you're planning to visit Phoenix in April, then you can enjoy seasonal discounts to the fullest at the Outlets at Anthem in the city. A bargain hunter's paradise, this outdoor mall offers a wide variety of brand name stores and boutiques, where you can find discounts on a wide variety of products.

During the spring season, the Outlets at Anthem often offers special promotions and discounts at many of its stores, especially on winter products. From apparel and footwear to accessories and home goods, you'll find options for every taste and need.

Whether you're looking to refresh your spring closet or find special gifts, April is the perfect month to take advantage of the deals.

In addition to shopping, the Outlets at Anthem also features a variety of dining options. After browsing the stores and finding great discounts, you can enjoy a delicious meal at one of the mall's restaurants and cafes.

Phoenix temperatures in April

Phoenix Park|©Venkatesh N
Phoenix Park|©Venkatesh N

Temperatures in Phoenix in April begin to rise, marking the start of the warm and pleasant spring weather. During this month, you can expect average daytime temperatures ranging from 25° to 30°, providing ideal conditions for enjoying outdoor activities.

Mornings and evenings are usually cool, with temperatures that can drop as low as 10° to 15°, so it is advisable to bring a light jacket or sweater to stay comfortable during those hours. However, as the month progresses, nighttime temperatures tend to gradually increase and resemble summer weather in Phoenix.

The Phoenix tourist season in April

Phoenix tourists|©Becky Stern
Phoenix tourists|©Becky Stern

Phoenix experiences a significant increase in tourist arrivals in April, primarily due to its warm and pleasant weather. Many visitors choose this month to enjoy the many outdoor attractions and activities the city has to offer.

Phoenix's popularity in April is due in part to its spring-like weather, with mild temperatures that allow you to explore the natural parks, hike in the nearby mountains or enjoy water activities in the area's lakes and rivers.

Also, just as if you visit Phoenix in March, you'll find that April is a time when several festivals and cultural events are held in the city, attracting more tourists. This is why I recommend that you book tours and accommodations in advance to secure your spot and get cheaper prices.

Prices in Phoenix in April

Phoenix Roadtrip|©Dan Gutierrez
Phoenix Roadtrip|©Dan Gutierrez

In April, prices in Phoenix can vary depending on tourist demand and other factors. It is important to keep in mind that April is a high tourist month in the city, which can influence prices for lodging, transportation and activities.

In general, you may find slightly higher prices compared to other months of the year. Hotels and accommodations may have higher rates due to higher demand, especially in tourist areas and near popular attractions.

What to pack for your visit to Phoenix in April?

packing a suitcase|©Vlada Karpovich
packing a suitcase|©Vlada Karpovich

While spring still has cool weather, temperatures in April are generally warm and pleasant, so I recommend packing the following:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Mountain shoes
  • Mountain coat
  • Light jacket
  • Wool sweaters
  • Light T-shirt
  • Lightweight pants