Cuzco Urubamba River Rafting Experience

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Experience Highlights

Ride an inflatable boat through the rapids of the Sacred Valley of the Incas as you join this rafting experience on the Urubamba River in Cuzco. You'll paddle down the tributary's waters, raising your excitement and adrenaline levels to the max in Peru's mystical and spiritual environment, with an expert guide.

You'll also enjoy a delicious typical lunch, zip-line across the river and have the opportunity to relax in a sauna, all in the same experience of approximately 8 hours.

  • Rafting the sacred waters of the Urubamba River in Cuzco
  • Feel the thrill of white water rafting down the tributary in an epic and legendary Peruvian setting.
  • Zip-line across the river, relax in a sauna and enjoy a delicious typical lunch.

What’s included

  • Rafting experience on the Urubamba River
  • Transfer from Cuzco
  • Lunch
  • Professional rafting guide

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Step by Step

This rafting experience on the Urubamba River in Cuzco is an extreme adventure on one of Peru's most important tributaries, located in the mythical Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Among the typical terraces of the region, which perch on the slopes of the mountains, you will get on a raft to navigate the rapids at full speed, moving at the same rhythm of the agitated currents. You'll feel the thrill and adrenaline rush of speeding down the waters as you propel yourself with a paddle, in tandem with an expert guide and your group of companions.

The professional rafting team will give you a previous instruction, with which you will learn all the steps you must follow to practice this fun activity in a safe way. Once you have received the induction, you will be equipped with a helmet, lifejacket, wetsuit, waterproof jacket and everything you need to armour yourself with the optimal safety measures to guarantee you the best experience.

After the ride down the rapids of the Urubamba River, you can continue with the outdoor entertainment by taking a zip line ride or a dip in one of the pools. When you come out of the water, you will have a sauna at your disposal to relax and feel the spiritual essence of the place and you will also taste a delicious traditional Peruvian lunch, included in the experience.


· 615 Reviews
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    Good vibes and instructions from the guides for an enjoyable day on the river.
  • E
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    The whole day was well organized and sailing smoothly.
  • C
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    This was my first time rafting and it couldn't have been a better experience.
  • B
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    The river was fantastic and our guide made it a superior experience!
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