Universal Orlando

Are you planning to visit Universal Studios in Orlando? I tell you everything you need to know to buy tickets, as well as tips for your visit to the park.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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Universal Orlando

Universal Studios, Orlando, Fl |©Richard Vaillancourt

Universal Studios Orlando is the largest theme park in the world. This vast complex has everything necessary for both children and adults to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Without a doubt, it is one of the best things to do in Orlando.

In this article I will tell you all the information you need to know to buy tickets: how to do it, what are the prices, what are the best options, etc. In addition, I also give you some tips for you to apply to your visit.

What can you see at Universal Studios Florida?

Universal Orlando|©Shay Tressa DeSimone
Universal Orlando|©Shay Tressa DeSimone

Universal Studios Orlando is the largest theme park in the world. Therefore, it is one of the best things to do in Orlando with children. Its facilities offer you a unique experience in which you will be able to relive your childhood like never before.

The park is made up of two parts: Universal Studios Florida and Universal's Islands of Aventure. In both complexes you will find all kinds of attractions and shows inspired by some of the biggest hits of the big screen.

The place has, of course, all kinds of services, so you do not have to leave their facilities unless you want. You can have a drink in its many gastronomic establishments, as well as buy various souvenirs of the visit or even stay in their hotels.

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Universal Studios Florida facilities

Universal Studios Florida is made up of two theme parks: Universal Studios Florida and Universal's Islands of Adventure. Both provide different, but equally exciting experiences.

My recommendation is that you take advantage of your trip to visit both parks. It has probably been a long drive to get to Orlando, so ideally you should leave after you have toured everything. Of all the times of the year, a visit to the park stands out as one of the best things to do in Orlando in spring.

Of course, I must also recommend that you go if you visit Orlando in December, since in all months of the year the place has its special and magical charm that will make you want to never leave.

The facilities of Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida is the original complex of this gigantic theme park. Its facilities are divided into different thematic parts, which offer an immersive experience. The first of them is New York, thanks to which you can walk through the streets of the Big Apple. This area of the park has attractions for all tastes as well as amazing shows.

Another of the areas that most attract the attention of visitors to the park is Hollywood. Without a doubt, you will feel like you are inside some of your favorite movies of the movie giant. In addition, you will have the opportunity to ride on attractions based on big hits.

Finally, another of the most famous areas of the complex is Diagon Alley, the part dedicated to the entire Harry Potter universe. If you and your family are fans of the saga, this will be your favorite experience of the visit. You will be able to live a unique adventure on a motorcycle with the magical animals protected by Hagrid.

Of course, you will also have the option of flying through the Forbidden Forest on a roller coaster, as well as walking through Diagon Alley and meeting the main characters of the saga. In case you're not a big fan of rides, don't worry, the park has plenty of other attractions for the adrenaline wary.

Universal Islands of Adventure facilities

As is the case with Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure also has several themed areas dedicated to the cinematic universe. One of the best known is the Marvel Super Hero Island, where you can meet your favorite superheroes and ride rides that imitate scenes from the Marvel Universe movies.

For the classics, Islands of Aventure also has a themed area dedicated to the famous Jurassic Park movies. If you are traveling with young children and they are dinosaur lovers, get ready to see them enjoy themselves like never before.

In addition, as in the other park complex, the Islands of Aventure also offers an area inspired by Harry Potter: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hogsmeade, where you will travel to the magical village of Hogsmeade.

What else will you find at Universal Studios Florida?

Although it may seem more than enough with what I have told you, the truth is that the park still hides more surprises. One of my favorites is that it connects both complexes through the magical Hogwarts Express train. This way, you will be able to move around with the whole family with total comfort and ease and, in addition, live an immersive experience.

Of course, it also has several hotels in its facilities. Depending on your needs and the whims you want to indulge in your vacations, you can choose one or another of the packages offered. The truth is that this option allows you to stay very close to the attractions and have all kinds of comfort. In addition, hotel guests have exclusive benefits in the complex.

Where to buy tickets for Universal Studios Florida in Orlando

universal studios tickets|©Kay and Peter
universal studios tickets|©Kay and Peter

If you want to visit Universal Studios Florida in Orlando, you have two options to buy tickets and enjoy the attractions of the theme park. One of them is to buy them at the ticket office directly at the theme park. The park has several ticket offices, which are located at the entrances of its two sections.

When buying your tickets, the staff will inform you of the different options you can choose from, such as one-day tickets, multi-day tickets, tickets for only one of the complexes or combined tickets, which are the ones I personally recommend.

Although the information provided by the staff is a great advantage, the truth is that buying them at the ticket office is not the best option. Keep in mind that Universal Studios Florida is the largest theme park in the world and, precisely for this reason, welcomes thousands of tourists. Thus, you will find long lines at the ticket booths.

Thus, you will lose a large part of your time, which you could invest in other plans around the city, such as going to other of the best theme parks in Orlando or visiting the best beaches in Orlando.

Buy tickets online for Universal Studios Florida

While waiting to buy tickets at the box office means that you risk long, endless queues, online tickets save you from all of this. To buy tickets online, you can do so either on the park's official website or on other ticketing sites.

Whichever option you choose, the process is pretty much the same for all cases. The first thing you will have to do will be to enter the ticket sales page. Before, weigh if you prefer combined tickets or just to visit one of the parks. Then, choose the dates of your visit and the number of tickets you need. Be careful when selecting the dates! Some tickets are only available on certain days.

Once you have done this, you will need to provide certain information necessary to make the payment and receive your ticket, such as your email address, name or phone number, as well as your payment details. Finally, finalize the transaction and receive your e-ticket in your email, which will have a barcode or QR code.

