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Civitavecchia-Rome Port Transfers

If you disembark in the port of Rome aboard a cruise ship, here's how to get to the city quickly to make the most of your day.

Isabel Catalán

Isabel Catalán

6 min read

Civitavecchia-Rome Port Transfers

Port of Civitavecchia | ©Mario Sánchez Prada

It is true that the most common is to land in Rome by plane, but if you chose the ship for your trip to sail the Mediterranean, do not worry because you will soon arrive in the Eternal City. The nearest port is in Civitavecchia, 80 kilometers from the capital of Italy.

Whether you are tired after a long boat trip and don't feel like running around looking for a free cab in such a crowded port or you are not familiar with the public transport network and are a bit shy about getting lost carrying suitcases, the most comfortable and fastest way to get to the center of Rome is to book a transfer, shared or private. I'll tell you how!

The premium option

Rome Ciampino, Fiumicino Airport or Civitavecchia port Private Transfer to Rome Hotels

Move between Civitavecchia and Rome in luxury and comfort

A totally personalized service to move from the port or airports to the city in the fastest and most comfortable way, without having to share the vehicle with anyone else but your companion/s.

Valid also for airport pick-up, in this case you will not have to share the journey with anyone else but your own companion and you will not have to make intermediate stops to drop off anyone else at their hotels. On the day of your arrival in Civitavecchia, the driver of your private transfer to Rome will be waiting for you at the port and will be holding a sign with your name on it so that you can easily identify him in the crowd.

Afterwards, the driver will help you get settled inside the vehicle and store your luggage. You will then enjoy a professional service during the ride, while you relax and enjoy the scenery or even take a snooze.

I like it because .... is the most comfortable and fastest way to reach the center of Rome after disembarking in Civitavecchia. You will enjoy a pleasant ride in a luxury vehicle with a professional driver who knows the route between the port and Rome perfectly. In addition, you are assured that you pay a fixed amount in advance and that the fare does not depend on the traffic on your arrival in Rome.

Recommended if... you are looking for the fastest, most comfortable and exclusive option and you don't mind paying a little more. It is very similar to a cab service but with more personalized attention, a fixed fare (no surprises) and more comfort on board.

Frequently asked questions about the transfer service between the port of Civitavecchia and Rome

Large capacity| ©Kārlis Dambrāns
Large capacity| ©Kārlis Dambrāns

Whether with tour or without tour, transfers from the port to the airport are a very practical way to move from one point to another, and hiring it in advance will save you headaches upon your arrival in Civitavecchia. Let me answer some questions:

What do the transfers include?

The first one includes the transfer from the port to your hotel exclusively. While the second proposal includes, in addition to the private tour of Rome with an expert guide in history, the transfers to and from the port of Civitavecchia.

How long does it take?

If you only need the transfer to visit Rome on your own, it will take about 45 minutes. On the other hand, the duration of the tour is 8 to 9 hours, taking into account that you will be picked up and taken back to the port, once the guided tour is over.

Is it accessible for people with reduced mobility?

Both transfers are wheelchair accessible.

Can babies or small children travel?

Both transfers have baby strollers available.

Book a private transfer from Civitavecchia to Rome

How to book a private or shared transfer?

Cruises docked at the port| ©Mike McBey
Cruises docked at the port| ©Mike McBey

It's very simple, I explain it step by step:

  • Book your place online. To do so, select the date and the number of passengers.
  • At the time of booking you must provide the required information (either the address and name of the hotel, pick-up time, name of the ship, docking time, disembarkation time and re-embarkation time) and you can add any comments for the service provider regarding the use of wheelchairs, baby carriages, child seats or assistance animals. (In case you do not provide a specific time for the transfer, reference is made to the disembarkation time).
  • Receive the booking confirmation: upon confirmation of your booking you will receive a voucher indicating where and how the driver will pick you up at the port of Civitavecchia or in Rome. You will be provided with the contact details of the company that will pick you up in case of any inconvenience.
  • When your ship arrives at the port of Civitavecchia the driver of your transfer will be waiting for you there.
  • You will board the shared transfer with the rest of the passengers (there are 7 seats) or the private transfer (maximum 8 seats but only for you and your companions) to Rome.
  • If you are traveling with more luggage or with large luggage you must inform us when booking as it may incur additional fees.

Book a private transfer from Civitavecchia to Rome

Differences between private transfer vs. shared transfer

Private transfer| ©Dan Gold
Private transfer| ©Dan Gold
  • If you are traveling in a large group (maximum 8 people) you may be better off with the private transfer option, as it will be cheaper than a shared transfer as you will pay for the cost of the trip together.
  • The driver of the private transfer will be only at your disposal and will be waiting for you at the pier with a sign with your name on it so you can distinguish him in the crowd.
  • With a private transfer from the port of Civitavecchia to Rome you will take less time to reach your hotel, since the vehicle in which you travel will be exclusively for you and will not make stops to drop off other travelers at their hotel.
  • If you are carrying a large luggage you will have more facilities and comfort for you in a private transfer, as you will not have to share the trunk space with other passengers.

Book a private transfer from Civitavecchia to Rome

Other ways to move between Civitavecchia and Rome: the train

Train linking Civitavecchia to Termini| ©Erik Pitti
Train linking Civitavecchia to Termini| ©Erik Pitti

This is the cheapest option but also the one I recommend the least because once you disembark at the pier you will have to take a cab or walk loaded with suitcases to the train station, check at the ticket offices if there are tickets available for the schedule you want and make a journey of more than an hour to the train station in Rome (usually Termini, the most important and busiest of the Italian capital).

In addition, when you arrive at Termini you will have to look for another means of transport to take you to your hotel and that could involve several tiring transfers by subway or bus when you could save a lot of time and effort if you hire a chauffeured transfer that will take you quickly and directly from the port of Civitavecchi to your hotel in Rome without having to go around so many times.

Book a private transfer from Civitavecchia to Rome

So what are you going to see and do when you are in Rome?

Shared transfer, already in Rome| ©Stefano Costantini
Shared transfer, already in Rome| ©Stefano Costantini

After finalizing the trip planning by booking the boat tickets and the transfer to the Eternal City, it's time to organize the visits to its main tourist attractions. You already know that you have the option of the tour included in the transfer, a very complete package for those who do not have much time in Rome. But if you have more time and want to see the city on your own, I leave you a summary of the most important.

Rome is one of the most beautiful European cities with an incredible historical and cultural heritage. If you do not know where to start your visit I recommend you to take a look at the article the best things to see and do in Rome.

You will immediately see that Rome is like a large open-air museum. The best way to get to know the city in detail is with a guided tour. As the offer can be overwhelming, in the article the best tours in Rome you will find the most outstanding and interesting ones so you can enjoy the Italian capital to the fullest.

During your getaway you will have the opportunity to visit in person the Vatican Museums, one of the most visited museums in the world. Below you will find, in this article, everything you need to know to get tickets to the Vatican Museums.

Book a private transfer from Civitavecchia to Rome