NYC Central Park Zoo and NYC Sigtheseeing Walking Tour

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Many people know Central Park. However, did you know that there is also a Zoo? On this tour you can enjoy a guided tour inside the Zoo. In addition, there is also a guided tour of New York City that takes in the sights of the big city. You can choose the order of these tours according to what suits you best.

  • Guided tour of Central Park Zoo
  • Tour New York City with a local guide
  • You will enter the main monuments of Manhattan

What’s included

  • Walking Tour of the Streets of New York
  • Entrance to Central Park Zoo
  • A local guide

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Step by Step

During this tour you will spend around 6 hours getting to know New York City in detail, as well as visiting the unforgettable Central Park Zoo. You can choose which of the two activities to do first, although it is recommended to start with the city tour.

During the tour a local guide will accompany you and teach you everything there is to know about the big city. The Manhattan street tour includes a visit to Wall Street, the oldest part of Manhattan, with sights such as Ground Zero and the Bull Statue. You will also visit the neighbourhoods with more mysteries and exciting stories, such as Little Italy and Chinatown.

Heading to Rockefeller Center is a must and along the way you'll get to see iconic landmarks such as Times Square, Fifth Avenue, the Empire State Building and many other sights.

On the other hand, a tour of Central Park, the city's great green lung, is also included. After strolling along its countless paths and observing the statues and buildings inside, you can enter the park's Zoo.

It's striking to find a zoo in the middle of such a large, built-up city. However, Central Park Zoo will not disappoint. The visit inside takes about 2 hours, which is more than enough time to appreciate and photograph exotic animals such as penguins, leopards and lemurs that live in this zoo.


· 113 Reviews
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    We visited most of the places I wanted to see.
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    I will be back soon.
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    At first I thought it would be very tiring because of the walking, but the 6 hours flew by.
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    I have seen much more variety of animals than in other zoos.
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