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Get to know one of the most important and essential monuments of Cuzco thanks to these tickets to its Cathedral, considered a World Heritage Site. You will be able to admire its Gothic and Renaissance architecture while you learn about its past. In addition to the Cathedral itself, you will also have access to the Temple of the Holy Family and the Church of the Triumph.

  • Visit the interior of the Cathedral of Cuzco thanks to these tickets, as well as the Church of the Triumph and the Temple of the Holy Family.
  • You will enjoy its architecture while learning about the past of the Inca Empire.
  • Inside you will find treasures, relics and paintings that you will be able to see up close.

What’s included

  • Entrance to the Cathedral of Cuzco
  • Entrance to the Church of Triumph
  • Entrance to the Temple of the Sagrada Família

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Get one of these tickets that will give you access to visit the interior of the Cuzco Cathedral, as well as the Church of the Triumph and the Temple of the Holy Family. The ticket has a set day but no set time, so you can enter at any time throughout the day, always within opening hours.

Cuzco was once the centre of the Inca Empire, which is also reflected in its Cathedral. The interior depicts the colonial past of this monument, which has now been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

On the outside you will admire the mixture of Gothic and Renaissance architecture due to the period in which it was built, specifically in the 16th century. Inside you will find a wide variety of treasures, relics and paintings.

In addition to the Cathedral, these tickets will also give you access to other great monuments. The Church of the Triumph, which provisionally served as the Cathedral. The Temple of the Sagrada Familia, on the other hand, stands out for having been recently restored.


· 476 Reviews
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    A visit is a must, you can't miss a place like this.
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    A place that is very imposing to see in person. Although the visit did not seem like a big deal, it was worth it for everything I learned about Inca history and culture. Highly recommended.
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    All ok.
  • M
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    A wonderful site, with a lot of history to tell and incredible architecture. Although I expected something more, I have to admit that it was a pleasant visit where I learned a lot about the Inca culture. Recommended to go once.
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