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How much does it cost to go to Universal Studios Florida?

person counting tickets|© Igal Ness
person counting tickets|© Igal Ness

The price of tickets to visit Universal Studios Florida is around 190 euros. This depends on several factors, such as the number of days, the complexes to which you want to have access or the age of the visitors. In addition, there are also certain groups that have special discounts, such as students residing in Florida or members of the Armed Forces.

For example, a combined ticket for both resorts for one day has a price per adult of about 200 euros. As for children between the ages of 3 and 9, they receive a discount of about five euros. Please note that the cost of admission also depends on whether you are traveling in high season or low season.

If you want to visit the park for several days because, for example, you make a trip to Orlando for 7 days, the price is somewhat higher and can reach 350 euros. If, on the other hand, you want to visit only one day, but only one of the complexes, the ticket will cost you a little cheaper than 200 euros.

How to save on tickets to Universal Studios Florida?

Universal Studios Ticket and Globe|©Cyan Lapuz
Universal Studios Ticket and Globe|©Cyan Lapuz

The first thing I advise you to do is to book your tickets in advance. In fact, it is advisable that you do it from the first moment you have secured your trip to Orlando. This way, you will be able to take advantage of discounts and special offers.

In addition to this, you can make use of some of the best tourist passes in Orlando to save money on your tickets to the great theme park. Tourist passes always save you money, as they allow you to buy tickets to several tourist attractions together. So, if it's your first time in the city and you want to see everything that is relevant, my recommendation is to get a tourist pass, something your pocket will thank you for.

Of course, the key to saving money on your visit, although not on the tickets, is to bring your own food. Try to bring something to drink and quick snacks, such as sandwiches. That way you won't have to spend your money on lunch at the resort's food outlets.

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When to go to Universal Studios Florida

Orlando Park|©Rubem Porto Jr
Orlando Park|©Rubem Porto Jr

Without a doubt, a visit to Universal Studios Florida is practically a must if you go to Orlando, no matter what time of year you are planning your trip. However, depending on your needs and preferences, there are better and worse times. For example, you may be less tolerant of the heat or your big nightmare may be the crowds.

The off-season, which runs from January through March, is great for avoiding large crowds. The park at this time of year is less crowded, so you won't have to wait in long lines to ride the rides. However, it is true that some of them may be closed for maintenance. Also, it is the cheapest time of the year to go to the theme resort.

Regarding the mid-season (which runs from April through the first half of June and from September through December), in my opinion it is the best time to go to the park. During these months, the weather in Florida is very pleasant, much better than in low season. Also, it is still not as crowded as in high season.

Finally, high season coincides with the summer months, as well as during Christmas. For my taste, this is the worst time to go to the theme park, since you will have to wait in lines for most of the services it offers. However, it is also true that during the high season there are special shows and exhibits.

How long does a visit to Universal Studios Florida last?

Universal studios - Orlando|©Alban Lechatellier
Universal studios - Orlando|©Alban Lechatellier

As you can guess, the visit to Universal Studios Florida lasts as long as you want it to last. That is to say, it is not the same if you are a big fan of the attractions and want to ride all of them or if you are a little wary and just want to ride a few. It is also not the same for large groups as it is for small groups.

In case you are wondering if it is possible to visit the park in one day, the truth is that it is. With one day in the complex you will have more than enough to visit all its thematic areas, go on its most emblematic attractions, have a drink in some of its establishments and explore its stores. Of course, be sure to arrive as early as possible.

If you want to visit the park at your leisure and not miss a single detail, then my recommendation is to plan a visit of at least two days. This way, you will even be able to repeat at the attractions you liked the most, as well as stop at the shows you find on your way. Finally, if you stay more than one day in the park, you will be able to enjoy the night show 'Cinematic Celebration'.

Of course, one of the factors that most affect your visit time are the queues for the attractions and other services. In the case of the restaurants, you should know that you have the opportunity to reserve the food, so you can arrive and eat directly.

Do children pay admission at Universal Studios Florida?

Children at the entrance of Universal Orlando|©Joe Shlabotnik
Children at the entrance of Universal Orlando|©Joe Shlabotnik

Yes, children must pay for their entrance to the theme park. In fact, the park considers as children all those between 3 and 9 years old. From the age of 10 onwards, they are considered adults and will have to pay the corresponding price for their ticket.

As for the price difference between children's tickets and adult tickets, the reality is that it is not much. In the case of adults for one-day combined tickets, the cost is around 198 euros, while for children it is around about 193 euros.

In addition to this, I have to warn you, as the park usually asks for some kind of document verifying that the child meets the necessary age for that type of ticket. So, don't try to go against the rules and carry some documentation on you, such as a passport.

Tips for visiting Universal Studios Florida?

Islands of Adventure.|©Rich Needham
Islands of Adventure.|©Rich Needham
  • Organization: The first and foremost tip when visiting Universal Studios Florida, and in general any tourist attraction, is to plan ahead. It may happen that, for not having made an itinerary in advance, you may find certain attractions closed or shows unavailable. Therefore, check the schedules on the resort's website.
  • Arrive early: It is also advisable to arrive early, to avoid long lines and enjoy the park with more peace of mind than during rush hour.
  • Express Pass: The Express Pass allows you to save a great deal of time by avoiding queues. However, it is not available for all attractions.
  • Don't miss the live shows: Universal Studios Florida is a magical universe that offers an immersive experience, which goes far beyond roller coasters and other types of attractions. One of the great attractions of the park are the shows, which in some cases are interactive.
  • Water and sunscreen: This tip is even more important if you are visiting the park in the summer months.
  • Download the park's mobile app: The complex has its own mobile application in which you can have at your disposal interactive maps to avoid getting lost in the park, the show schedules and even the waiting times at the attractions in real time.