Where to Eat During your Day Trip to Pompeii

Are you planning your visit to Pompeii and don't want to leave any loose ends? You're right! Here are the best places to eat during your excursion.

Carmen Navarro

Carmen Navarro

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Where to Eat During your Day Trip to Pompeii

A delicious pizza will be your best ally | Quin Engle

It is very difficult to go wrong with food in a country like Italy. Wherever you go you will find great choices of typical Italian, international and, of course, Mediterranean cuisine.

Of course, if you book your ticket to Pompeii or the guided tour of Pompeii and you don't have much time, you may be tempted to end up eating a quick sandwich or snack to save time, but my advice is to sit down and enjoy a good Italian menu. Isn't gastronomy part of the culture of the country?

1. The best pizza in Pompeii is at Trammiere

Taste the delicious Neapolitan pizza| ©Leandro Neumann Ciuffo
Taste the delicious Neapolitan pizza| ©Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

This authentic pizzeria will transport you to the richest flavors of the Bella Napoli. The dough of their pizzas is the real thing: thick, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, made in a wood oven.

The best thing about the place is the prices, the authentic flavors and the fact that they are open to cook you half a pizza of each flavor so you can try two different recipes on the same pizza. Honestly, this seems to me the best option to close a day of walking in Pompeii.

Do you know that it accumulates a thousand positive reviews on Tripadvisor and is declared the best pizza in town? How to resist before this presentation?

  • Web: Trammiere
  • Menu price: Less than 20€ per person
  • Address: Via Ripuaria 159
  • What to order: pizza, pizza and pizza! dare with a traditional recipe, like the margherita pizza and combine it with a more special half where you take a risk with the ingredients.

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2. The sweetest dessert, at Pasticceria de Vivo, since 1955

Enjoy your coffee with a delicious sweet| ©bizmac
Enjoy your coffee with a delicious sweet| ©bizmac

Cakes, chocolate, coffees... If you want to have something sweet before returning home after a visit to Pompeii, this is the place for you. You can have a snack, a coffee and, above all, accompany it with a delicious piece of cake or a pastry of the flavor of your choice.

Its shop window is endless and includes all kinds of traditional specialties of the region. You can also eat a good ice cream if you prefer and the prices are more than reasonable for the quality and craftsmanship with which they make their products.

The only problem is that I don't know if you will be able to try just one of their sweets! Of course, you can also buy an assortment of sweets to take back to your hotel or accommodation and eat them later when you feel like it.

  • Web: Pasticceria de Vivo
  • Menu price: Less than 10€.
  • Address: Via Roma, 36
  • What you can order: anything sweet you can imagine, (to take there or to go) coffees and ice creams.

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3. The most good, beautiful and cheapest pasta is Na Pasta's

You can't miss the typical Italian pasta| ©gaku.
You can't miss the typical Italian pasta| ©gaku.

If you are sure you want to eat pasta, don't hesitate and head immediately to Na Pasta. Cooked by authentic Neapolitan cooks, you will find all kinds of specialties of the region: lasagna, gnocchi, spaghetti.... You will have a wide variety to choose from.

In addition, each dish costs around 7 euros, which makes Na Pasta the best place to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine without having to spend an extra budget on this stop.

The staff is charming and very welcoming, let their recommendations guide you if you have any doubts and.... enjoy!

  • Web: Na Pasta
  • Menu price: About 15 € per person
  • Address: Piazza Bartolo Longo 28
  • What to order: let the waiters recommend you, but any pasta recipe will be a success.

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4. Mediterranean menu at the trendy place: I matti

Wash down your pasta dish with delicious local wine.| ©Larry Hoffman
Wash down your pasta dish with delicious local wine.| ©Larry Hoffman

It is worth going to the modern part of the city - very close to Pompeii - to try an authentic Neapolitan pizza at this place. They have a selection of local wines and the quality/price ratio is good.

You can eat inside or on the pleasant terrace and the staff is always very welcoming. The menu is quite varied, so, don't worry if you don't feel like having just pizza or pasta.

This is also a very good option for dinner, as the terrace has a very nice atmosphere that also lends itself to welcome you during a quiet evening.

  • Web: I Mati
  • Menu price: About 25 € per person
  • Address: Via Plinio 53
  • What you can order: Combined dishes, pizza, pasta or even seafood.

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5. Good pizzas and plenty of cocktails at Varnelli, next to the archaeological site

Try the delicious cocktails| ©Mutineer Magazine
Try the delicious cocktails| ©Mutineer Magazine

This nice restaurant is a safe choice. It offers from delicious pizzas (from 8€) to a wide menu of first and second courses and pastas.

Do not miss its extensive cocktail menu and do not rule out finishing the meal with one of the typical liquors of the area that the staff will offer you.

The place has plenty of space inside, but also nice views of the ruins of Pompeii, which makes it the best choice if you are looking for something close to the most popular area of the city. Just don't go too late to make sure you get a seat at this place.

  • Web: Varnelli
  • Menu price: About 20 € per person
  • Address: Via Plinio ,15
  • What to order: try one of their pizzas and close the meal with a good cocktail or liqueur.

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6. Caupona, continue touring the historic Pompeii

Dine in the atmosphere of ancient Rome.| ©Wine Dharma
Dine in the atmosphere of ancient Rome.| ©Wine Dharma

For those who want to continue traveling back in time because the cobblestone streets of Pompeii have not been enough for them, this restaurant on the outskirts of the park could be a good choice.

Although the prices are not exactly cheap, the atmosphere is very original: you will be greeted by waiters dressed as the Romans of the time were dressed. However, if you are fleeing from very touristy places, maybe this restaurant is not for you.

The walls of the restaurant recreate Roman frescoes and so does its menu: they offer dishes inspired by what the ancient Romans ate. Everything in this place looks like something out of the ancient tavern you've seen during your route in Pompeii.

  • Web: Caupona
  • Menu price: 60€.
  • Address: Via Masseria Curato, 2
  • What to order: the menu includes everything from mixed dishes to typical Italian pastas.

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7. The gelato and tiramisu, better if they are from Gioelia

Taste the delicious Italian ice cream| ©Priscilla Du Preez
Taste the delicious Italian ice cream| ©Priscilla Du Preez

Italians and tourists alike try it, recommend it and, if they can, repeat: the best ice creams in the area are here. But if you are more interested in a tiramisu, the one here is creamy, soft and very tasty. The truth is that it is difficult to choose, so if you can, try a little of each!

The prices are great, the staff is very friendly and the presentation of the desserts makes you want to devour them all. Plus, they have vegetarian and gluten-free options, so, no excuses: everyone is welcome at Gioelia.

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